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May 29th, 2013

Wat is it about street parking dat brings out da worst in people? Is it cause no one is "looking"?

For those dat follow WWD! regularly, you know dat I lost my ride last week due to a freak act of... luck, so now I have to drive in and look for street parking with da truck. Parking in a residential area is tough enough but fighting with oddah "co-workahs" for a spot is almost suicidal.

In just a week, I've been snaked (found a spot only to have a anoddah person slide into it), passed a person juuuust leaving and couldn't turn around cause had someone behind me which took da spot (dat really sucked), was making a LEGAL U-turn to get to a spot only to have someone make an ILLEGAL U-turn to "steal" it, had people waiting in line in a "designated area" then follow those leaving from a dead end area and then get da kine people who will squeeze in da tightest spot making you wondah how da heck did they do it!

Yesterday was da worse. I parked near da corner of an intersection wea you definitely could tell only ONE vehicle could fit. Behind me was a covered moped so I gave just enough cushion so da rider could get on but had to keep it tight cause oddahwise I'd be too close to da corner risking a ticket.

Aftah work I'm walking to da truck and wat do I see? A frickin' car parked dat reversed in front of me literally half an inch away from my front bumper!

Wassup Wit Dat!

There was absolutely no way dat person could have gotten dat close - especially in reverse on an inclined slope - without having hit da truck! Could I prove it? Well there was no "proof" but logic would tell you oddahwise. Sorry I was waaaay to habut to even buss out da camera but seriously, da gap left, there was barely a space to fit your pinky in there and no mattah how good of a drivah/parkah you are, there's no frickin' way you'd be able to leave dat little space and not hit da vehicle behind especially considering da situation of going in reverse on an inclined slope.

A homeowner who was doing yard work walked ovah aftah he saw me trying to evaluate wat da heck I was going to do and started shaking his head. Naturally I was tinking should I just roll forward and "nudge" dat car forward, key da car or flat da tires. Hmmmmm. Then I snapped out of it and had to Austin Powers Goldmember da truck going back and forth a half dozen times trying to be careful not to hit da moped all da while biting my tongue and trying not to hit da car (which I reeeeeaaaaallllly wanted to do) since I'm assuming dat car "bumped" me anyways. Da homeowner was nice enough to make surah I was able to get out safely.

Wat kine parking woes have you witnessed or been a part of? Have you seen people "reserve" an area? Around my neighborhood they leave their garbage cans out so nobody can park and one house even uses orange cones. I've seen cars spaced apart to avoid having an extra car fit in.

Wat you tink - which one brings out da worse: residential parking or Holiday parking?

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20 Responses to “Evilness”

  1. Ynaku:

    That's so uncool.

    I got to be FIRST to admit that

  2. Ynaku:

    What irks me about street parking especially when there are marked stalls, is that people no look at the lines. They take up 2 stalls and then the next person takes another 2 stalls. Then you get this lolo in a small car that squeeze in between the 2 vehicles. Totally nuts.

  3. omilu:

    What irritates me is when get the poles that say "no parking here to corner" and the car parking by those poles don't park right at the poles. Example: say I'm the second car from the pole, then the car that should park AT the pole decides to park super close to my bumper (soo make um hard to get out) and leaves like a 4' space from the pole...if they parked at the pole, would make it way easier for me to get out, plus 4' is not enough room to fit another car.

    Is it not common to park right at the pole (bumper in line with the pole)???

  4. hossana:

    whatever happened to the good old days when people were courteous and considerate.........was there ever the good old days when that happened...oh, well...wishful thinking...Braddah Lance..u hav my sympathy......

  5. M:

    Howzit BL!
    I drive a truck too and I know it's had to find street parking. I would have call the police and had the car towed if it was parked illegally.

  6. Annoddah Dave:

    BL: One of the reasons I would buy a truck is so that people can bump me all they want but my truck would do more damage to them. I do hate those trucks and vans that take 2 "Compact" marked stalls to park. Holiday parking is the worse. Women drivers are especially vicious. Rather than shop, I give cash or gift cards. If I really have to go to a mall, I try to find the first available stall and walk the rest. I hate going round and round...I feel stupid doing it just to get a few feet closer to the store.

  7. Bowling Buddy:

    #4 - those days are gone. Its every man for himself. Courtesy is dead with the younger generation. Everyone thinks of themselves. So sad.

  8. hossana:

    I agree with you Bowling Buddy....those dys. are gone....sad to say.....but there are a few....very few...that are still courteous and considerate out there...but they are very few and far...oh, well.....

  9. kamaaina808:

    I agree w/you - people can be awfully inconsiderate. 🙁

    My neighbors & I share a narrow driveway and have kinda like an off-street parking lot between the 4 vehicles we own. We also live between a house & an 'illegal to park space' to our left, and to our right - curbside parking (not marked) with pretty much 3 parking spaces, and an apartment building with choke rentals all around us. But those 3 spaces exist only if the first guy on either end of those 3 'spaces' parks right, which they don't at least half the time.

    Sooo, people either: A) Park their giant-azz SUV's smack against the decline part of the curb next to our driveway, guaranteeing that you can't see who's coming in order to exit & pull into traffic, or B) park with their azz-end sticking into our driveway. I printed up a "WARNING" sign for the 'too close for comfort' ones & stick it under their wipers. At least I give 'em fair warning that next time, I or one of my neighbors, might not be feeling da aloha, as it were, and that HPD may be called & guarans they will get one ticket. However, the ones that park, literally, halfway into our driveway irk us the most, and those are the ones that HPD kindly tows away. I don't have pictures - but that would make an interesting collection. 😛

  10. MrK:

    I feel sorry for the homeowners who live around that area. My grandmother used to live in Liliha, close to St. Francis Hospital. Parking was a premium. Those freaking hospital workers were such a$$ pukas the way they used to park. They'd park to the very edge of her driveway, and some would even partially block her driveway! Because people, especially nurses, would end their shifts at all different hours, people would constantly be walking on the street in the middle of the night/early morning. Many would "talk story", in loud voices, near their cars, not even thinking that people are sleeping. Many would blast their car's stereos. It was too much to handle. Finally, the residents were able to convert the entire street to a "no parking zone" for the weekdays.

    My friend who lived in Manoa - near St. Francis school used to tell me of they crazy stories about UH Manoa students parking in the residential areas. He almost came to blows with several of them because they blocked half of his driveway!

  11. PFP:

    I hate the guys/gals who take two parking spaces, especially when the car they are trying to protect is a mere run-of-the-mill production car. The oddah day I went to the market and it was packed. I spotted what I thought was an open space. When I got there, a mere standard-issue BMW 325i, which was at least five years old or older, had taken two spaces. WWD!!! WTF!!!

    I can understand if you are driving a 2010 or newer M3 why you would feel like you would like to use two spaces so no one dings your baby. Completely understandable. Stupid, but understandable, given the cost of the car.

    Seems to me that it makes more sense to drive your truck to the market than your M3, right? I have a truck and a M3. I never drive the M3 to the market, precisely because I don't want it dinged by idiots. When I go to the market, I drive my truck. If you are driving a standard, run-of-the-mill, production-line 325i, you should not worry about a little ding. It happens. If you happen to be driving a M3, on the other hand, then you probably do not want to drive that to the market, period.

    To the idiot with the 325i, if you dont want you car dinged, dont drive it to public places like the market. I drive the M3 to work, but I have a private parking space in a private lot, so there is little risk for getting a ding since the guy in the next stall has an equally nice car and he is also extra careful about parking his car.

  12. M:

    For those people that takes up to stalls the management should either have it towed away or put a tire boot on it.

  13. rayboyjr:

    😎 Good Morning Everyone!!! 😎

    ... hey Braddah Lance ... holiday parking blues ... no can help ... there's much more people out shopping ... but I have to say ... it's not that bad considering the potential aggravation we all could be under ...

    ... now residential parking is another matter ... I'm glad I really don't have to fight for parking in residential areas ... but I have seen that it's like a turf war ... even though it is public parking and it's first come fist served ... many seem to believe they own certain parking spots ... and many break the rules just because law enforcement don't enforce anything ... it seems police give a lot of leeway in residential areas for parking near driveways, on curbs, in red zones, etc unless someone complains ...

    ... if parking laws were enforced ... people might actually start obeying the rules!!! ...

    ... Have a Good One Everyone!!! ...

  14. rayboyjr:

    @PFP ... it's not understandable for anyone to take two parking spots ... no matter what kind of car you drive ... period ...

    ... what's so wrong with taking pride and not wanting dings in any car we own ... toyota, honda, ford, whatever ... we all can't afford new cars and we all certainly can't afford M3's ...

    ... the value of a car isn't only in the amount of cash we lay out ...

  15. Lowtone123:

    At times they both suck.

  16. Cojef:

    When someone beats you to parking spot that you were waiting for is a form of bullying, cuz it requires a response from you to confront him. Being a gentleman is a virtue that leaves you just fume. It's not funny, but there are many people like that currently. Nowadays, women Ido exactly what you describe against senior citizens, which may be construed as elder abuse. Not say you are past your prime. Better to turn the other cheek than have row that may end up in mayhem. Fortunately, have not had any incidents as you describe in all my 88 years on this ball of mud.

  17. M:

    Howzit BL!
    Happy FGF!

  18. pandahugger:

    @PFP..."a standard, run-of-the-mill, production-line 325i"...Wow. That was the most elitist comment I've heard in awhile. And you actually continued to argue your point. Awesome.

  19. pandahugger:

    @PFP...wait a sec, I retract what I said earlier. I think this is the most elitist comment I've heard..."but I have a private parking space in a private lot, so there is little risk for getting a ding since the guy in the next stall has an equally nice car"...Perfect.

  20. PFP:

    @ pandahugger - ultra sensitive, aren't we, to the issue of standard, run-of-the-mill, production-cars, hogging two parking spaces in public lots.

    My point was simple: if it's a mass production, run-of-the-mill auto, you should not take up two parking spaces to park your car; if it's a hand-made, or limited edition, auto, which is the case for some of us, then you too shouldn't take two spaces, but if you did, I would understand why you were doing so. It's wrong to take two parking spaces period, under both scenarios, but I would understand why you were doing so under the second scenario, as compared to the first scenario.

    Otherwise, panda, my friend, it seems to me, based on your expressed disdain for those whose view of the world might be different from you, that you have some issues for which you should probably seek professional counseling. K Den! Shootz!!

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