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Wat Kine Dat - Try 2

June 13th, 2013

A looooong time ago, I introduced a new segment to WWD! called "Wat Dat" which I tried to take various pics I thought were interesting and unique to "Hawai'i".

In da first posting of "Wat Dat" I really wen figgah was going be too hard but to my surprise, all you buggahs wen guess 'em correct!

Wassup Wit Dat!

I thought I wen blur 'em out enough fo' throw you off but you guys are sharp! In case you want to see da pics again, check out da post by clicking hea: "Wat Dat".

If you no like see da answers no read on until you click but in case you get da kine wandering eyes, I going post da answers below..........

Ok, hea it is:
Pic 1: Rick cooker
Pic 2: Pokeys, kukuis or pain in da ass no can run stuck on clothes thingy
Pic 3: Rice

I have no idea how you guys wen guess on da first crack without any clues but I guess I gotta make 'em harder like dis one.............

Now if all you guess dis one correct............. I no like play any more. 😆


June 10th, 2013

I don't know how parents with multiple keiki do it cause we only have one and it's been an adventure so far for almost three years. It's an experience I can honestly say I am enjoying but dat usually is da case wen things are going good.

Last night wasn't one of 'em.

Not quite three months ago, Da Wife and I had da scare of our lives (Da MOST Scariest Three Minutes I Don't Evah Want To Face Again) and evah since then, we became on guard for any future fever to come since we know it's inevitable.

Late last night - while treating Da Baby's fever how we normally do - it was eerily similar to her previous fever. No symptoms of any common illness like a runny nose, coughing or soreness - just a fever. We had her in da tub to cool her down and aftah it went down slightly, we put her back to bed. Not more than 15 minutes latah we had her sitting back in da tub then aftah about 10 minutes, she started to cry differently. She leaned back a little almost tantrum like (which she NEVAH does) but looked a little rigid doing it.

Da Wife and I glanced at each oddah - knowing wat we were both tinking - and immediately took her out of da tub and put her down on her left side. Aftah a couple more seconds of cries, she started to seize. Dis time it was much worse - and longah - then da first (details omitted). We remained calm as could be but being how it was longah and more intense than da first, we didn't take any chances aftah recognizing da severity and called 911.

We did wat we needed to do and it did help her go through da seizure but it wasn't as traumatic as da recovery period. Now dat was something new we learned as well but it was something I couldn't stand even though I had to. We were told da brain had to "calm down" and reset so da longah da seizure was, da longah da recovery period. As she was laying in da hospital bed, she still had a dazed look coming in and out of reality along with these facial twitches, dat she nevah does, while still having some rigidity left ovah. It was such a helpless feeling staring at her not being able to do anything but just..... waiting.

It is definitely times like dis dat I wish WWD! didn't run in da bloodline. 😡 Some of you may say - and tink - it happens to oddahs, and I concede dat it does, but along wit all da oddah madness dat happens around me, it just sucks okole.

But I will tell you one thing for certain, we will NEVAH shop at Target wit Da Baby in tow EVAH AGAIN! Truthfully nothing against da company or products but EVERY single time we went there, Da Baby had come back with dis "fever". No bu'lai.

Wassup Wit Dat!

At least dat way there's one less bulls eye dat we can control. 😀

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One Wish

June 6th, 2013

If you could have one wish right now, wat would it be? Now I'm not talking about finding a cure for cancer or having won a lottery but a "selfish" almost possible wish.

I've always wished dat I could fly wit da Blue Angels or da Thunderbirds and go through barrel rolls, negative G turns and loop de loops. I guess it goes back to my childhood dream to be a fighter pilot but found out you had to be a certain height and reeeeaaaallly smart.

Negative on both requirements so I was out.... damn you Top Gun! 😆

I actually have an adult "wish/dream" dat I would love to travel to all 50 states and go to da bestest amusement parks they got and ride da baddest roller coaster rides built.

Ok, so I got two "wishes".... I know, I know.... Wassup Wit Dat!

Wat about you? Got any hopefully "realistic" wishes?

C'mon Man!

June 4th, 2013

We all seen it, been a part of it and definitely have done it and it's such a funny thing even though you know it's gonna happen. Well, mostly funny to those who realize they're doing it.

Dis past November, wen one of my closest friends announced his engagement, of course we HAD to go out for a bachelor pah-tay. Our first stop was REAL - a Gastropub since we've all nevah been and it was suggested by a WWD! Hui reader.

Hmmm, just made me tink.... I nevah do one review on dat yet huh?

Anyways, as we were "documenting" - ok, ok, preparing blackmail - one of da bachelor's last night out as a free man, it was one of da weirdest moments wea practically everyone, including da surrounding tables, in unison either said or was tinking, "Wassup Wit Dat!".

Hea's da 411.

Da pub is a pretty small and tight layout especially upstairs wea we was at. Our table was about seven feet away from da staircase so it wasn't like you couldn't see us but as people and servers were coming and going, we had to "time" our Kodak moment. During a lull, we asked our server to take a pic for us. We waved a couple of people through and just as our waiter was framing da camera for a table pic, a group of people came upstairs. All but ONE stopped and voila! Da infamous arm pic.

It was da funniest thing and it happens to da best of us cause we've all seen it before wea you get a group of people posing a few feet away from a person in a "stance" and wen you see dis setup, you either stop or go around as a courtesy. If by chance you happen to walk through accidently, you normally quick step out while trying to duck and do da chuckle of shame.

Da group saw da setup as soon as they reached da top of da stairs but dis one guy kept walking through and pointed to an area wea they could sit. He must love to point and he must love da camera cause he was such a natural doing it.

Wassup Wit Dat!

Well, he was KITV's Meteorologist Justin Fujioka so I guess he thought he was still at work. 😆

It was au'good and we all got a big laugh out of it and as WWD! luck would have it... we got da perfect pic right? 😆

Do you evah notice da "setup"? Have you evah walked through one without noticing it? Noticing it then scurried off like you was walking on hot coals? Gave stink eye wen people do dat to you? No can smile good again cause you wasted your good smile and now all salty? 😆

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