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You Cry?

August 4th, 2013

Movies have become an expensive form of entertainment these last few years so for me personally, da movie had bettah be "worth it". For some it may trigger memories or flashbacks yet there are others who are moved and take from it a different take on life even if it be for the next few minutes. Then as it wears off, da cruel world slaps you back to reality.

I remembah one lazy Saturday morning/afternoon month's ago, I started watching "Friday Night Lights"... then "We Are Marshall" then "Miracle" all in a row... there went putting up da rain gutters project. 😆

While all not spectacular movies, as a former athlete, I appreciate the underlying messages of brotherhood, drive, success and failure and can relate to those directly so it does have more of an impact on me while Da Wife just rolled her eyes asking if those kinds of things really happen.

Rogah, it most definitely does.

I'm not afraid to admit I cry at movies - should da "message" be right and motivating - and even though I've seen a movie a gazillion times on tv or dvd and know da ending isn't going to change if I see it again (potagee joke), I'll still shed a tear.

I know some of you are saying, Wassup Wit Dat!

Well nothing if I'm trying to show off my emotional side to da wahines. 😉 😉

Have you shed a tear at any recent movies? Does any movie constantly do it for you? Are you an emotional sap? Does watching emotional or "true" types of movies help us or do we end up just using the catch phrase, "this ain't the movies"? Wat about having incarcerated criminals watch movies like Steel Magnolias - you tink das cruel and unusual punishment?

Movies will always be around but da reality of it is dat we live in da real world.... but still, it's always nice to wish we could have a happy ending and pau.

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16 Responses to “You Cry?”

  1. M:

    Howzit BL!

  2. M:

    I doe no about crying but I do shed tears not only at da movies but odah times as well.

  3. DIO:

    I would cry at the movies, once I realized how much I paid to watch the crap I'm watching on the screen. 😆

  4. 9th island girl:

    I cry at A Walk to Remember every time. I always cry at movies! I haven't seen any recent movies that made me cry because I've been watching mostly comedies.

  5. che:

    I don't think I cried but Schindler's List was very emotional for me. You read about the Holocaust and see still pictures but the movie painted a picture of what they live through and it was shocking. I still have trouble watching the show now.

    As far as crying it would have to be Titanic. When she throws the Star of the Sea back into the ocean I cried. That thing was priceless. Your grand kids and great grand kids could be set for life!!!!!

  6. roach:

    Real men don't cry at movies, we just have something in our eyes at weird times that requires rubbing.

  7. cojef:

    Me, the biggest cry-baby of them all. Guess I immerse myself into the picture/movies and that's it, tears pour out. Sometime in quiet moments, especially when in a melancholy moods about my Mother occurs, tears pour. Guess, I miss her very much. She passed away at 69, way too early for me. Although 5th out of 8 kids, was on my Mother's breast the longest. Further, doctors gave up hope, but my Mother never gave up, and here I am, just passed my 88th birthday. Was the last born at home, and delivered by a mid-wife.

  8. Lowtone123:

    Eh Island Girl...lemme guess...the part when Landon goes to "thank" his dad for providing home care for Jamie, right? It is my wife's favorite film. Must ahve seen it a hundred times. I no cry, but that part gets to me everytime.

  9. rayboyjr:

    😎 Good Morning Everyone!!! 😎

    ... hey Braddah Lance ... I'm not afraid to admit crying a little either - after the fact ... haha ... but during the movie ... I'm fighting it as hard as I can ... keep the eyes open wide, no blinking, look up, and think funny thoughts ...

    ... and then there's always da sad movie music ... being played in the backgrough during the emotional scenes ...

    ... I think we are more likely to cry if we have an immediate emotional connection to the scene ...

    ... Have a Good One Eveyone!!! ...

  10. Toekinam808:

    I'm a cryer! The last movie I saw was The Help. Such a sad and true story that even this day and age, there are people who are racist. It was such a heartfelt movie, i will never forget the movie and it's morals.

  11. anklebiters:

    "A Walk To Remember" is a tear jerker...love the songs on the soundtrack...

    Just watched the last episode of "24" on Netflix.....so sad seeing the drone showing Jack as he walks away for the last time....I hear he and Chloe will be back next May for 12 episodes....

  12. Mows:

    I cry when the emperor is shooting the energy beams at Luke Skywalker while Darth Vader watches, then Darth Vader throws the emperor over the railing and then while Darth Vader lays dying Luke takes off his helmet to see his father for the last time.

  13. sally:

    I fall into the Emotional Sap list. I cry at movies, commercials, and viral vids. I'll cry if you tell me a sad story.

    Yah, sap.

    Let me put it this way. I cried at Honey I Shrunk The Kids. WHAAAT?
    You know that seen when Ant-y died? Yah, that one.


  14. sally:


    Gosh, can't believe I did that! LOL

  15. Mows:

    Have you seen the viral story about Schoep, the Arthritic Dog Made Famous in Viral Photo, Died at 20 years old.


    What about the Pennsylvania toddler, ill with leukemia, dies after serving as 'best man'


    Just super sad real life stories not made famous in the movies yet.

  16. KAN:

    I'm a sap. I'm so full of sap I should be a tree. I cry at the drop of a hat. I've been known to cry at certain commercials.

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