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Why Only Aftah?

September 29th, 2013

I've been brought up - and preach to my players - dat if you got something to say, you say it to da person face to face instead of behind da person's back so it's always been a wondah to me why da best things to say about a person is aftah they leave our world and nevah evah being able to hear it while they still are breathing.

Wassup Wit Dat!

At a funeral dis evening, I couldn't help but reminisce of past funerals dat all these great and terrific things were being shared about da deceased but I've always wondered if it was evah told to them before they passed? I don't mean throughout da years or once in awhile but (if)/wen you know it's "time".

Obviously, no one knows wen their time is up but we also kinda know wen it's close to someone's time as well - whether it be by illness or just being for a lack of a bettah word, makule - why not have a celebration of life? Or in a twisted WWD! way, why not throw a funeral but have da "deceased" either in costume or waking up aftah da service?

Tonight I heard many things dat I did not know about a man who's walked dis Earth for nearly a century. A close friend of mine's who I've known since kindergarten, lost her dad and it was very interesting to hear many interesting mo'olelo's dat I've nevah heard before. While small in size, he was immeasurable in spirit. He touched hundreds, if not thousands of lives through his kendo teaching and just his life experiences. I certainly hope he's left being "told" dat.

Personally wen my time comes, I certainly wouldn't want it to be a sad affair. In fact, I would probably make it a pre-requisite dat if you come and cry, you bettah stay home. I definitely wouldn't want anyone dressed in black or come in a suit and dat shorts, t-shirt and slippahs are da recommended wear - even pukas are ok. I would make surah dat there's happy dancing type of music playing and some onolicious grindz around and people come to talk story with each oddah rather than doing "remembah wen's".

It is a funny/weird/true thing dat funerals and weddings are times wen you see people you haven't seen in choke long time and it nevah fails - especially in Hawai'i - dat you'll bump into people dat you've either gone to school with or worked with. So why mess dat up with crying and feeling sad?

Da Wife knows dat should my time come before her, there are only two things dat I want happening: 1) make it a pah-tay and 2) spread part - or all - of my ashes at Point Panic.

To Mr.Yoshinaga - or Yoshinaga Sensei as known to many - your time here will never be forgotten and as your daughter's friend, I will make sure that she keeps on smiling.

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Decisions Decisions

September 7th, 2013

Hmmmm........ it was a tough one.

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September 5th, 2013

Since Sunday, I've come down with a semi-mid-head-cold. I know, wat da heck is dat? Well, basically no fever, barely an infrequent runny nose, sore throat and just felt junky. Aftah some sleep, Monday was much bettah but still had sore throat. Tuesday was da same and Wednesday got a little worse as flem started to enter da picture.

Today, no mo' sore throat but it's irritated from all da kkkkkaaaaaagggghh-phtew dat you gotta do to help clear it out. No fever, no junkie feeling but I sometimes gotta cough cause of da irritation. I got some Halls action going on but it's just not cutting it. Plus, too much of dat makes it a laxative (bet you nevah know dat eh?)

So wat kine remedies you got besides gargling with Hawaiian salt and watah? Wat kine OTC (ovah da countah) kine medicines you guys take? Or you just suck it up.... literally?

Wat sucks da most is dat I no can hug and kiss Da Keiki or hold Da Baby and my hands are so frickin' dry and cracking cause of da choke hand washing I've been doing....

Wassup Wit Dat!

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Shakanack Review: Battle Of Da Burger Results

September 3rd, 2013

Howzit! Howzit!

I hope you had a great Labor Day weekend! Mines? Filled with cleaning house, running choke errands, taking care of Da Keiki cause she had a double ear infection, Da Baby was a lot more "vocal" dis weekend driving us shmall kine nuts, I made two mistakes in my Fantasy Football draft with my friends and now I tink I caught a cold. All in all, normal in da WWD! household. 😆

If you've been following da last two Shakanack reviews, it was a throwdown between Teddy's Bigger Burger and The Counter. Aftah further review, da winnah of da battle goes to............

The Counter

Although they both weren't near da Kanack status, imho, The Counter had more ono tasting burgers, da ambiance was inviting, da service was waaay bettah and they definitely had da edge on choosing your options.

Da fall back to both places? Da price. You definitely going break da bank - for those flirting with budgets - whether you dining alone or with da ohana but if you like some change aftah forking ovah your kala, Teddy's has da edge on pricing.

I cannot speak for either place's shakes or desserts but it's not like we could totally afford to anyways. 🙄

All in all, you guys like one step up from Da Big 3 (Mickey's, Jack's, BK), then of course go check out one of these two places out but remembah, leave da checkbook and bring da plastic.

Out of curiosity, anybody make their own burgers?

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