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Grindz Kokua

October 15th, 2013

I know there are choke folks who work at or near Downtown (or at least familiar with da area), so I'm asking..........

Wea's a good place fo' grindz? Get any cheap places or wat? Are there any shops with "specialties" for snacks? I know there's a cup cake place some wea but are there oddah stuff out there worth checking out?

I'll update why..............

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  1. wafan:

    1st to say I have been away too long. But, I am interested to learn what the favorite spots are for the other bloggers.

  2. Kage:

    I dunno any, but am interested what others have to say.

  3. snow:

    there are three cupcake places, i think - cake couture (davies pacific center), let them eat cupcakes (beretania towards chinatown) and hokulani (pioneer plaza). not sure about other snacks unless you are going to the open market on fort street mall (behind ross's and in front of former macy's site) on tuesdays or fridays. there's a stall that sells good mochi treats and another that sells cookies.

    cheap eats? i like the hole in the wall thai place (used to be yum yum thai but not sure what the name is now after they closed and reopened in a different location) on union mall (mauka of former kfc). sheesh, kinda hard to give directions when everything i know isn't there anymore!

  4. Lowtone123:

    There's a Wholesale Unlimited shop on Bishop Street good fo all kine good snack stuffs.

  5. NKHEA:

    Howzit BL,

    Yeah snow dem should know all da eating places

  6. KI:

    For snacks there is a Primo Popcorn store and Cake Couture in the Davies Pacific Center downtown, a Hokulani cupcakes kiosk in Pioneer Plaza, Let Them Eat Cupcakes on Beretania around the corner from HPU, Honolulu Coffee Company has macarons, Ice Forest on the corner of Merchant/Alakea for shave ice, 7-11 has their 7&i line of snacks from Japan.
    For food, JJ Dolan's for pizza (and beer if you are allowed), Ahi & Vegetable or Ahi Lovers for spicy ahi/poke donburi, Cafe 8 1/2 for italian, Cafe Blue, Mix Cafe, Li'l Soul Cafe, Fort Street Cafe, Art's Hideaway, It's Good & Healthy Cafe, Sushi Kahuna.
    If you can venture a little out of downtown towards Chinatown, there's HASR Bistro, Soul de Cuba, Restaurant Epic, Lucky Belly.

  7. KI:

    Lowtone123, the wholesale unlimited closed awhile back. It's now a HIS travel.

  8. KI:

    Sorry, make that the 7-11, not the HIS travel which is next door.

  9. Keoni:

    My favorite place to grind downtown is Le Crepe Cafe on Ft. Street Mall at the corner of Chaplain Lane. They both sweet and savory crepes, paninis and salads.
    They also have location at Ala Moana and on Dole St. in the University area.

    Here's their website:

  10. Keoni:

    oops, that should be "They serve both sweet and savory..."

  11. 9thIslandGirl:

    I don't work downtown but my husband sometimes brings me an antipasto salad from harpo's! Happiness!

  12. M:

    Howzit BL!

    I donno any place in downtown.

  13. De:

    Best reasonable price local plate lunch is CG. They are on Merchant just past Alakea. I work in the Harbor Court building and the snack place down stairs has some reasonable priced bentos.

  14. cojef:

    Nevah made it to Oahu this year, but last year tried the soya pork at Don Quijote at Kaheka near the Ala Moana Mall. A litte sweet, but what the heck, soyu pork is soyu pork.

  15. dihudfan:

    go to Fort St. mall area... most of the cheaper meals with quantity and tasty... the other side of the mall, Union Mall get more cheap places...

  16. Ynaku:

    Go walk Alakea St. Get some local kine grindz along the way. Yeah yeah I from Big Island but our Main office is on Bishop.

    Oh get Art's Hideaway on Bishop. Hole in the wall just mauka of Hotel St. Ewa side. Place is downstairs with a bar 😀

  17. 808 Dad:

    Harpo's Pizza. Really good.

  18. Lowtone123:

    KI...bummaz...wea I goin get my Arare fix?

  19. og1vn:

    Just came back from Japan so catching up with my reading...
    since you hankook, To Go Barbecue on Pauhi St., right around the corner from Subway on Fort St. Mall. Waaay better than the other Korean place in Bishop Square.
    Also, Junbo for Chinese food little alley between BOH and Topa Tower. Or bunch of little restaurants downstairs of that building on the corner of Hotel and Bishop...really good dim sum too!

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