Wassup Wit Dat!

Did You Floss?

July 30th, 2013

It depended wea you was but Tropical Storm/Depression Flossie either packed a punch or hit like a girl. Ok, maybe not like a girl cause some wahines actually have some knockout power but sadly, like a fight, there are always two sides of da tape to tell da tale.

Being indoors for 90% of da weather phenomenon, I couldn't tell whether it was bad or not. I work in a basement wit no windows so I couldn't visually see da weather changing and wen I got a chance to go upstairs it was actually.... sunny.

Wassup Wit Dat!

At pau hana time it was barely drizzling and I was wondering if Flossie had totally broken up. Wen I got home, it still wasn't raining and in fact, I got more wet driving into work than I did going home. Once inside da hale, we were watching da news and all da havoc Flossie could muster and it looked bad but I kept wondering wen it was going to hit "us".

I gotta admit, da news coverage and social media surah went nuts! It was like information overload wea as before we couldn't get enough information. I was glad dat da tv media was actually letting NOAA do their job and let them report da status of Flossie instead of da "news" making a story out of it. It was amazaing to get info straight from da horse's mouth.

All through da late afternoon into evening into late night, there wasn't a single indication dat a tropical watevah was rolling though - at least wea I live in Pearl City. It's not dat I'm extremely grateful it didn't affect us compared to wat we've seen on da news, but it's like waiting to yell "Surprise!" - you wait and wait and wait and if by chance it doesn't happen, you're like a deflating balloon.

I guess dis was a rare "good" WWD! for us personally.

Were you prepared for Tropical Storm/Depression Flossie? Do you have a survival kit? We all knew about the weather approaching - did you get your provisions early, da day before or dat day? Are you only worried about hurricanes? Wat did you tink about da actions of da State?

It's like they say, it gets bettah every time and it's nice to see dat da "professionals" are improving.

Now if we could only get people to drive akamai in situations like 'dis instead of like maniacs we wouldn't have uku-hundreds of accidents WHILE da storm was approaching causing traffic nightmares and anxiety for those on da road....... 🙄

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14 Responses to “Did You Floss?”

  1. wafan:

    Yahooooo! 1st in a long time.

  2. wafan:

    Figured it could not be any worse than a freezing rain or sleet storm. At least we would be warm -- even at night.

    I wonder if those folks who bought cases of stuff feel weird about returning it all. Never understood the mentality of buying a butt-load to ice everyone else out. The stores should charge a restocking fee just for the inconvenience. Someone has to check it all in and provide reimbursements.

  3. Lowtone123:

    Wasn't nearly as bad as expected but hopefully everyone was prepared just the same.

  4. M:

    Howzit BL!
    I wuz ready wit my emergency supplies but da big rain nevah come, only dizzle la dat, not even windy.

  5. M:

    It's raining more today than yesterday, WWD!

  6. Glenn D:

    So glad to hear that Flossie did not hit hard on wea you folks were. I wuz worried seeing in da paper that some places stay with no power. Also kinda feel bad for da visitors too. I'm sure they all been looking forward to a nice sunny vacation in paradise. Stay safe, everyone!!

  7. sally:

    I was ready! Grateful that we didn't get blasted and nice to see less and less people monku-ing about how it didn't hit. Slap on da head for those who did.

  8. dihudfan:

    bettah safe than sorry.....

  9. sally:

    Coverage for the public was way better than the repetitious rambling of the news crew who, altho' dedicated, are not the experts we need.

    Good job!

  10. acuradriver02:


    Just got back from SCal yesterday afternoon - had been reading the news & weather report, in LA, with growing concern. Sounded like Flossie was getting stronger and stronger as time went on. But when we landed here, ~1:30pm, it was nice and sunny.

    But like others said, better to be prepared for the worst and hope for the best. Just glad that we can joke about it today, instead of cleaning up... Hopefully Gil will dissipate, the same way that Flossie did.

  11. Bowling Buddy:

    Thankful that it turned out to be a "dress rehersal" instead of the real thing.

  12. cojef:

    You bet, bettah little storm than big one. Here in southern cal, only worry about ground shaking. That is real scary. Lived in Houston once and wen it rains there it pours, gutters back up and get all slimy and silty. Grocery and big box stores all run out of water and batteries quickly. Got get away kit in trunk of car, change of clothes and the usual toilet article stuff. Have extra water in two-gallon plastic containers stored in cabinets in underground garage. Also emergency meals, the army kind, waz it MRE??
    I fo git.

  13. M:

    Guud morning BL!

  14. rayboyjr:

    😎 Good Morning Everyone!!! 😎

    ... hey Braddah Lance ... better to be overprepared, I guess ...

    ... but the news coverage was ridiculous!!! ... just too much ... in emergency periods, the public would be better served with the news outlets just reporting the necessary information ...

    ... or maybe there should be a designated emergency news channel ... so that the same information is passed along to everyone ...

    ... but I hope we don't see anything worse than Flossie!!! ...

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