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October 31st, 2013

Happy Halloween!

Does anybody still dress up? Turn off da lights so nobody ring da doorbell? Are you da trick person or da treat person? Wat was da most bestest costume you've evah seen?

Stay safe out there tonight and I'll follow up on an ohana photo op of our "costumes" latah on. My work place is shmall kine nuts with all kine Halloween festivities so I'll catch Da WWD! Hui on da flip side.


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8 Responses to “Boo!”

  1. carokun:

    happy halloween 🙂

  2. snow:

    happy halloween lanceformers, WWDers, kwonics and lurkers! (sheesh, i can barely remember all of that!?!) hope you all have a fun and safe halloween!

    best costume? i don't know exactly what to call it but it was this alien looking guy (he had stilts on under his gown-like costume). he was so cool, tons of people took pictures with him - he could barely walk a yard before he was stopped again!

  3. M:

    Howzit BL!
    I live in an old neighborhood and there's no kids. Nobody comes trick or treating. We go to the mall to see the kids in costumes.
    There's some at work that's in costumes.

  4. cojef:

    Retired and live in gated retirement community so no trick or treaters. Sorry, braddah Lance, hope the little ones have an enjoyable Halloween. "Snow" introduced a new one above "kwonics" like the sound of it. Could be used for another blog site called "Kwonics" think about braddah Lance.

  5. 9th island girl:

    I used to dress up but now my teenaged daughter tells me I'm embarrassing. I have seen so many cool costumes! One was a green garbage bin!

  6. Coconut Willy:

    Went to a friends house in Mililani Mauka. Was pretty nuts. But good. The people are so nice and get into the spirit (get it?) The good thing? I neva eat ANY candy yet!

  7. sally:

    @9th Island Girl: Your daughter will get older and get over the "My parents are soooo embarassing" phase LOL.

    I did a total of five different costumes this year and each one won the seal of approval from my 25yr old daughter. Esp the final one... "That's really cool, mom" is probably the best compliment ever HAHAHA!

  8. Braddah Lance:

    I had a "cool" costume too sally........ post to come latah tonight. 😀

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