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July 17th, 2013

I only heard about 'em but I nevah saw 'em before.... until yesterday. It was an odd sight to witness as I sat in da car waiting for Da Wife but I guess it does happen......

Handicapped parking enforcement. A good sized Uncle who was driving a truck with handicap license plates kinda rolls out of his truck - looking a little disabled himself - as he walked unbalanced towards one of da many cars parked at da Pearl City Wal-Mart parking lot. He busts out his camera and starts to take pics of da infraction. I nevah really tink nothing of it till I could see a patch on his sleeve and it looked like he was writing a ticket.

I couldn't tell if it was curiosity or just plain being niele but people started to slow as they walked to their vehicles to check out wat Uncle was doing. It was funny but sad. I guess I was a niele one but there was a reason why I was driving around in circles. 😉 😉 *check out Friday's blog* 😉 😉

All's I know is dat da little Toyota owner is going to be paying a hefty fine and I wouldn't have believed it if I nevah see 'em. Da Toyota wasn't there for a quick run either as da windshield shade was up but watevah possessed da drivah - even though couldn't park within da lines of da huge stall - to park there without a handicap placard beats da heck out of me. It definitely made me tink....

Wassup Wit Dat!

Have you evah parked in a blue stall? Have you seen oddah cars not authorized to park there in those stalls? Do you tink it's strange to have "handicapped" people driving - not riding - in da first place?

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21 Responses to “Caught”

  1. Glenn D:

    Am I here first?

  2. Glenn D:

    Howzit, BL?
    My dad has a handicap placard and wen I take him around wen visiting, I use it but only wen he is in da car. And even den, I only use it wen I park in da handicap stall when he is still in da car. If I see that it is easier for him if I drop him off at the entrance of whereva he's going, I drop him off den I take the placard off den go park at a regular stall. Wen he comes out, if the handicap stall is open I park there to pick him up. I neva, eva use it wen I am alone cause if I get caught they can revoke the placard and get a really BIG fine. Too much pilikia... just not worth it. Besides, if just me, I need da exercise, yeah?

  3. Da808:

    Glad to hear it's being enforced !! Too many free loaders !!!!

  4. M:

    Howzit BL!
    Glad it's being enforced.

  5. LocalOne:

    Eh, howzit. I no read your blog too often but today I did. So gotta share my experiences.

    One time we got one ticket at the Pearl City Daiei (now Don Quiote). I tink it was because da handicap tag wen expire. But us guys ligitimate. My mom had wheelchair. An' I really appreciate da handicap stalls for da convenience but, at da same time, it seems like unfair for regular people who need to park. So even us with wheelchair, we can push it a little farther just like regular people who gotta walk. Main ting can find parking, right?

    Annoda incident or observation is too often I see people with da handicap tag and dey walk out of da car and dey look normal, you know, healthy. An dey do their shopping, like gotta walk around the store and da mall to buy stuff, right? No look like dey suffering. If dey faking it, den I tink you gotta blame da doctors who just sign anyting.

  6. Harry T. Imoto:

    Howzit BL,

    Most people with handicapped license plate or placard can drive but no can walk too far. As why they make the paking space close to the store and wen de get inside da store they can use da store supplied wheel chair. If no mo wheel chair they going use the shopping cart like one crutch and walk slowly. Oh! As why not strange to see "handicapped" people driving. My friend and his wife both no can walk, but he drive one van with two motorized wheel chair inside for them to use. He said they no going stop living because they no can walk.

  7. dihudfan:


  8. Glenn D:

    I agree with Harry. Not all folks with handicap placard have external disabilities like amputated leg or be on a wheelchair. Some of dem may have breathing problems like half a lung (as a result of surgery, cancer, whateva). Dem folks no can walk far cause no can breath right? So, no can judge the disability by the looks, yeah?

  9. Masako:

    My Mom and Grandma both had handicapped placard because they are in a wheelchair. I use it when driving them around. A few times I had people yell at me when I got out of my car, that is until they see me open my trunk and take out the wheelchair than they shut up pretty fast, this one guy even tracked me down and apologized, admitting that he reacted to quickly, he explained to me that he gets so frustrated seeing able bodied people taking up the stalls. I found out that any disability can qualify for a placard as long as the doctor is willing to sign the paper. Many of the parents of disabled students at the school I work at have placards and most of them do not have a physical disability.

    I read an article recently about rich families hiring disabled people to escort them to the Disney parks so they can take advantage of the disabled access to the rides (not having to wait in line) Wassup Wit Dat!

  10. Lowtone123:

    I usually don't judge someone with a placard or plate parking in da stall because sometimes it isn't what it seems. But fo someone to park their with no placard or plate is an able bodied person taking a stall away from someone who really needs it.

  11. rayboyjr:

    😎 Good Morning Everyone!!! 😎

    ... hey Braddah Lance ... taking advantage of the handicap placard and parking is not cool if it's not merited ... but I understand that many people really need the service, even though they don't look handicapped ...

    ... and the fine is hefty ... my friend was given a ticket for around $400 or $500 for parking in a handicapped stall ... the thing is ... my friend didn't do it intentionally ... there was no handicap parking sign to designate the stall ... what was supposed to be the blue painted striping was worn and faded ... and it was at night so she couldn't even see the striping, let alone the color of the striping ...

    ... don't remember if she had to pay the fine or not ... but I know she contested it ...

    ... Have a Good One Everyone!!! ...

  12. cojef:

    Good subject! I have handicap plates for my sciatica problems, no kan walk long distance, plus makule, 88 years young. Use cart like walker so no need cane, but take cane most places. In Los Angeles, many violations, especially downtown near tall office building, able bodied office workers park free all day at parking meters, until crack-down. Bum bai, violaters kum bak doing same thing.

  13. zzzzzz:

    I love a story with a happy ending.

  14. snow:

    my MIL has a handicapped placard because she cannot walk far. she otherwise looks perfectly fine - she can drive and she can push a cart to shop, which aids her like a walker. many people put on a brave face even though they may not be able to breath well or may be in pain.

    so, while it may be annoying to see someone who looks able bodied get out of the car while parked in a handicapped stall, i've learned not to jump to conclusions if someone has a handicapped placard. i'm sure if we were handicapped ourselves, we might have more appreciation for being able to drive ourselves (and remain independent) and being able to park just a little bit closer.

  15. kamaaina808:

    Why in the world would it seem strange for 'da handicap' for driving? I don't get that part. I can tell you dis: you eva poke fun at my friend (who's got one of those blue tags called 'handicap placard') fo' driving - she'll whack you with her fake leg.

    @Masako: As far as those parents w/disabled kids go, if the kid's with them it's legal; if not, it's not. That placard is supposed to be stowed away when driving - not used as one decoration. 🙄

  16. sally:

    I turned down the offer when was asked if I wanted a placard when I had my Carpal Tunnel Surgery.

    I couldn't drive anyway (no can use hands too securely) and if someone else drove me, well, I don't walk with my hands so I didn't think I should be taking up space when some Uncle or Grandma can use it more legitimately.

    Ho, I so totful yah? LOL

    I actually couldn't believe I was offered it.

  17. Kage:

    I want to share my stories about people parking with these placards. But, if I do my identity will be out there for everyone to figure out.... 🙂

    I have seen abuse of the system over my years in the parking industry.

  18. Go get um:

    Check Tamura's Waianae. Get some real winnahs over dea. Buggahs no kea. Park anykine in the handicap stall. Buggahs not even da kine, handicap. BL, you can get planny pikchas ova dea. Post em.

  19. Bowling Buddy:

    Just be blessed that you don't need a placard. Walk and be glad you are healthy. Its a bummer when you rely on the placard.

  20. 9th island girl:

    No wonder they're showing that commercial about the placards and possible fines...they're enforcing now!

  21. wafan:

    Ho da spesho, yeah?

    I neva no dey giv 'em for no mo brains.

    Das one handicap, fo shua.

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