Wassup Wit Dat!

Big Brother Helping

October 28th, 2013

Everyone has their opinions about "Big Brother" - or other conglomerates doing work for/as Big Brother - and there probably is a great divide ovah whether it's helping or hurting but I wanted to share an app dat most everyone has on their phone dat you probably would nevah have guessed could help you everyday. Well, except iPhone users. I know, I know.....

Wassup Wit Dat!

If you've evah watched da morning newscast showing traffic, they have their traffic cams and a flow map showing wea da congestion is but da problem is dat, once you turn off da tv, jump in da car and hit da road, things can change shortly aftah leaving your driveway. If you've evah driven a car - doesn't mattah wat time of day - you're bound to run into da evah common dilemma: which way should I go?

Sadly, you pick one way and you either mutter to yourself or your shotgun partner and say, "See! I should have went da oddah way!"

Wat if I told you, many of you already have da technology to help you out everyday at any time of day? If you got an Android smartphone which normally has Google Maps, you all set.

Now before I share some details, nobody get all huu-huu about dis and dat cause if you use 'em, great. If you don't, watevah. I only sharing wat I tink is a useful tool dat's FREE nonetheless. Also, Da Wife and I have "experimented" it's use and it was pretty cool checking out it's practicality.

Simply put, Google Maps has a feature called "Traffic". Simple yeah? All you gotta do is select 'em and voila! You get your very own traffic flow map! In my humble opinion, it is very accurate especially if you have your GPS on but if you don't, das wea I tink Big Brother steps in. I can't imagine da traffic cams being so "advanced" dat they can calculate da flow but since everybody get cell phone, they "track" your movement. Even if you no more cell phone, there are enough drivers/riders with it on da road to make da guesstimation pretty accurate.

Hea's how da revelation started. One Saturday night, Da Wife and I was on our way home from town side and there seemed to have been a bit more cars on da road than usual. Out of a whim, I asked Da Wife to buss out her phone and check da "traffic". Low and behold she said da map was showing yellow and there was red up ahead. I asked how far ahead, she said right around da bend and waddah-ya-know.... boom, traffic.

Da colors are obvious indicators (green = go, free flowing, yellow = slowing traffic, red = slow, stop and go) and evah since dat revelation, we've both been using Google Maps-Traffic to help choose our route to work and on our way home everyday and even on weekends. I can't say how much times it's helped me "choose wisely" but I can only say I must save anywea from 10-20 minutes of driving each way as wen I pass by certain intersections, I can "see" dat I'm on da right road.

Have you evah used Google Maps-Traffic? Do you use any apps like Traffic to help you on da road? You tink Big Brother is always riding along?

Whether you've tried it or not, it works for you or not, you one iPhone user or hate Google and Android, at least you know it's out there but at da same time, you're being "watched" so take it with a heed of warning if you no like dat kine stuff.

Oddahwise, mahalo for keeping your phone on and helping me out! 😉

7 Responses to “Big Brother Helping”

  1. wafan:


    Nope. Never tried it on my phone. My car has it though.

  2. M:

    Howzit BL!
    Tanks fo dat info!

  3. Ynaku:


    What traffic? 😆

  4. Ynaku:

    Ok ok I be nice. Haven't use the Traffic app on the Big Island. But It might use it when I come visit Oahu maybe not in the near future but definitely one day just to try um out. The hardest thing is to ask da wife to turn on da phone and give me directions. Mo bettah I just stay stuck in traffic. 😉

  5. Jun Tao:

    yes. it works really well.

  6. cojef:

    Guess being senior has its benefits. Just select any time you wannah go to town or to to da market. Nevah have any problems that is in Southern California. Have Marukai store about 22/25 away and drive by freeway in the car pool lane(lucky wahine like to ride shotgun) at 70/75 miles an hour, no sweat. My cheapie cell-phone only for talk.

  7. 9th island girl:

    Interesting! No, never tried it but I will!

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