Wassup Wit Dat!

So Dis Is How It Goes

October 17th, 2013

Becoming a first time Daddy three years was an exciting time and having a daughter only added to da whirlwind of thoughts flying through da coconut shell cause let's be real - without breaking any Braddah Code's - I'm a guy and well, guys often tink with da wrong head or as in most cases, no head at all.

Everything das happened - and happening - are first's for me in parenting and yesterday was one of 'em dat I knew was going to eventually happen but I'm surah EVERY parent wishes it didn't.

As situations changed in da Kwon ohana, I now have da daily pre-school drop off duties. Da Wife has been doing it so far for da first two months dat Da Keiki started and everyday has been a heartbreaking affair wit Da Keiki crying Wailua river and not wanting her to leave. Now I've garnered da duty for about a few weeks now and since I'm da "bad cop" I've always been "prepping" Da Keiki to be strong and to stop crying but it's like a bad rerun of Groundhog Day. Da funniest thing about Da Keiki weeping like it's da end of pau hana pah-tay hour is dat wen we pick her up, she always talks about how much fun she had at pre-school. 🙄

Wassup Wit Dat!

Yesterday as we went through our ritual of one last BIG hug and kiss and a shaka promise and a fist pound, instead of Da Keiki stopping a few steps in from da doorway and turning asking for one more hug and kiss to prolong da inevitable departure, she waltzed inside being da Miss Aloha dat she is and telling each of da couple dozen keiki and teachers "Hi" not once looking back all with dry eyes. I had to do a wop-yo-jaw double check to make surah dat I just left da right keiki at preschool! It was a great life learning experience for her and I'm glad I was able to witness it.

Dis morning as I was getting her ready for pre-school she turns to me, in dat cute toddler voice and gorgeous smile she says, "Daddy, I didn't cry yesterday."

I da one dat's crying now.

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15 Responses to “So Dis Is How It Goes”

  1. NKHEA:

    FIRST 🙂

  2. NKHEA:

    Sorry Howzit BL,

    Only goin get mo betta as they grow oldes.......wait till da boys start comin around 👿

  3. Lowtone123:

    Congrats BL! Celebrate the moment da little one is growing up.

  4. Ocean Lover:

    No "blink" BL................dey really do grow up FAST!

  5. Da808:

    Enjoy !!!!.... BL because they grow-up so fast! Soon she'll be broading a flight to attend college and she's going to turn around at the airport and look at you and take back to that very day she told you "Daddy I didn't cry yesterday".

  6. GA Bows:

    Isn't it a trip!

    As you know we have two little ones that's 15 mos apart and going through it a second time is no different than the first time around.

    You'll be surprise at how much she'll grow-up in pre-k. Enjoy the little moments that happens.

  7. dihudfan:


  8. Masako:

    When my daughter went off to the East coast for her internship I think I was more worried about it than she was.

  9. Ynaku:

    Yep I do all the crying now when my grandkids leave to go home to Kona. 😥

  10. cojef:

    Precious moments between you and your keiki brings tears to the eyes. It's been a long, long time ago for us. Problem, no grand kids. Sad.

  11. Lowtone123:

    No need babysit.

  12. M:

    Howzit BL!
    Enjoy every moment! Dey grow up so fast!

  13. Kage:


  14. 9thIslandGirl:

    Sigh! Fathers and their daughters!

  15. KAN:

    She. is. awesome. (Her parents not too bad too.) 😉

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