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May 18th, 2013

Are you one to always favor one thing ovah anoddah? There are always choices but as creatures of habit, "one" choice always wins..... wat you like?

Coke or Pepsi?
Plastic or Reusable?
Windows or Mac?
Car or Truck?
McDonald's or Jack-In-The-Box? Does anyone still go to Burger King?
Leonard's or Champion's?
Chow mein or chow fun?
Kikoman or Aloha?
HIC or T&C?
Pizza Hut or Papa John's?

And da winnah winnah huli huli chicken dinnah.........
Rainbow Warriors or Warriors?

Wat else you got?


May 15th, 2013

Every generation has their own "language" wea there are just certain things you say, it'll define wat era you were brought up in. Some stick with you throughout your lifetime while oddahs will just come and go as da fad wears off. Still get some dat while it may not be in your decade, you use da catch phrase or have "adopted" it.

Phrases or words like "cool", "totally", "hang loose", "chillin'", "make whoopee" and "OMG / LOL" (yes, those are said letter by letter just as much as they are written). Then there are things we say everyday without even really tinking and it just comes out "naturally" whether it's your generation or not. We also "substitute" words like "frick" (you know wat dat's for), "b-yatch" (still means da same thing) and I actually used "fudge" and it ain't for eating.

Having Da Baby around learning, speaking and soaking up things like a sponge, Da Wife has busted me on more than a few occasions of saying, "Jesus". I really don't know wea I picked dat up from or even how come I say it but I know Heaven isn't too happy for breaking one of da 10 Commandments on way more than a few occasions. It's something dat just.... comes out, no mattah how much I try not to say it.

I guess it's a blessing in disguise for having a speech impediment wea I kinda butcher words dat have a "ch", "sh" or anything close to those sounds. I can enunciate it correctly with conscience effort but I'm unconscience in everyday conversation - flipping it on and off only wen I gotta be "proper" like Pidgin.

Da Baby has picked it up and uses it in its correct context too but thankfully she's heard it "wrong". She actually says "Cheesus" instead of "Jesus". Yup, cheese + zess. Well thank goodness I got a speech impediment huh?

So guess wat I've been saying instead now? You got it, "Cheesus". Well I guess it wouldn't mattah either way cause of my speech impediment cause I'm still saying it "wrong". LMAO! 😆

Wassup Wit Dat!

Wat have you caught yourself saying constantly? Wat irks da heck out of you wen you hear it? Have you tried to stop? Have you substituted words with something else?

But we all know there's one thing you all say...... Wassup Wit Dat! 😉 😉


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Rogah, Still Stay......

May 14th, 2013

Howzit Howzit!

Yup, still stay but stay going all pupule with everything spinning around me like Hurricane Iwa - so wat's new yeah? Mahalos for those dropping in fo' see wassup.

Sadly - or good thing howevah you look at it - I've run into a dry spell of WWD! moments but it just must be dat I stay too busy to notice or dat I nevah even care cause I stay all kapakahi already. There's so much things to take care of but nevah enough hours in a day 'den get all kine dramas at work dat I really no like get into details cause get some co-workahs dat read and I no like all da huuhuu dat goes along with it.

I still get a few blogs lined up but just nevah have time fo' finish 'em but I going.

And how was dat traffic last Friday yeah?!?!?!

Wassup Wit Dat!

Dat was da icing on da cake of how my week(s) went...... and still going. 🙄

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