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More Than Just A Game

July 2nd, 2013

Da past few years since Da Baby was born, Da Wife busts my olo's cause of da time I spend coaching. It's a drain on ohana time but as any coach will tell you, it's a delicate balance dat can't be skewed while in da season. You gotta suck it up and make surah you take care of things dat need to be taken care of.

Da Wife hears my moans and groans about certain situations dat happens at practice or involving da team, watches me ice my arm aftah pitching nearly 1000 pitches in da week (professional players throw about 110 pitches in a game and rest a handful of days) and yet still "allows" me to punish myself - not surah if das a good thing or not.

Last season we weren't able to field a team because we didn't have enough players to fill a roster so da younger division asked me to help them out. Dis season was starting from scratch cause it was all brand new players. Normally we usually have returning players who "know" wat to do but not dis year so it was a challenge to say da least.

I definitely was like, Wassup Wit Dat!

Da players are all extremely young (first time in da Bronco division: 11-12 year olds) and it's a tough transition from the younger division especially if baseball isn't your primary sport but das wat coaching is about - taking wat you got and making da best of it.

Dis season da players battled through a lot of adversity trying to learn about "real" baseball and more importantly, about themselves. They struggled many a times and while still being young, grew up fairly quickly as practices went on. It's always a joy to see them experience things in a different light even though they might not fully understand it.

One thing they learn fairly quickly in da program, I definitely do not treat them like babies. If they want their mommies to wipe their okole, then they shouldn't be here. Da main motto in da program is "Go Hard or Go Home".

By carrying dat attitude and working their okole's off, they were able to make it to our 9th championship in 15 years but unlike da oddah eight tries, they weren't able to bring da championship home dis time. No skin off our backs as da players knew (have been coached) dat our program is more than just a single game.

Surah it felt good to make it to da "show" but at dis age, it really should be about da journey and it showed. Friendships were made, they learned about communication, got each oddahs back and countless oddah values and traits dat will carry them beyond athletics. It was a great season!

Still aftah coaching for 20 years, I'm still learning and like they say, there will always be things dat you haven't seen before so it's always interesting to experience new things to say da least. Da Wife at times shakes her head while I contemplate why a player - or parent - does certain things dat just isn't pono and calmly says,

"That's why you coach, right?"

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12 Responses to “More Than Just A Game”

  1. Glenn D:

    Eh so wea's everbody?

  2. Glenn D:

    BL, my hat is off to you for taking the time and not just coaching but mentoring these kids. I'm sure that each and everyone of dem will cherish the time spent with you and fondly remembah when they are all grown up.

  3. M:

    Howzit BL!
    You da man coach!
    You teach dem moa dan da game, dis going make dem better persons fo da rest of dea life because of you.

  4. cojef:

    Kudos to braddah Lance for your enthusiasm with the kids. You just luv to see kids mature to a better player when you first get them. Got to hand it to you for helping mold the kids into productive young men. Mucho alohas to you.

  5. B:

    always beeg mahalos for paying it forward. someday these same kids going do exactly what you did for them.

  6. dihudfan:

    you da MAN!!! good job!!!

  7. Lowtone123:

    Congrats, BL. To get to the championship with all new players is a great accomplishment. You and your team should be proud. Coaching involves a lot of personal time and commitment. All coaches deserve our thanks and appreciation for helping our kids learn and grow. Some parents forget that the coaches are volunteers.

  8. Makiki:

    Your coaching posts are always some of my favorites. BL pretty smart for marrying a wahine that "lets" him coach!

  9. NKHEA:

    Howzit BL,

    You been coaching for 20 yrs..........wat you waz only 10 when you started

  10. Annoddah_Dave:

    BL: In this world, you can only take what you put in. Those who only take, in the end, will suffer.

  11. 808Dad:

    Hey Lance, I think you still remember me huh? I’ve also been coaching for years although not as long as you. Once thing that really bothers me is the way professionals, college players and at any age group celebrate. I always tell my players it’s always more impressive if you act like you’ve done that a thousand times and it’s just another home run, spike to paddling victory. Hold your head high if you come in first or last. Other teams will respect you more.

  12. Bowling Buddy:

    Keep up the good work. We need more coaches like you for our kids.

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