Wassup Wit Dat!


August 13th, 2013

As much as I love to body surf, da ultimate goal of any surfah is to get into a barrel.... or tubed.

Now there's a vision of literally traveling in a tube going 700mph and reaching destinations that normally take hours - imagine going from Los Angeles to San Francisco in thirty minutes.... and hundreds of dollar's cheaper!

Wassup Wit Dat!

Now I dunno about you but I tink das supah cool! Da Jetsons are no longah a cartoon!

We see those tubes all ovah especially in banks and in Costco wea you just hea a swooooosh and poof, da canister is gone. Basically it's da same concept except from wat I read but it'll be electromagnetics dat'll move da ride. It's just like da newer roller coasters dat can propel you from zero to 100 in a few seconds.

It kinda makes you wondah, a system li'dat would work miracles hea in da islands. Imagine island hoping in minutes, work commute cut to seconds and you can only imagine how many vehicles would be taken off da roads during da work week. But of course not going have da tubes travel to UH though. 🙄

Naturally Hawai'i always going be behind cause mark my words, once dis evacuated tube travel hits da ground running, we'll probably still be building da rail system which would then be obsolete and "yesterday's technology". I no tink even da environmentalists and nay-sayers will argue dat da positives will totally outweigh da negatives.

Have you seen da "tube travel"? Wat you tink about it? Would you ride it ovah da rail?

Wanna get tubed?

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14 Responses to “Tubing”

  1. jaydee:

    Eh, First? Wow!

  2. jaydee:

    I saw pictures of that...look like you all crammed inside a big tube. I don't think it's for me....too claustrophobic.

  3. sally:

    I need to see / learn more. Off the top, my first impression made me think of popped ears.

    Besides, the not-born/raised-here-local residents of Kauai will shoot it down anyway, so why bother wondering?


  4. M:

    Howzit BL!
    I saw that in the news. What happens if there's a malfuction and you're stuck, how does it get air to breathe, what if you have to go shi shi or do do?

  5. hebsan:

    Whatever happened to the flying cars that folded into a briefcase that was featured in the Jetsons? That would solve your traffic and parking problems all in one.

  6. innocent observer:

    this is just a pipe dream. there are no technical specs just far fetched ideas without scientific or mechanical basis.

  7. Greenpa:

    Dis one mebbe-yes-mebbe-no ting, I tink. Da tubes gotta have low-low pressure; not vacuum dey say, but oh so close. Wha hoppen some stinka take a shot wit a rifle, and poke a hole in em? Everyting stop- and no doors. And you know- some stinka gonna do it, too- lotsa times.

  8. cojef:

    Ai no like laying down on your back, one way for acceleration then turn around for deceleration, and no can see the scenery passing by-- woosh and everything a blur. in the middle 70's drove to San Fran from Seal Beach often in 4 and half to 5 hours, to visit relatives, but of late, too makule to drive far. Now, like it slow and want to smell the roses or whatever is in season as I travel.

  9. Glenn D:

    Howsit BL. I think da tube idea is great but I do have safety concerns like how do you maintain the tube itself fo such a long distance? Airplanes get regular maintenance and so do cars and trains. I guess would have to do da same for da tubes. Eh, Zippy's can get on as a sponsor and I bet da Zip-packs would sell, yeah?

  10. Glenn D:

    ...or sell hot dogs (you know....tube steaks). Hehehehe

  11. CoconutWilly:

    If it gets me there quicker, I'm in!

  12. DIO:

    It's all good, unless TSA has to get involved, then you're back to zero, as everyone will spend much of their travel time waiting in line to be groped, I mean, searched. 😉

    Other than that, count me in. There's so many things being done with electromagnets, from magnetic levitation trains, to the US Navy converting their catapults over from steam. Anything that's going to go faster is an improvement to me.

  13. M:

    Guud morning BL!

  14. M:

    Howzit BL!
    Happy FGT!

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