Wassup Wit Dat!

You Ready?

August 20th, 2013

Last night Da Ohana had a quick adventure for about an hour.

As it was just past dusk wea it was still barely lit and getting dark, it got darker. One of da lights in da kitchen was flickering then went off. I nevah tink nothing of it as it looked like it was on its last life da oddah night so wen it went out, I just figgah go change 'em latah.

Then ALL da lights started to flicker and went out. Then you just hea a quick hum then silence.... and darkness.

Then was back on.

Then was back off.

Then was back on.

Then was back off.

Wassup Wit Dat!

Nevah have natural disaster coming through so we was hoping was just a quick outage but aftah calling HECO and having an automated message saying dat they are "aware of the problem in your [my] area", we just hoped it would come back on by morning.

Good thing gave both Da Baby and Da Keiki one bocha twenty minutes before and had their food heated up shortly aftah. Da Wife wen bocha too and just wen finish warming up her food but of course luck would have it I was da last one dat nevah bocha yet and my food was still on da counter cold and now no mo' electricity. 😆

We was prepared with flashlights, choke batteries and candles but I cannot say enough dat if you still get da bulb kine, you bettah retire them or bettah yet, donate 'em. Go invest in da LED kine cause it made a world of difference. We had both and it was definitely like night and day wen comparing da two technologies.

I had a shmall kine LED tripod flood light dat was still in da box and was "proud" I could buss out one of my toys and put 'em to use to light up da living room. It was also kind of a neat feeling to use my headlamp LED's as well.

BL: "See Babe, good ting I wen get dis yeah?" 😀
DA WIFE: "Yeah, you rock." 🙄

Ok, she wasn't dat impressed and she nevah say dat but she did roll her eyes.... at least das wat I could see in da artificially illuminated living room. 😛

Do you have LED flashlights or da bulb kine? How many do you have? Aftah last night, I took a quick stock and got about 15 LED flashlights..... yeah, 15. 😯 How's your battery stockpile? You get gas? No dat kine, but da kine gas stove or gas powered appliances? Anybody get one generator?

Oh yeah, anybody wen invest in da kine battery storage from photovoltaics? Aftah last night, I was kinda tinking dat would be a neat toy to get next. 😆

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13 Responses to “You Ready?”

  1. Glenn D:

    Just got here....first.

  2. Glenn D:

    BL, I probably get maybe 5 LED flashlights and maybe 2 mini maglights (da bulb kine). All of dem take either AAA or AA batteries and I get a brick of dem at Costco. I want to get da rechargeable kine to be more green but have to use the ones I get right now. Our stoves and oven are gas and bought a generator aftah we get a power outage that lasted about 3 days. My generator is a loud buggah though. I want a Honda one - the real quiet kine but those are REALLY expensive. I even thought about getting solar panels but that too is REALLY expensive and even cost mo kala if you want the kine with battery storage.

  3. M:

    Howzit BL!
    I get LED flashlights but only a couple i tink and i get gas grill. I hear if you get PV system and da powah go out you still no mo power too. WWD?

  4. DIO:

    M: Whether or not you have power during a power outage (if you have a PV system) all depends on one major thing, whether or not you have batteries connected to your PV system. If you don't have batteries connected to your PV system, there is no way to store the energy for use during a power outage. Having a battery backup on your system, adds both complexity and costs, which is why most choose to go without the battery backup, unless they live in areas where electric power (from the power company) isn't always reliable.

  5. Bowling Bddy:

    I got 4 LED flashlight. I also have the old fashion kerosene lantern with the (fishnet) mantel. I also got a portable generator for the frig(if power out for a long time).

  6. DIO:

    As for the original question, I'm converting a bunch of old lights from incandescent bulbs over to LED. I've also got to modify another one, since it has an internal battery to store energy. I'm going to modify that one to use another type of battery, so I have a longer runtime on that light. One problem I found is that in some cases, it's simply cheaper and easier to buy an LED flashlight than to convert over ones that were originally incandescent, especially if I want to convert it to use a really high output bulb.

  7. Kage:

    I have 5 flash lights, 1 Mag and 4 LED.

    I like the LED lights better.

    I have a florescent lantern as well. Used it a few times already and glad I had it.

  8. Keoni:

    I kinda ready. Get one da kine wind up flashlight/radio wid da LED bulb. Da radio sucks, but da light really works well. Lots of winding, though, to have it shine for any length of time

  9. 4G:

    @DIO - Philips Hue:


    Kinda pricey - but oh, sooo cool! 😉

  10. sally:

    I have an LED lantern, a flashlight, a battery radio, and neighbors.

    Ha-come power outtages always happen at night?

  11. sally:

    Okay, for all the OCD peeps out there, "always" is a figgah of speech.

    Remember that island-wide outtage some years ago? (I think was in the 90s) Everybody went home, traffic was a mess, and all the golfers nevah even know anything was happening LOL!

  12. 2B:

    Got about 5 LED flashlights + those cheap crank kind in the cars, 3 Mag Lights and couple of lanterns, and choke batteries

    On the Battery/PV issue, cost of batteries is a huge, plus the shipping is just killer. Better to get one PV system for day to day stuff and invest in a portable generator - I like the Yamaha tri fuel (gasoline, propane, natural gas) just cuz it's safe and easy to store couple of propane tanks and propane doesn't degrade like gasoline does. Plus get extra propane to cook on the grill if the lights are out for a long time.

  13. cojef:

    Braddah Lance tough luck with da powa failure. Got big 5 "D" cell battery Mag-lite, and 3 "D" cell flashlights, and 2 Coleman LED lanterns that use 2 "D" cells each, plus couple of penlights, da kine AA batteries. Live in 22 units, 3 story condo with elevator and steel with concrete risers ladders on both ends of the unit. Knock on wood, in 21 years, never had a powere failure at night. Although had a power stoppage for couple hours to do equipment upgrade.

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