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June 27th, 2013

As I was chillin' yesterday afternoon wit Da Baby sharing a Mitsu-Ken bento in front of their new location, da world nevah ceases to amaze me. We were sitting on da curb in da parking lot a few feet away from da sidewalk and enjoying da day wit each oddah wen dis iconic classic haole hippie nevah wash dread headed hair in a purple/pinkish tie-dye faded t-shirt dude was rolling down on his buss up almost bolo head wheels skateboard.

Just as I was putting a forkful of garlic chicken in Da Baby's mouth, he looks at us and mumbles something so not understanding wat he said, I look at him briefly and smile. I couldn't tell if he was talking to us or if he was just pupule but as he rolled just in front of us, he repeated wat he said two seconds ago but dis time shaking his head and rolling his eyes, "garbage in, garbage out" referring to da food I was feeding Da Baby.

You know wat I was tinking, "Wassup Wit Dat!"

I just smiled back and said "thank you" instead of using some oddah choice words then took a look at Da Baby. She just gave me her huge wonderful smile and made me laugh. It was one of those moments dat made me glad dat she's around.

Really, wat else do I feed her? I tink da world has survived eating "garbage" and he was a slender person looking like he's nevah eaten anything with two or four legs in awhile so he must have bettah "garbage" than us. If he wasn't willing to educate us on wat to eat, wat's da point of saying wat he had to say?

Have you evah been "told" anything by a stranger? Do you tink it's weird for people to give random comments out of da blue? Have you done dat? Is it something you respond to like a Q & A?

It was a trip to see dat da hippie generation was still around still spreading da love. 😆

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Good Guys Always End Up Paying

June 24th, 2013

Wen you hear da word "insurance", wat are da first words dat comes to mind?

Scam. B.S. Why? I no need. How come need? How come THEY no mo'? I no like. Rip off.

I going straight up say dis, insurance companies suck wen it comes to helping out da good guys! Yes, I do consider myself one of da "good guys" and it really does suck wen you do things right and follow da law - or watevah da situation may be - and YOU come out on da wrong end. All of da following has happened in a span of a year and it just makes me sick to tink dat even though I stay paying for someone to get my back, I still end up with loco moco in my face.

My truck in da last year have been in more accidents and hit and runs than I want to remembah and prior to da 10 years of owning it, it has nevah been in so much pilikia by oddahs who no have insurance or just no care. Early last year, Da Wife was involved in an accident by a moke who rolled backwards into my truck on da H1 causing about $750 worth of damage (Serving and Protecting With Aloha blog). Of course he nevah have insurance but I, being da law-abiding citizen, had to. My deductible is $500 and being dat I would have to pay not only da deductible to get da truck fixed but da higher premium thereaftah by filing a claim, I decided to leave da truck "broken".

Then a few months latah anoddah moke wen hit and run da truck (Unfrickinreal blog) causing some pretty serious damage and again, I in da same boat as previously stated wea I like 'em fixed but I da one gotta ante up cause da oddah guy more than likely nevah have insurance but then again, s/he nevah stick around for me to find out.

Did I mention dat in da first incident I had to do all da investigative research to locate da drivah and da owner (not da same person) then basically State Farm didn't want to do jack $h!t about it in terms of pursuing damages against either of 'em. Did I also mention da there were two oddah incidents from on street parking while I had to drive da truck into work about a month ago?

Then those who read WWD! regularly know dat my motorcycle literally blew up while I was riding into work about a month ago (Really, Wat Else? blog) but my insurance company won't cover a penny cause I ended up being an experienced rider who knew wat to do and avoided an "accident" even though I got full coverage on da bike.

Aftah speaking wit Progressive, and having them acknowledge on recording, dat they won't cover an experienced and skilled rider who kept from causing an accident but they would have covered me if I was an inexperienced rider who crashed his bike. Please explain to me how being an experienced rider would negate coverage? And all dis time I thought all da insurance companies boasted about "rewarding/protecting" good/excellent drivers? 🙄 I might as well have just jumped off da bike and let it crash!

Are your eyes rolling yet?

Like an infomercial, WAIT! There's more.

Then, two times in less than three months Da Baby experienced a seizure which required us to call 911 for emergency services (Da MOST Scariest Three Minutes I Don't Evah Want To Face Again and Target(ed) blogs). While I am grateful for their services, upon receiving da bill for $1,000+ per incident and latah on da HMSA "statement", I was outraged dat HMSA did not cover it.

BL: We received the statement and wondering why the ambulance wasn't fully covered? Doesn't my plan have emergent care coverage?
HMSA: You didn't use a participating provider.
BL: Excuse me? We called 911 for an ambulance.
HMSA: Yes, and the ambulance service was a non-participating provider so you're responsible for 60% of the charges.
BL: You mean, now if/when we call 911, we need to ask to send a HMSA participating provider ambulance? It's an emergency! We have NO CHOICE! They send whomever they want to send.
HMSA: There isn't any participating provider on the island.
BL: HUH? Really? Then why have it listed on the handout? Shouldn't there be an asterisk with a "disclaimer note" for that coverage then? That seems like a "choice" people should be able to have then if it isn't covered. I should just say I'm homeless and it's 100% covered right?

Aftah realizing it wasn't going anywhere and fruitless to continue cause I wasn't speaking to da "right" person, I got off da phone.

Everyone say it with me now......... Wassup Wit Dat!

Between all da damages on da truck, an incapacitated motorcycle and questioning if I can afford a 911 call now, it's a wondah why I just don't pack it up and live on da beach wea everything is "free".

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Two In A Row?

June 20th, 2013

I know kinda late but quick poll........ Spurs or Heat?

For those who've been following the 2013 NBA Finals, no team has won two in a row and Game 6 was won by the Miami Heat. So if da precedence is set, the San Antonio Spurs should win Game 7.

Da only people happy about a Game 7 is da advertisers yeah?

Wassup Wit Dat!

Da fans on either side would have wanted a sweep but it isn't so. I originally called Heat in 6 but I guess I have to say Heat in 7 now...... wat say you?

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Is There An Etiquette?

June 18th, 2013

Awhile ago, as Da Wife was picking up her dinner from Kapiolani Coffee Shop, I watched an older Japanee man glancing back a couple of times before he made his move. It was "suspicious" looking but everyone who was watching knew wat he was going to do....... CUT!

Wassup Wit Dat!

Well, he didn't cut... sort of.

From da time we were there, I didn't recall him ordering or standing in line but he must have cause it looked like he just asked for either napkins or utensils.

It wasn't anything really and it's one of those things dat, if you're standing in line, kinda irks you regardless of da cutting. Most times it's just a quick question which at times turns into more questions or maybe part of your order was missing or you needed an extra condiment or utensil. In any case, especially if you've been waiting a long time, you get all pupule cause now someone else is being serviced while you had to wait your turn in line.

Living in a "civilized" world, we tend to let those with "quick" inquiries slide but it's those who blatantly appear to cut knowing dat there's a line do we throw our arms up in da air saying "Wassup Wit Dat!"

But is it still ok?

We've all done it before wea we left da counter only having to come back later wea time is of da essence. You're on da clock and your grace period of returning has begun da moment you picked up your order. If you walked away only to walk back, no one would tink different but as time tick tocks, da level of stink eye grows cause da longah you was away, da less likely people will "allow" you to "cut".

Are you tolerant of cutters? Do you ask "permission" to cut? You da one give stink eye eh?

Check out da braddah on da left and his stink eye to da Japanee man.... he was tinking da same thing I was. 😆

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June 15th, 2013

At a recent bbq, I tried my hand at making "kal-bi" chicken. Let's just say dat it tasted like....... chicken. I know da marinade is ono (it's anoddah secret kine recipe) but I was really disappointed dat da chicken just tasted blah. It's hard to bbq boneless, skinless chicken but it's especially hard to marinate as it doesn't "soak in" like those with skin or breaded and deep fried. Although I have tasted oddahs wea it had "juices" with every bite.

Wassup Wit Dat!

Actually, how they do dat?

I've been jonesing for some ono kine chicken katsu and haven't found a place dat does it "right". There's just something about how people bread it or fry it in "seasoned" oil but there are only two places dat I can honestly say I've enjoyed their katsu. Da first was Jumbo's but they not around any more. Their breading was real compact and not flakey but their sauce was da kickah! It was one of those sauces dat you would actually drench da katsu in cause it was dat ono.

Then there's Grace's but kinda different there. It has to be chicken katsu gravy all ovah AND da katsu sauce on da side. I have to admit though with da gravy all ovah, their breading gets all mushy wea you take one bite and da skin part totally comes off and 'den you feel kinda sick just eating "skin".

Who's got da best chicken katsu? Do you do gravy all or just da katsu sauce? Got any marinade tricks?

Maybe I should just stick to making kim chee. 🙄

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