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July 17th, 2013

I only heard about 'em but I nevah saw 'em before.... until yesterday. It was an odd sight to witness as I sat in da car waiting for Da Wife but I guess it does happen......

Handicapped parking enforcement. A good sized Uncle who was driving a truck with handicap license plates kinda rolls out of his truck - looking a little disabled himself - as he walked unbalanced towards one of da many cars parked at da Pearl City Wal-Mart parking lot. He busts out his camera and starts to take pics of da infraction. I nevah really tink nothing of it till I could see a patch on his sleeve and it looked like he was writing a ticket.

I couldn't tell if it was curiosity or just plain being niele but people started to slow as they walked to their vehicles to check out wat Uncle was doing. It was funny but sad. I guess I was a niele one but there was a reason why I was driving around in circles. 😉 😉 *check out Friday's blog* 😉 😉

All's I know is dat da little Toyota owner is going to be paying a hefty fine and I wouldn't have believed it if I nevah see 'em. Da Toyota wasn't there for a quick run either as da windshield shade was up but watevah possessed da drivah - even though couldn't park within da lines of da huge stall - to park there without a handicap placard beats da heck out of me. It definitely made me tink....

Wassup Wit Dat!

Have you evah parked in a blue stall? Have you seen oddah cars not authorized to park there in those stalls? Do you tink it's strange to have "handicapped" people driving - not riding - in da first place?

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Smoke Out

July 15th, 2013

In case you nevah hear, smoking will eventually contribute to your death and is just as dangerous to those who are around it so it makes sense to start "controlling" wea you can light up.

But why not ban smoking in vehicles?

It's da exact same premise as texting/talking on your cell phone since you're not "hands free" but even more so since you're undah an "intoxicant". It alters your state of being and curbs your "cravings" all da while creating a distracting environment while propelling a motorized vehicle.

Hmm, kinda sounds like drunken driving huh? While not as severe but you are still influenced by da tobacco hence under da influence but yet it is still allowed?

If texting/talking while driving is such a tremendous deal, why not smoking and driving? You cannot say it's not distracting you and you definitely cannot say it's hands-free. In fact I believe it's even a tad bit more dangerous as I've witnessed many a times wen da ashes fall off (watevah you smoking) and immediately your eyes come off da road and you start to try and pat it out before you catch on fire.

Then back in da old days, people actually used to use da ashtray in their vehicle for da ashes. It was like playing a game of 'Operation' wea it's a skill to not dirty your ride while tapping off ashes into da ashtray but sadly now, da environment is da ashtray.

Wassup Wit Dat!

It really no make sense wea da government is on a crusade to stop "distracted driving" wen there are just as many people driving distracted but by a different common method. If you going stop one thing and "save lives" while driving, then do it for all.

I remembah a mo'olelo dat was told to me shmall kid time wen I was in JPO (Junior Police Officer) which I'll nevah forget. At a lowered Stop, a car waited for keiki to cross wen all of a sudden da car lurched forward running a keiki ovah. Why? Cause da cigarette she was smoking fell out of her mouth into her lap and she panicked lifting her foot off da brake.

To me, smoking and driving is da same as texting/talking while driving and probably has a handful of oddah stronger points to support it as well but why it wasn't passed along with texting beats da heck out of me.

Until then, feel free to light up in your ride but at da very least, take care of your butts cause keep in mind, there are people out there working to kick your butt.

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For Those Who Not Thinking Today

July 5th, 2013

How many of you made dis a four day weekend? 😛 Considering it's a Feel Good Friday and many of you are probably still on recovery mode, let's KISS.

Wassamattah you? Keep It Simple Stoopid. 😆

It's been awhile since we just chillax'd and enjoyed some random WWD! pics - so hea's a few to kickstart da weekend for those who gotta suck it up and work today.


'Nuff said

If you can't read it, it says "Yee Haw - Livestock Goat Auction"........ in Aiea.

Maybe should learn some Engrish first? Cause dat isn't even Pidgin either. 😆

You tink they got everything covered?

You don't see it often but wen you do you can't help but shmall kine laugh.

And da winnah winnah chicken katsu dinnah...............

Wassup Wit Dat! Didn't realize we had die hard readers out there! 😆 Ok, ok, so it has an extra "D" but a blogger can hope right? 😛

Wishing a grrrrrrrreeeeeat Feel Good Friday to da WWD! Hui!

Be Free

July 3rd, 2013

Howzit! Howzit!

Howevah you may be out and about today, please say a blessing for those who have - and continue to be - making this da land of da free and allowing us to have da choices dat we at times, take for granted.

With war still happening all ovah da world and even hea at home, as you picnic at da beach, fire up da grill and/or watch da fireworks, for just a moment today, say a prayer for all da men and women who serve in our great Armed Forces to keep us safe.

And if dat doesn't do it for ya, check dis out..... but be forewarned, you will need a tissue in about 30 seconds:


Happy Independence Day and please be safe on dis day of celebration and remembrance!

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More Than Just A Game

July 2nd, 2013

Da past few years since Da Baby was born, Da Wife busts my olo's cause of da time I spend coaching. It's a drain on ohana time but as any coach will tell you, it's a delicate balance dat can't be skewed while in da season. You gotta suck it up and make surah you take care of things dat need to be taken care of.

Da Wife hears my moans and groans about certain situations dat happens at practice or involving da team, watches me ice my arm aftah pitching nearly 1000 pitches in da week (professional players throw about 110 pitches in a game and rest a handful of days) and yet still "allows" me to punish myself - not surah if das a good thing or not.

Last season we weren't able to field a team because we didn't have enough players to fill a roster so da younger division asked me to help them out. Dis season was starting from scratch cause it was all brand new players. Normally we usually have returning players who "know" wat to do but not dis year so it was a challenge to say da least.

I definitely was like, Wassup Wit Dat!

Da players are all extremely young (first time in da Bronco division: 11-12 year olds) and it's a tough transition from the younger division especially if baseball isn't your primary sport but das wat coaching is about - taking wat you got and making da best of it.

Dis season da players battled through a lot of adversity trying to learn about "real" baseball and more importantly, about themselves. They struggled many a times and while still being young, grew up fairly quickly as practices went on. It's always a joy to see them experience things in a different light even though they might not fully understand it.

One thing they learn fairly quickly in da program, I definitely do not treat them like babies. If they want their mommies to wipe their okole, then they shouldn't be here. Da main motto in da program is "Go Hard or Go Home".

By carrying dat attitude and working their okole's off, they were able to make it to our 9th championship in 15 years but unlike da oddah eight tries, they weren't able to bring da championship home dis time. No skin off our backs as da players knew (have been coached) dat our program is more than just a single game.

Surah it felt good to make it to da "show" but at dis age, it really should be about da journey and it showed. Friendships were made, they learned about communication, got each oddahs back and countless oddah values and traits dat will carry them beyond athletics. It was a great season!

Still aftah coaching for 20 years, I'm still learning and like they say, there will always be things dat you haven't seen before so it's always interesting to experience new things to say da least. Da Wife at times shakes her head while I contemplate why a player - or parent - does certain things dat just isn't pono and calmly says,

"That's why you coach, right?"

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