Wassup Wit Dat!

Wat Kine Dat - Try 2

June 13th, 2013

A looooong time ago, I introduced a new segment to WWD! called "Wat Dat" which I tried to take various pics I thought were interesting and unique to "Hawai'i".

In da first posting of "Wat Dat" I really wen figgah was going be too hard but to my surprise, all you buggahs wen guess 'em correct!

Wassup Wit Dat!

I thought I wen blur 'em out enough fo' throw you off but you guys are sharp! In case you want to see da pics again, check out da post by clicking hea: "Wat Dat".

If you no like see da answers no read on until you click but in case you get da kine wandering eyes, I going post da answers below..........

Ok, hea it is:
Pic 1: Rick cooker
Pic 2: Pokeys, kukuis or pain in da ass no can run stuck on clothes thingy
Pic 3: Rice

I have no idea how you guys wen guess on da first crack without any clues but I guess I gotta make 'em harder like dis one.............

Now if all you guess dis one correct............. I no like play any more. 😆

14 Responses to “Wat Kine Dat - Try 2”

  1. Glenn D:

    k, dis one looks like hapai belly shot taken from the face side (and not da feet side) while lying down.
    But den, it could just be half a J-Lo's okole....

  2. B:

    das one ipu...or i would agree wit Glenn D... J-Lo's da kine

  3. jimmy the lock:

    Brown egg

  4. Kage:

    Too smooth to be a knee.
    Too flat to be someone's bolo head.
    No can be da kine cause no more da stuff.

    I think it is one opu.

  5. Annoddah Dave:

    BL: I tink ees won thumb or feengah. No ways yu ken git dat clos to J-Lo's okolele!

  6. Uncle Rodney:

    Das one bolohead!

  7. cojef:

    Glenn D's belly shot from above sure looks like winner. the belly button (he-so) outline can be imagined.

  8. kamaaina808:

    Egg? Bolo head?

  9. wafan:

    Das my head as seen from the back!

    How you wen geddem?!?!

  10. Da808:

    Looks like a close-up of the tip someones fingers?

  11. jimmy the lock:

    Someone with breast implants laying down?

    Hope it's not a closeup of you making shi shi.

  12. sally:

    Dat be daWife at the latest checkup!

  13. sally:

    ...or ..... waitaminit ..... is she ..... are you guys ..... did she .....

    Is daBaby a big sister?
    btw, how is daBaby? Hope everything is is okay in daHousehold.

  14. Ynaku:

    Mel Cabang's head from the back 😀

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