Wassup Wit Dat!


June 27th, 2013

As I was chillin' yesterday afternoon wit Da Baby sharing a Mitsu-Ken bento in front of their new location, da world nevah ceases to amaze me. We were sitting on da curb in da parking lot a few feet away from da sidewalk and enjoying da day wit each oddah wen dis iconic classic haole hippie nevah wash dread headed hair in a purple/pinkish tie-dye faded t-shirt dude was rolling down on his buss up almost bolo head wheels skateboard.

Just as I was putting a forkful of garlic chicken in Da Baby's mouth, he looks at us and mumbles something so not understanding wat he said, I look at him briefly and smile. I couldn't tell if he was talking to us or if he was just pupule but as he rolled just in front of us, he repeated wat he said two seconds ago but dis time shaking his head and rolling his eyes, "garbage in, garbage out" referring to da food I was feeding Da Baby.

You know wat I was tinking, "Wassup Wit Dat!"

I just smiled back and said "thank you" instead of using some oddah choice words then took a look at Da Baby. She just gave me her huge wonderful smile and made me laugh. It was one of those moments dat made me glad dat she's around.

Really, wat else do I feed her? I tink da world has survived eating "garbage" and he was a slender person looking like he's nevah eaten anything with two or four legs in awhile so he must have bettah "garbage" than us. If he wasn't willing to educate us on wat to eat, wat's da point of saying wat he had to say?

Have you evah been "told" anything by a stranger? Do you tink it's weird for people to give random comments out of da blue? Have you done dat? Is it something you respond to like a Q & A?

It was a trip to see dat da hippie generation was still around still spreading da love. 😆

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21 Responses to “GIGO”

  1. NKHEA:


    Oh......Howzit BL

  2. wafan:


  3. wafan:

    Okay then secondest and thirdest.

  4. wafan:

    Sometimes best not to say anything. Guy might be lolo or worse.

  5. Bowling Buddy:

    Must have been pupule or in 70's. Maybe he wanted you to discard the food so he could have it. Glad you kept your cool.

  6. 9th Island Girl:

    Whoa, is this the same BL? So glad you mellowed out! A lot of people who say stuff to strangers are mentally ill so it's good you were easy about it. 🙂

  7. roach:

    I wonder what kind of garbage he was fed when he was a kid?

  8. DIO:

    Sounds like some tangle haired lolo has had his share of garbage, and is now spewing it out of his mouth. 😆

  9. 808chubs:

    You are a better person than I...."oh hell no...I might look and smell like you, if no garbage came in". But, with baby girl there, you did the right thing BL

  10. Glenn D:

    Maybe he was referring to his parents...garbage in and he's what came out. Hate those 'I know beta than you' kine lolo's with their 'looking down from their high horse' attitude. Obviously he was oblivious if he was in any position to be doling out advise on how to live, yeah? Good thing you said nothin' cause you neva know (and you had the family with you) if he's pupule and cut your throat or something...you know like da one in Hollywood that fatally stabbed that girl for a dollar? Happy FGF everyone!!

  11. M:

    Howzit BL!
    Blast from da past..... 😆

    Happy FGF!

  12. Makiki:

    Great FGF image - you and Da Baby sitting on the curb sharing a bento. Bet she gets the best parts.

    Have a great weekend everyone!

  13. Mows:

    What kind of food will make treasure come out? Anything a person eats will come out as digested waste. Dumb hippie... is garlic chicken not healthy? You should have told him "Do you even know what that means? I don't think so. "

  14. cojef:

    Gotta hand it to you. Cool head prevailed with keiki in tow. Bento is local food, and every keiki must experience. Love your story, aloha.

  15. M:

    Da main ting is dat you stay spending time wit yo daughter and enjoying da moment.

  16. B:

    and so... da herbs he partakes in is good?

  17. Lowtone123:

    Some people just have to make their opinion known. I just take it for what it is, their opinion. Their opinion is not fact or right. My wife tells me what her sisters say in regard to how to raise our kids. Problem is, their kids are not any more well off or better behaved than our kids. I welcome well-meaning tips, but no one should tell people how to raise their own kids especially if they are healthy and happy.

  18. BonDancr:

    can't imagine somebody like that on that end of No. King St. But good story
    and BL you're a cool headed, classy guy.

  19. MrK:

    Garlic has some of the most potent anti-cancer agents in the world - seriously.

  20. CoconutWilly:

    I think it's ok when people are being nice like "your zipper is down" or "you have a booger hanging out your nose".

  21. sally:

    Smart move, BL, to not risk confrontation esp with a possibly mentally unstable person AND Da Baby in tow. You're an awesome Daddy!

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