Wassup Wit Dat!

C'mon Man!

June 4th, 2013

We all seen it, been a part of it and definitely have done it and it's such a funny thing even though you know it's gonna happen. Well, mostly funny to those who realize they're doing it.

Dis past November, wen one of my closest friends announced his engagement, of course we HAD to go out for a bachelor pah-tay. Our first stop was REAL - a Gastropub since we've all nevah been and it was suggested by a WWD! Hui reader.

Hmmm, just made me tink.... I nevah do one review on dat yet huh?

Anyways, as we were "documenting" - ok, ok, preparing blackmail - one of da bachelor's last night out as a free man, it was one of da weirdest moments wea practically everyone, including da surrounding tables, in unison either said or was tinking, "Wassup Wit Dat!".

Hea's da 411.

Da pub is a pretty small and tight layout especially upstairs wea we was at. Our table was about seven feet away from da staircase so it wasn't like you couldn't see us but as people and servers were coming and going, we had to "time" our Kodak moment. During a lull, we asked our server to take a pic for us. We waved a couple of people through and just as our waiter was framing da camera for a table pic, a group of people came upstairs. All but ONE stopped and voila! Da infamous arm pic.

It was da funniest thing and it happens to da best of us cause we've all seen it before wea you get a group of people posing a few feet away from a person in a "stance" and wen you see dis setup, you either stop or go around as a courtesy. If by chance you happen to walk through accidently, you normally quick step out while trying to duck and do da chuckle of shame.

Da group saw da setup as soon as they reached da top of da stairs but dis one guy kept walking through and pointed to an area wea they could sit. He must love to point and he must love da camera cause he was such a natural doing it.

Wassup Wit Dat!

Well, he was KITV's Meteorologist Justin Fujioka so I guess he thought he was still at work. 😆

It was au'good and we all got a big laugh out of it and as WWD! luck would have it... we got da perfect pic right? 😆

Do you evah notice da "setup"? Have you evah walked through one without noticing it? Noticing it then scurried off like you was walking on hot coals? Gave stink eye wen people do dat to you? No can smile good again cause you wasted your good smile and now all salty? 😆

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13 Responses to “C'mon Man!”

  1. Glenn D:

    Howzit!! I'm hea!!

  2. Glenn D:

    Seen it many times. No can understand people walking into da setup. What? They don't see wea they goin' or wat? But den mo people looking down at their phone while walking these days so mo chance fo dem to not notice da setup. Wen I see anyone taking a pic I stop. Just common courtesy. These days mo beta even wen someone ruins da pic by walking in 'cause the cameras are digital so just delete and do ova. But before, you waste a frame on a film roll.

  3. DIO:

    Go and send da pic to KITV! 😆

  4. Makiki:

    When the kids were small we spent a lot of time at WDW in Florida. In a place like WDW with the crowds and distractions it can be tough to avoid "the setup" and we used to joke that we were in more vacation photos than Mickey Mouse.

  5. Annoddah Dave:

    BL: In the old days with film cameras, it was kind of a big thing because now the camera person had to pay to process a bad shot. With digital, it was not that big of a deal to re-shoot. However, once in a lifetime shots of wild life or an action shot is something else. Can you imagine someone walking through your shot of a rare mountain gorilla before it decides to charge you or a Janet Jackson wardrobe malfunction! LOL

  6. snow:

    since i'm usually behind the camera, i've seen more than my share of people walk through my shot. sometimes you have to wait forever for people to stop but then, someone nice usually comes along and asks if i'd like them to take the picture so i could be in it, too. that makes up for alot! however, although i try very hard to be aware, i don't always see someone taking a picture until the last minute... even if i'm not looking at my phone or talking to someone. yes, i'm not always very observant! 🙁

  7. B:

    you sure he wasn't picture bombing?

  8. De:

    Like Annoddad Dave said...at least it is digital now. My first trip to Washington D.C. I had a classic picture. I'm standing in front of the White House (across the street) and asked some random person to take a picture of me. Well...I develop the picture and guess what...a truck was driving by perfectly blocking the White House. Wouldn't the camera person see the truck and said maybe we should take another shot....guess not. WWD

  9. Da808:

    Did he at least say he was "sorry" for interruption???

  10. DIO:

    Meteorologist eh? Hopefully he's better at predicting weather, than predicting he's going to ruin someone's shot! 😆

  11. Cojef:

    Traveled a lot in the past and mostly when taking pic cha the young short ugly wahines walk slowly and make you wait. Older generation much moh polite. People in Europe moh polite dan other places. People in USA think you violate their space. So they think it's okay to walk in front of camera.

  12. wafan:

    I guess maybe because I am bigger most people stop when I take the pictures. I did notice when smaller folks are shooting people tend not to stop. Most touristy places people are more apt to stop. I have been known to show up in the back of pictures to smile and wave at the camera. Bwah-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!

  13. DIO:

    wafan: So you're a photobomber? 😆

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