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Lucky We Live Hawai'i

October 19th, 2013

Woke up dis morning in some crisp air and da sun shining against deep blue sky...........

Then in a couple of hours was gloomy and dark already.

Wassup Wit Dat!

Hope your weekend is going well. 😀

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So Dis Is How It Goes

October 17th, 2013

Becoming a first time Daddy three years was an exciting time and having a daughter only added to da whirlwind of thoughts flying through da coconut shell cause let's be real - without breaking any Braddah Code's - I'm a guy and well, guys often tink with da wrong head or as in most cases, no head at all.

Everything das happened - and happening - are first's for me in parenting and yesterday was one of 'em dat I knew was going to eventually happen but I'm surah EVERY parent wishes it didn't.

As situations changed in da Kwon ohana, I now have da daily pre-school drop off duties. Da Wife has been doing it so far for da first two months dat Da Keiki started and everyday has been a heartbreaking affair wit Da Keiki crying Wailua river and not wanting her to leave. Now I've garnered da duty for about a few weeks now and since I'm da "bad cop" I've always been "prepping" Da Keiki to be strong and to stop crying but it's like a bad rerun of Groundhog Day. Da funniest thing about Da Keiki weeping like it's da end of pau hana pah-tay hour is dat wen we pick her up, she always talks about how much fun she had at pre-school. 🙄

Wassup Wit Dat!

Yesterday as we went through our ritual of one last BIG hug and kiss and a shaka promise and a fist pound, instead of Da Keiki stopping a few steps in from da doorway and turning asking for one more hug and kiss to prolong da inevitable departure, she waltzed inside being da Miss Aloha dat she is and telling each of da couple dozen keiki and teachers "Hi" not once looking back all with dry eyes. I had to do a wop-yo-jaw double check to make surah dat I just left da right keiki at preschool! It was a great life learning experience for her and I'm glad I was able to witness it.

Dis morning as I was getting her ready for pre-school she turns to me, in dat cute toddler voice and gorgeous smile she says, "Daddy, I didn't cry yesterday."

I da one dat's crying now.

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Grindz Kokua

October 15th, 2013

I know there are choke folks who work at or near Downtown (or at least familiar with da area), so I'm asking..........

Wea's a good place fo' grindz? Get any cheap places or wat? Are there any shops with "specialties" for snacks? I know there's a cup cake place some wea but are there oddah stuff out there worth checking out?

I'll update why..............

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Kapu List Has Begun

October 12th, 2013

I don't know why I'm always surprised but it happens EVERY year wea you get one store dat wants to jump da gun on "holiday sales".

If you're a long time WWD! Hui reader, you know dat it's a hugemongeous pet peeve of mine dat Christmas not only starts too damn early but it starts before people even get a chance to enroll their keiki back to school. It doesn't mattah dat stores are trying to get a jump on holiday sales but in September???

During da last week in September, Da Wife and I decided to walk through Pearlridge aftah visiting da Pearlridge Farmers Market. Da Keiki finished her breakfast at Zip-off (Zippy's) so we walked through Sears, headed towards da elevator and came upon dis..........

And dis.............


Seriously? School just started a few weeks ago, September wasn't even pau then and they gotta buss' out da *gulp* Christmas decorations?!? We nevah even get chance to score Halloween candy yet!

I guess good thing I nevah hit Macy's side at dat time cause I would have walked out da door for surah but today we were there and I saw DIS.............

WTF? "Holiday Lane" (da sign above da cashier)??? It wasn't even just a couple of isles like Sears... it was an ENTIRE section AND there were people shopping in there! Is there no virtue any more? Has the "holiday season" really just turned into a cash cow? Sometimes I wondah why stores gotta do dat.

No tell me it's to get people in there to shop and to get a "jump on holiday sales" cause I'm no economist but wat gets people to shop are cheap prices and great deals. If they want a flood of people hitting their stores NOW, cut your prices, put some good loss leaders out there and let da plastic start swiping!

Aftah we thankfully returned stuff at Macy's we did our usual exercise stroll through da mall and you know wat store was pumping and nevah have "holiday stuff" up - although they did have two pine trees in da store display but ZERO ornaments on it - American Eagle. You know why? Da ENTIRE store was 40% OFF!

Even I told Da Wife get in there and find something cause it was a great deal! 😆

I sucked it up sitting on a couch in da lounge area watching Da Keiki and feeding Da Baby then having spit up run all down my arm and shirt. Oh da sacrifices..... Christmas three months early, watch Da Wife enjoy her self with awesome deals and me, cleaning spit up, burping Da Baby and entertaining Da Keiki while she starts to get fussy cause it's nap time.

Anybody else see any Christmas decorations up already? If you can/like, share da pain and send me your pics - I'll gladly post them.

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Crowd Control

October 9th, 2013

Why is it dat every time there's a large crowd of people - not at an event - people's mood start to change? And especially if da crowd continually grows, dat eventually, civility gets thrown out da window?

Let me start off by saying dat da first weekend of da month is not a time to hit Sam's Club. It's already choke crowded and overrun with WIC and EBT participants but in combination with Sam's opened up to all military service members during da government shut down, it was like Black Friday madness.

I honestly don't mind da crowds as I enjoy "people watching" and witnessing da many differences in behavior - and keiki raising - dat is all around us. It's pupule to see how many "actions" I certainly do not want to pass on to Da Baby and Da Keiki. Dis past Sunday for about an hour and a half, it was more than I bargained for.

Not surah if elevator etiquette is a learned behavior or just common sense but as soon as da doors opened, we weren't even allowed to exit da elevator "first". Trying to maneuver a stroller and carrying Da Keiki, WE had to say "excuse me" so dat we could exit (WWD!). As people took a step, yes, ONE step to da side, we were trying to avoid 4-wheeling ovah toes.

If you've evah been to Sam's Pearl City, da walkway exiting da elevator nearest da store wasn't fully conceptualized. Besides being fairly narrow considering da oversized carts, if people are standing around, it isn't easy to navigate through. It was (surprisingly) nice to hear a tita mom actually scold her kid for not getting out of da way fully as we approached da end of da walkway while da oddah 15 people barely moved their cemented feet. She told her son first to move then when her son only took a step she sharply said, "eh, you nevah get out of the way enough so they can get through". Shweet.

Inside da store was a free-for-all: people blocking access to items while looking elsewhere, walking well below da "speed limit", making turns across "two lanes", hog-cheese all da samples by grabbing for their ENTIRE ohana (I wasn't interested but even da presenters didn't know wat to say/do), even had a mother make house sitting on da couch display breast feeding her infant and 'den had dis ohana blocking da entire walkway - which I'm guessing is about 15 feet wide - talking story with anoddah ohana still blocking even aftah I said "excuse me" a few times.

I casually pointed out to Da Keiki as we passed by, "Babe, don't you evah block a walkway wen people are trying to pass ok?" She gave me a great big smile and said, "ok, Daddy." Wooo-saaa.

Da icing on da cake came at da end. While Sam's Club has finally wised up and made a self-checkout line for 10 items or less, remembah civility is out da window, there were people in line there with CARTFULS (obviously more than 10) and even had da nerve of a lady with a flatbed in there wen da line SPECIFICALLY for flatbeds had only one person! I couldn't buss out da camera in time to take dat pic.

Da Wife and I thought about standing in line there as it was shorter and moving but we had way more than 10 items and we didn't want to be one of "those people" even though "everybody else was doing it". There were a few oddahs dat had passed by the self checkout as well contemplating the moralistic dilemma and most stood in da regulah line constantly doing a double-check as there were oddahs dat nevah care.

We eventually split up as I went to da café to pick up lunch - which was about 15 minutes - and as I came back, she was still in line. I waited next to da MOD station (Manager on Duty - at least I tink was cause they da ones dat answer trouble calls) and as I watched more people not adhering to da self checkout requirement, I asked:

BL: "Excuse me, but why are people being allowed to use da self checkout line with more than 10 items?"
MOD: ***gives me a really strange wtf am I talking about look*** "Anybody can use the self-checkout."
BL: "Huh? Really? That's not wat da sign says."
MOD: ***a little sassy*** "What sign?"
BL: "Da huge sign dat says 10 items or less."
MOD: "There aren't any signs."
BL: ***tinking 'Really? You work hea or wat??'*** "There are two huge signs above the front of the stations and das why we nevah use da self checkout."
MOD: "Anybody can use it. (chuckling) I've seen people with waaaaay more than 10 items in there."
BL: "Then you should take down the signs as it's not fair to da people who listen to directions."

Wat got me was dat she wasn't even interested in wat a "customer" had to say. All dat mattered was dat anybody could go into da self checkout without regards to watevah was/wasn't posted. She nevah even bothered to go check out wat da sign I was referring to said - basically it was just her "knowledge" and das dat.

Wassup Wit Dat!

You tell me if a note in their suggestion box should include glasses or hooked on phonics..........

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