Wassup Wit Dat!

Really, Wat Else?

May 22nd, 2013

It started off as any oddah normal day wit da exception of leaving earlier to fill up gas - da sun was up, blue skies and da air cool - wat more could you ask for to start da day?

Well, I guess, dat was too much cause aftah filling up gas and making da big rounding turn on da Pearl City on-ramp, I approached da straight-away and da rest is just a fast forward blur.

It couldn't have been more than 5 seconds into da straight-away as I was accelerating then all I heard was BANG and da bike started to shake! My first thought was a tire blow out but then I saw a puff of smoke and felt some heat on my lower left leg. Da rear wheel was locking up and I knew it was bad.

Whether it be Da Man Upstairs or just experience, I didn't panic (much) and kept as cool as I could be (besides my leg heating up). My main concern was trying to keep from laying da bike down and avoid getting run ovah. Luckily, by da graces of da powahs dat be, I was able to. There was a steady trail of oil behind me, a small pool of oil below da stood up bike and oil on my brand new pants.

As I dragged da bike (rear wheel locked) to da side of road (which is hard to do when one wheel doesn't want to roll) and had it leaning against da guardrail (can't put da kickstand down cause da angle of da road), I then realized dat I nevah have my phone.... cause I left it at work! Ugh! I watched hundreds of vehicles pass by as I was hoping dat one of them would be FSP (Freeway Service Patrol) which it did..... and kept going.

I can't fault him though as he was in da middle lane and couldn't cross ovah three lanes quick enough - as well as being unsafe - but I did manage to make eye contact with him so I figgah'd he'd call it in. As I was waiting, anoddah motorcyclist (in military fatigues) pulled ovah and let me use his phone. Da next truck arrived aftah some time and hooked up da bike, I asked him if he was able to make a U-turn and take da bike home since it was less than a mile away from wea we was (FSP is able to tow off da freeway for a limited distance) and since technically he would still be on da freeway.


Instead of being about a mile away, it ended up being dropped off at Aiea Elementary about four miles away. Oh well, part of da situation so I sucked it up and rolled with it. I still tink FSP is one of da greatest programs brought to da Oahu!

So now wit time to spare as I waited for my mother-in-law to pick me up, I was able to take a closer inspection of da bike and saw......... a HOLE in da engine block.

Wassup Wit Dat!

Da casing next to da gear box literally punched a puka da size of a half dollah and for da life of me, I have NEVAH seen an engine case "blow up"! Moreso a motorcycle block which is made specifically to handle da high rev/high temp demands of da design. How it blew up I will nevah know as da engine obviously had enough oil and it wasn't overheated since I just started out da morning and there weren't any indications of a pistion out of sync but for it to even of happened has to be about a one in a million chance. Of course, I'm dat "1". 🙄

Now all I got is a 450 - well, 442lb - piece of metal sitting in my garage which can't even be used as a papah weight.

Yes, I'm alive, no one's hurt but now I have to deal wit da residual fact dat I have no ride to work. Oh well, such is da life of a WWD! blogger. 😆

As if da first two hours of da morning wasn't enough, aftah getting re-ready to head back out to work, I picked up my keys and da multi-tool dat was attached to it broke to pieces - da multi-tool literally scattered to multiple places.

No joke.


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24 Responses to “Really, Wat Else?”

  1. Makiki:

    Good thing you kept it together and are safe!

  2. M:

    Howzit BL!
    Dat waz a very bad morning. 🙁 But you still in one piece and nevah get hurt, that's the main ting. You know sometimes stuff happens in trees, I'm just saying......

  3. roach:


    Main thing is that you're okay and not hurt. Maybe someone took a shot at you. Not you specifically but at a biker.

  4. rayboyjr:

    😎 Good Morning Everyone!!! 😎

    ... hey Braddah Lance ... glad you're ok ... but that's a WTFisUPwitDAT moment!!! ...

    ... maybe you should go buy a lottery ticket ... cause you're due for a 1 in a Million good WWD moment!!! ...

    ... Have a Good One Everyone!!! ...

  5. Glenn D:

    Eh BL, glad to hear that you are okay and not hurt.
    Gonna have to tack this to "freak accident" yeah?
    Me, I stopped riding bikes long time ago...just too dangerous.
    Take kea and hope you get annodah ride soon.

  6. lowtone123:

    Glad your okay BL.

  7. Da808:

    BL-main thing you you didnt get hurt bro. All those things can be replaced, but you lift cannot.

  8. Mows:

    Dat multitool falling apart is just the kicker. All I would say is "of course...why would I expect that not to happen?"

  9. wafan:


    You just blessed you get all that kind of "luck". Can handle das why.

    You are safe, the wife still has her subordinate, and the kid still has her daddy and those are the most important things!!!

  10. kamaaina808:

    Wow - SO glad you didn't get hurt... take care.

  11. DIO:

    I jokingly said it before, and I'm gonna say it again (jokingly of course)...are you sure somewhere years ago, neither you nor one of your ancestors did something really kolohe that got you cursed?

    All of these stories is making me think I need to consult you on things. Anytime I ask a question, you give an answer, and I will do the opposite of what you say. If you say a certain team will win the Super Bowl, I will bet against them. If you say a certain slot machine in Vegas will win, I'll go play on another machine. 😛

    In all seriousness though, it's in how you look at things. Sure, the bike may be trashed unless you buy a new engine (is it even worth the cost??), but you not only lived to tell the tale, you walked away completely unscathed. You could've easily ended up being cold kim chi in da morgue right now.

    I can't count the number of times I've had weird stuff happen to me. I jokingly say that there is a cloud of doom hanging over me. The weather forecasts predict sunny warm weather for the day, with the exception of one strange isolated spot in the middle of a crowded neighborhood. That cold, chilly, cloudy, rainy spot is right over my house, and it travels with me whereever I go. 😆

    Just remember, if you're going through Hell...wave as you pass by my house. 😉

  12. GA Bows:

    oi.... better go back to bed.

  13. KAN:

    Oh. my. goodness. I'm so glad you're okay even if your ride (and multitool) isn't/aren't.

  14. dihudfan:

    you one hud luck guy... hope life gets bettah!! at least you were lucky to get your bike and yourself to safety... heas wishing you bettah luck in the future!!

  15. Bowling Buddy:

    Glad you are okay. Man upstairs looking after you.

  16. Ynaku:

    Whoa brah. Saw the pics. Glad when that thing blew a hole in the case it didn't rip through your leg.

    Happy you're ok and get to ride another day.

    LOL to top it off, your multitool fell apart?????? :0

  17. Cojef:

    Someone up there loves you. He knows your keiki needs you. Glad to know you are okay physically, shaken up a bit, and continuing to voice your views on life.

  18. M:

    Howzit BL!
    Happy FGT!

  19. sally:

    You were put on this earth to ask WWD for all of us. I think you are SuperHuman.

    Thankful you are safe and sound.

  20. zzzzzz:

    BL, was your wheel still locked up even if you put it in neutral?

  21. snow:

    it's like how celebrities die in plane crashes or skiing accidents - i mean, i don't personally know any non-celebrity that has died that way. the more risk you take, the greater your chances that something will happen. maybe you need a perspective shift... to see how lucky you really are. yes, something bad and usual happened, but you were able to walk away from it - and on the freeway, no less. i would have been worried even if you were in a car! just glad that you're okay!

  22. B:

    sheesh... good thing you ok. despite all the things happening, as Bowling Buddy said, man upstairs is looking after you.

  23. Sayer:

    Bummer - but lucky!

  24. NKHEA:

    Howzit BL,

    wat bout da Razor u had.......at least no need worry bout gas 😆

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