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August 1st, 2013

Howzit! Howzit!

How many have you tried to lose weight? Wat method or "fad diet" have you tried? Did it work? Has dieting become your lifestyle or pau once you felt it was "enough"? Wat little things do you do to help but don't know if it fully works (ex: brown rice instead of white, green salad instead of mac, diet soda instead of regulah or lite beea instead of full bodied etc.)?

Or have you always been on da seafood diet? You know, you "see food" and you eat 'em. 😆

Jus' wondering.........

27 Responses to “Quick Survey”

  1. wafan:


    1st again!!!

  2. wafan:

    I kinda gave up.

    I just eat less than before . . . but that happened as I got older.

  3. wafan:

    Why you asking? You getting da look from da wife? Or you made the fatal error of walking past a mirror without your shirt?

  4. (Jesse)James:

    Wassup wafan...LOL

    Not a fad diet kind of person. Just eat things in moderation and workout.

  5. cojef:

    Yep, as I age my appetite had decreased for lack of activity and for years weight did not flucuate much, around 146#. Of late, due to my snacking, especially mixed nuts, have regained 10 pounds. Gotta slack off, but then at my age who gives a doodly-poop. Lived long enough, might as well enjoy.

  6. Lowtone123:

    I have been overweight since I was 12. Was very active growing up so no one was overly concerned but since I've entered my 40's the doctor has been concerned about my weight and with that the health problems it brings. I've been on diets and exercise programs for years and managed to lose weight but always stopped and gained the weight back. The best course of action for me is a sensible diet and exercise program instead of cutting myself off entirely. I don't normally drink soda or juice and I normally don't eat rice. Mealtime consist for a salad and a small entree. I sometimes indulge in dessert and rice (come on, who can eat stew or curry without some rice, right).

  7. Glenn D:

    Uh oh BL...why you asking?
    I was on da "see-food diet" for almost 10 years. But, no mo. In da last few months I lost about 20 lbs mainly because I had to (doctor told me so). I greatly reduced eating carbohydrates, especially white stuff (with high glycemic index) like white rice, white flour, white bread, pasta, milk, and certain fruits. Also no mo diet soda's and anything with sugar in dem..no mo malasadas, and dem ono poi donuts from Kam Bakery (So sad...). Now it's all vegetables and stuff low on the GI scale like whole grain wheat, brown and 6-grain rice. When I go for sushi, I eat mostly sashimi and broiled fish. I go Korean BBQ, I mainly eat da meat, lots of namul, kimchee, green salad and the toppings on da bibimbap. Now, I must figure out who serves brown rice wen I visit home. I know Kaka'ako Kitchen get grown rice and nalo greens, Eagle Cafe like that too, Zippys get good choice too but not sure if Rainbow Drive-in get dem kine grinds (I love anything with gravy). Oh, BTW, gotta exercise too - almost everyday.

  8. Glenn D:

    But then, sometimes I indulge like Lowtone was saying...last weekend I had some butter mochi my cousin made and a big helping of stewed pigfeet my aunty made. Can't be all good all da time, yeah?

  9. rayboyjr:

    😎 Happy Lunchtime Everyone!!! 😎

    ... hey Braddah Lance ... don't know if any diet works for the long term ... and anyway, if someone is disciplined enough to maintain a "fad" diet ... why can't they apply that discipline to eating more sensibly and exercising regularly??? ... both are equally difficult ...

    ... the only thing that would surely work is to stop eating altogether ... haha, but no can do that ... so, eat less and be more active ... or eat the same and be way more active ... or eat more and be a gym rat/exercise freak ...

  10. M:

    Howzit BL!
    Exercise, eat brown rice, eat less beef, less fried foods, more fish, more fruits, more veggies, more salads, no sodas, no coffee. I lost almost 20lbs. eating this way and doing standup paddling for excercise.

  11. B:

    wen i wanted to lose weight...stopped drinking sugary drinks, stopped eating sugary snacks and desserts, cut rice eating down to half; eat one scoop instead of two, drank choke green tea no sweetner inside kine...probably drank almost 2 liters a day along with water. also walked up to 10+ miles a week.

    ended up losing 20 pound but took about a year to do it... slowly letting the body adjust... still maintain the "new" weight and only eat and drink sugary food wen da cravings hit. no drink as much tea anymore maybe up to a glass a day now.

  12. sassy7:

    Hey Lance....been a while....I did them...Jenny Craig...Shakes....a couple others....lost the most with Jenny...but the portions and cost of food...ah...I was going be poor for be on that diet forever....Lost quite a bit..but stopped. So now I do the half portions....cut the consumption on the bread, mash potatoe, still eat my rice- half the portion now...a lot more vegetables thru out the day and fruits....cannot skip meals...must have breakfast even if it's a shake or cereal mix with yogurt...fruit/veg at 10:00 a.m....eat lunch - salad or a nice protein rich sandwich..take off one bun...2:00 p.m. fruit/veg....drink at least 6 cups of water thru out the day...and then dinner before 7:30 p.m....more veg/protein..and if I crave....carrots or buk choy...it is hard..but I want to live to be grandma..and watch my babies graduate...get their degrees...get married..all that good stuff...and I never get to Spain yet...so gotta do that...oh yeah!...Korean BBQ is the best...eat up all them vegetables to fill you up....Kim chee...tofu....that too I use for my late night crave....miss u

  13. roach:

    Lost the battle of the bulge a long time ago!

  14. M:

    The standup paddling helped me the most for losing weight. I paddle 1-3 times a week, as time permits 1-3 hours at a time and 3-10 miles a session.

  15. sally:

    Weight loss (metabolism) results change with age. It gets far more difficult as you get older, I think because it's true what I read about me and my fat have gotten to be really good friends by now.

    At age 28 and going thru divorce, I went on the kakimochi/Reese's diet. Worked like a charm.

    All thru my 30's/40's I was one of those sabotaged spouses. Altho' I owned almost every gimick out there, nothing worked.

    To be cont'd...

  16. sally:

    I've been already living the no salt, no oil, brown rice, skim milk etc etc etc for 20+ years (no salt since 7th grade) so what more could I do?

    At age 49/50 I walked home from work (35min) everyday and joined a workout facility. I chanced upon an article that cardio burns fat and no such thing as spot reducing. Eliptical gives wayyyy more bang for your calorie buck than a treadmill, so I did 1hr on the eliptical 5days/wk plus resistance workout and stability ball. 20lbs fell off my body in 3mos.

    My fat must really have missed me because it kept finding me again, but this time he brought friends.

    To be cont'd...

  17. sally:

    Now, at age 57 (yah, whatever, I no shame to say I make use of my Ross' Tues discount) it has been so darn difficult in the past few yrs that I ballooned to disgusting proportions.

    I stopped eating all the "extra"s of the day. Manapua, dim sum, malasada, cookies, and everything and anything that came my way.

    I started Zumba 2 1/2 yrs ago. I was recently gifted a pkg of sessions with a personal trainer. So 5-6 Zumba classes and 2 training sessions per week has resulted in big changes in 3mos. Sustainable changes.

    I also do my own workouts at home with weights, balls, bells, rope, etc. One thing I don't do is run. My legs don't know how to run. It's a defect LOL.

  18. sally:

    Skinny is for 20 yrs old. At my age... it's fitness. It's for my health. I don't want to take meds.

  19. M:

    Howzit BL!
    Happy FGF!

  20. Da808:

    Still looking for something that works? But I do excersise 4 times a week and can't seem to look my love handles. =(

  21. M:

    Standup paddling has worked out the best for me. I'm going on 60 yrs. old and have done in the past running, swimming, biking, triathlons. Standup paddling is a full body and core workout all in one. I have lost weight, maintained my weight, lost 2" on my waist and no more pot belly.

  22. sally:

    @M: A lot of us watched your transformation when you started SUP. Good job, congratulations!

  23. Fat Bastard:

    Try the "Bowl Diet". Grab one chawan bowl, eat only what fits in the bowl - no seconds. Go to bed hungry, drink water, not soda or juice.

  24. kamaaina808:

    So you wanna lose weight fo' reals?

    Eat a good breakfast that has lots of fiber & protein - 500 cal.; 3 snacks a day, 200 calories each, of REAL FOOD (not 2 x 100 cal. packs of cookies :-P); 500 cal. dinner - REAL FOOD - not junk.

    No soda, especially not diet. Back off the red meat if not cut it out entirely. Eat more tofu! No sit around after eating - walk in place if you cannot walk elsewhere. Don't eat a meal after sunset.
    Good luck! I lost 15 lbs. by going on a liquid diet for 1 week and eating nothing but whole foods (kale, veggies, tofu, whole grains, whole fruit, avocado, raw nuts, probiotic dairy like kefir, yoghut) for another 3 weeks. I also added brisk walking to ramp up my metabolism; age & sitting on the okole too much slows it down.

    Good luck. 🙂

  25. Bowling Buddy:

    Too old to worry about losing weight. Just watch what goes in the mouth, get enough sleep, and enjoy life.

  26. KAN:

    First, I eliminated fruit juice. I dropped a couple of pounds that way. (I've never liked soda, so that was never a problem.) Then I was on the Atkins diet for a couple of years, and dropped 15 pounds (I was the lightest ever since high school after I had the flu). The hardest thing about being on Atkins was not giving up rice, which I had expected, but giving up bread. The best thing about Atkins was I started reading food labels. A turkey pot pie is over 1,000 calories? You're kidding! And I started eating a lot more fruit, and a lot less chocolate. (Sugar-free chocolate can be surprisingly good when I have to have chocolate.)

    I've gained a lot of the weight back, but almost a decade later, I'm still lighter than I was when I started Atkins.

    I walk a lot and I have a hard time sitting still, both of which help me burn off calories. Sally's right, it's harder to lose weight as you get older. But you avoid a lot of health issues when you weigh less.

  27. 9th island girl:

    I have been losing the battle of the bulge. My husband said iImjust have to eat less...that's the problem! I love food! It helps if I don't eat much for dinner. Lunch is my biggest meal.

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