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FGF Couldn't Wait

August 7th, 2013

Dis video was forwarded to me recently and sorry, I couldn't wait till FGF to share it but since it's Hump Day Wednesday, it'll do just fine.

Trust me, put down your coffee, tea, milk, soda, watah, beea cause hea comes da disclaimer.......

WWD! is not responsible for any food or beverage exiting out with your hannah-battahs while you laugh uncontrollably for da next few minutes.

[youtube wkjw3OQ3iGQ]

7 Responses to “FGF Couldn't Wait”

  1. Glenn D:

    Eh BL, this is great.
    At the 1:30 mark, I kinda thought (and hoped) that he was going to get his clock cleaned by his opponent. Over confident gym rat. He's all show and no go....

  2. sally:

    A former neighbor, Mr. Aoki (R.I.P.) used to say "Barbell body with the numb dumb brain".

  3. Glenn D:

    BTW, this guy is really flexible...especially how he bends backwards aftah he gets hit da first time, and da second time, and on...

  4. Bowling Buddy:

    Needed that. Very entertaining.

  5. M:


  6. Braddah Lance:

    C'mon.... nobody else thought dis was hilarious? 😆

  7. Keoni:

    LOL I bet when the guys checking him over looked in his eyes, they saw "TILT"!! :LOL:

    VERY funny! Mahalo fo' da FGF laugh, BL!

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