Wassup Wit Dat!

Wacky Proportions

October 2nd, 2013

In dis day and age of wanting biggah, baddah things, I was totally cracking up dis past Saturday at Toys R Us while standing in da checkout line.

Take a look at both these pics and think about what's Wassup Wit Dat!.....

I remembah growing up with those items, Slinky and Tootsie Roll Pop, but it must have gone through da Twilight Zone (no, not da vampire movie) as I swear they swapped sizes - and then some.

Wassup Wit Dat!

Da Slinky used to be much biggah like Wondah Woman bracelets kine and it was well.... slinky. Da one I saw at da store was a "Jr." version and besides being much smaller, it didn't look like it could mimic da "real" slinky much less be a ring more than a bracelet.

Da Tootsie Pop was HUGEMONGEOUS! I seen da hugemongeous gummy bear - along with its price tag - before but I nevah seen any oddah candy li'dat before till now. Da Tootsie Pop was a few inches away from Da Keiki's head - she just turned 3 - so you can visually guesstimate just how big da candy is. I swear it would take you a month to eat da whole thing plus adding about 10,000 calories but I wondah how long does it stay on da shelf before someone actually buys it? 😯

Wat oddah proportions have you seen "swapped"? Are there any proportions you wish were supah-sized? Not too often will people say dat their proportion is too big - but is there anything out there dat you get too much of?

I admit, I'm one of those who likes to supah-size everything but even then, it seems like da supah-size option is just a "regulah" size these days and just a way to supah-size da price.

10 Responses to “Wacky Proportions”

  1. Uncle Rodney:


  2. Uncle Rodney:

    Last time we went KFC, ho da small da pieces. Remember when it was called Kentucky Fried Chicken? Now it's just called KFC. Must stand for Kentucky Fried Chick.

    Then we look at soda cups. I remember when had 3 sizes: small, medium, and large. Now, what used to be the large is the small size. Actually, it's the medium size which is the smallest they offer. Sizes now come in medium, large, extra large, and burst-your-bladder. And of course the price is sized up too: $1.49, $1.99, $2.69, and your first-born-child.

  3. Ynaku:

    Yeah I saw that too. They get dat big Tootsie Roll at the front entrance hoping somebody buys them of steal em 😆 Cause who going one that beeg???? Sugar rush for years. 😀

    Stuff that swapping size. I swear the pants size not telling the truth. Getting tighter. 😆 Bwahahahaha

  4. Da808:

    You watch,,,,,now that Halloween is right around the corner you going see lots of "mini" size version candies

  5. M:

    Howzit BL!
    How bout da fudgesicle, icecream sandwich, milk nickle, popsicle, drumstick da buggas stay so small.

  6. cojef:

    Braddah Lance, even take out meals are humongous. Dah oddah nite ordered a "fresh oven pot roast dinner" for $12.99 plus tax. Rolls and cake extra. Brought the sucker home and my wife and I could not finish the entire meal. In fact had the left over roast made into a small sandwich today for lunch. This is a mainland restaurant in Lake Forest, Ca called, "Mimi's".

  7. wafan:

    A long time ago during the hana-bata days I remember trying to count the number of licks to get to the center of the Tootsie Pop. Never made it. My tongue started to hurt so I gave up. Who knew that sugar was so rough.

  8. Makiki:

    Is it whacky that the stuff that shouldn't get bigger does and the stuff that should get bigger (or stay the same) doesn't?

  9. rayboyjr:

    😎 Good Morning Everyone!!! 😎

    ... hey Braddah Lance ... ha cum da da kids stay big now even doh da parents stay small??? ... and nowdays cannot tell what da kids ages ... dey all stay so much biggah ...

    ... k nuff wit pidgin ...

    ... and what about cars??? ... why are the small cars getting bigger and the SUV's getting smaller ... pretty soon there's only going to be one size car ... the STATION WAGON!!! ... ugghhhhh!!! ... I thought that the age of the station wagon was over ... but I swear I see alot of them on the road again ... or what looks like them ...

    ... now the small car is a mini ... but mini's all cool ... just like toys ...

    ... Have a Good One Everyone!!! ...

  10. wafan:

    Another thing getting bigger.

    Cell phones. Used to be the brick then got tiny and now with larger screens.

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