Wassup Wit Dat!

No Can Enforce?

August 22nd, 2013

In da wake of da tragic skateboarding death of a 19 year old, da helmet law was revisited again by City Councilman Joey Manahan who sponsored two bills requiring skateboarders, 16 years and younger, to wear helmets at skateboard parks and other public places, such as streets and sidewalks.

It died with a thud previously and da biggest reason why? Enforcement.

Wassup Wit Dat!

No, fo'get dat........ BULL$H!T!

Wat you mean you no like pass a meaningful law to protect keiki.... cause of "enforcement"??? Look at all da frickin' laws out there right now dat ARE NOT being enforced but it's still there! Can I just say zip lane, car pool lane, jay-walkers, illegal lane changing, smoking ban, texting/driving, sidewalk nuisance and da most recent move over law NOBODY does and ironic how dat got passed extremely quick yet it's still not enforced by da very people who pushed (demanded) dat law be in place - da list goes on and on and on.

Instead of blaming enforcement, just say dat your "constituents" (translation: da people who "contribite" da most kala) say oddahwise. Wen da heck you guys go step up and grow some cajones?!

So wat you no get reelected next session? Wouldn't you rather fail having tried to actually make a REAL difference rather than just keeping a perk happy position?

Sorry but I stay fuming at dat kine excuse. I stay tired of people using enforcement as an excuse. How come gotta enforce if you NOT SUPPOSED TO DO IT? It's not just about passing or changing law but it's about personal moral as well. You know it's wrong so if you get caught, no cry about it! Let da Police, or whoevah is in charge of enforcing, do their job and if you get busted, then Man Up, admit it and face da consequences.

And yeah in dis case, wat if da bill pass and there actually isn't an enforcement, at least da keiki has a fighting chance of trying to minimize a traumatic, heaven forbid anoddah tragic, accident. Da parents who fold too much and give in wen their keiki whine about wearing a helmet would have a powerful tool in saying "it's DA LAW! And if you no like wear, NO RIDE!"

Accidents will happen cause guess wat, kids will be kids. If an adult wants to ride helmetless then so be it cause it's a choice you can make as an adult - just like it's a choice wenevah you decide to break a law. If you know it's wrong and you still choose to do it, then man up if/wen you get caught.

If I was forced to wear a helmet, I would have still done those things at dat age but at least da odds of an increased injury is lowered cause kids will be kids and you not going stop "fun". No mattah wat protection you wear, if you hit anything at da right angle, you get chance of serious injury but let's get real, da odds swing more in your favor of it NOT happening with protection.

Kids will be kids but if things are in place to help protect them until they can fully make their own decisions, then I'm all for it.

But as an adult, da gloves are off........ or da helmet. Your choice.

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16 Responses to “No Can Enforce?”

  1. wafan:


    Sad, though, government has to enforce (un)common sense. What is wrong with this picture?

    Oh, and 1st!

  2. M:

    Howzit BL!
    So whea da parents? Dey no moa control ovah dea kids.

  3. Glenn D:

    First and foremost, why we have to make law on things that are mostly things you simply don't do. Helmet law is simply a smart move. Asphalt vs head - da asphalt wins every time. Just common sense - for adults too. Folks say, if no want wea one, I'm an adult, I know da consequence. Well, not everybody has medical insurance, no? So wen they go to emergency room, who ends up wit da bill den? How about wen they end up paralyzed, who foots da bill den? Da skatepark incident is mo about bad parenting than helmets. Texting is a pet peeve of mine. So sad dat it had to be a law (that still cannot enforce). It's common sense not to do it. Lolo's dat play (whats so called) music in their car wit all windows open. It's da law hea but police no enforce. Wea's da kokua? No wonder da "ainokea" attitude so rampant.

  4. cojef:

    Sad about 19 year old, just at the height of starting life's journey. Kids are kids and always pushing the envelope to fullest. Did my share, was lucky, I guess, and good "karma". Agree with you no cajoles to do what is sensible, but then again they are politicians with brains in the U noh wea.

  5. dihudfan:

    right on!!! you the man!!!

    @M... you right on too!!!

  6. SurfDad:

    Although I agree that if a law is a good law we should always pass it and not make excuses for why it won't work. Things like wearing a helmet, texting for example is a personal thing and even if you have a law people will choose to do whatever they want. If we are trying to protect the Keiki that's on the parents. I told my son that if I ever catch him riding his bike without a helmet, then no bike. Wearing seat belts in the back seat now a law, as the driver my car does not move until everyone has their seat belts on. I don't decide to follow the law based on whether or not I can get caught. People need to take personal responsibility, the government cannot do it for us.

  7. Mows:

    We need more skate parks so the kids have more places to ride. I have started to use the skate parks and am usually the only one with a helmet, it took a bad accident and a bruised brain to make me wear a helmet but that was 25 years ago.

  8. roach:

    Why does the government need mandate to use of safety equipment? Shouldn't it be the person's responsibility to wear a helmet if the situation dictates it? And if its a child, shouldn't the parents be involved? If someone dies whether in an accident involving a car, motorcycle, moped or skateboard, people quickly point to the government for not having laws requiring safety equipment. Why?
    Whenever I drive my car, I use the seat belts not because its the law but because I know it saves lives. I walked away from a car accident where my car was totaled without a scratch because I believe it was the fact that I was wearing my seat belt.
    Today, everyone wants the government to be responsible for everything but gets upset because big brother is watching. I call this the "welfare" mentality. Come on people, be responsible for yourselves.

  9. Wingman:

    I haave to agree with roach. Personal responsability We don't need big government policing everything we do.
    Its sad because this "sue happy" mentality or CYA, people are quick to blame some person or entity rather than taking responsibility for their own stupi-dity.

  10. zzzzzz:

    There's two sides to this.

    I agree with roach that personal safety is a personal (and parental) responsibility, and it's impossible for governments to write and enforce laws to cover all situations.

    The other side, though, is that a lot of safety equipment wouldn't be available to us without government intervention. For example, most cars didn't come with seat belts until it was a government requirement.

  11. kamaaina808:

    If there is a law, yeah, there are those who gonna break it. But if no more common sense to know that wen you go like 10 mph or more and Bang Ding Ow your head on da asphalt & your head (and you & your families) gonna suffer da consequences, then you need to make a law.

  12. Bowling Buddy:

    The law shouldn't be a factor in the safety of kids or adults riding a skateboard, bikes, and scooters. Protect yourself for the odds of getting hurt or even death. Parents can be in control of the kids up to the age of 17 yrs 11 mo. 30 days. After that its up to the individual when they are supposed to be responsible adults. One can only wonder what the person riding the skateboard without a helmet is thinking regarding their safety. It will only take one time.

  13. Sue Mason:

    I dont think the government should regulate our lives to the point of requiring the wearing of a helmet or texting or anything else. It is what a lot of us lack these days is common sense and responsibility to ourselves and our community. If there is any regulation of what our children do, then it should rest squarely on us as parents. We cannot protect every child from making silly mistakes whose consequences range from a timeout or death. These past deaths of our young people are tragic, but we as parents who have children participating in these particular activities should be the ones requiring the use of head gear, etc.

  14. Διογένης ὁ Σινωπεύς:

    I don't think the government should regulate our lives to the point of requiring the wearing of a helmet or texting or anything else. It is what a lot of us lack these days is common sense and responsibility to ourselves and our community.

    And the same goes for restrictions on me carrying an automatic rifle, explosives, using the phone on a car, going less than 50 miles per hour,
    having stop lights or stop signs.

    All of this is common sense. Protect the adults as well!

  15. zzzzzz:

    "I dont think the government should regulate our lives to the point of requiring the wearing of a helmet or texting or anything else."

    I can see your point with wearing a helmet, since it's your own head at risk.

    OTOH, I see a legitimate government role in banning behaviors that put others at risk. I would put texting while driving into that category, along with DUI.

  16. Local Girl:

    I have a problem with the "no smoking" at public parks and beaches. This law is basically because of "litter". Why not "no eating" at public parks and beaches -- food containers, napkins, plastic utensils, and cups comprise the majority of litter.

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