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Notice Anything - Revealed

November 6th, 2013

Nevah ceases to amaze me how you can have a hundred people - ok, da seventeen who read WWD! 😆 - view one picture and very well have nearly a hundred different points of view. Well, at least many differing - and agreeing - things to point out.

Da pic I was asking if anybody noticed yesterday.........

And da MANY responses: 😆 Yes, sadly, I'm being sarcastic. 😆

November 5th, 2013 at 2:05 pm edit
Is it the aarow and circle green light? I neva noticed this before. I guess on da drive home I will pay attention...hope I don't bang a car cause I'm looking at the lights.

November 5th, 2013 at 2:15 pm edit
😎 Good Afternoon Everyone!!! 😎

... hey Braddah Lance ... i don't think it's the different styles of green light ... is it??? ... because I've seen that all over the place ...

... maybe the old style street lights??? ... I think I remember Mayor Harris (?) or maybe Mufi was trying to give Honolulu that retro feel ...

... or the BEEG street signs for the cross streets??? ... but I think those are everywhere too ...

November 5th, 2013 at 2:32 pm edit
Howzit BL!
Da street lights.

November 5th, 2013 at 4:50 pm edit
I tink I tink I dunno.

5.Uncle Rodney:
November 5th, 2013 at 10:58 pm edit
Usually when there is an arrow green light, that means that you can only go in the direction of the arrow. When the light is a round green, that means you can go straight or turn. In this case, the left side can only go straight (because there is a left turn arrow for the left turn only lane), but the right side can either go straight to turn right - into Ala Moana Park. NOTE* This is NOT always the case - but usually is true.

November 6th, 2013 at 7:12 am edit
@Uncle Rodney. Right on da kinipopo as to the law regarding the signal light indication..

7.Glenn D:
November 6th, 2013 at 8:14 am edit
Howzit BL. I agree with Uncle Rodney. Looks weird at first but makes sense. Also, wen (and if) that left lane gets converted to go da addoh way, during rush hour, the light can show red for dat lane only. Combine that with red cones, you get exshtra lane going da way you need relief. I must admit, I hate it wen I no can make left turns on (Ewa bound) Kapiolani during rush hour...

November 6th, 2013 at 10:11 am edit
@Uncle Rodney: ... you're right about the arrow green light control ... but that's standard traffic signals used everywhere ...

... I think the extra signal light configuration on Nimitz is weird ... used for contra-flow ... but the lights are still on without contra-flow and I notice the lights on the opposite direction lanes ...

Here are a couple more pics to look at and see if you notice anything else?

Just to give you time to tink about it. 😉

All you buggahs wen notice da green arrow in da first pic...... but I nevah notice dat until aftah it was pointed out by De. Mahalos! 😀

Wat I noticed was dat da traffic light isn't just da light by itself any more but now has a ginormous black border around it. If you're able to, you can see dat da "frame" was added to da light more clearly from behind and I tink it's pretty huge compared to da "normal" frames around da oddah traffic lights. Funny thing is, I've only seen it on Ala Moana Blvd from Punchbowl St. to Atkinson.

Wassup Wit Dat!

I nevah seen it anywea else - although I'm a habitual drivah so I don't drive to different areas much - and it only caught my eye cause it reminded me of mainland traffic lights. It's actually kinda "ugly" but da only thing I can imagine da purpose to be is dat Ala Moana Blvd must be sunnier than any oddah road **yes, Korean sarcasm** cause it does make da traffic lights easier to see.... but then again in dat stretch there must be like two dozen traffic lights so you ain't getting too far before you have to stop anyways.

In any case..... did you notice dat?

11 Responses to “Notice Anything - Revealed”

  1. Glenn D:

    Whaaaaaat? Da light frame? I did not see dat! Traffic lights they all look da same to me. Eh, me first to say so?

  2. Glenn D:

    So now with the big frame that look like sails on da lights, how da lights going to react to da winds? I see that trees blowing pretty hard. And I did notice da wahine crossing da street on da second pic to have nice....

  3. De:

    R u in that much traffic that you noticed that? I didn't get into an accident yesterday but of course I forgot to check the lights. I think it is on King Street that is replacing lights and it might be what you talking about....bordered by the black stuff. Interesting.

  4. rayboyjr:

    ... wow, didn't even notice it as it didn't stand out ... that might be a new federal highway safety standard thing ... so probably used only on the DOT roads & highways, including Ala Moana Boulevard ...

    ... checked google and found similar on Kal Hwy in Hawaii Kai side ...


  5. Da808:

    They have those "Frames" to block-out the sunlight so you can easily see the color of the traffic light without being blinded by the sun shining behind the light when your driving towards the direction of the sun.

  6. Ynaku:

    Mo bettah to see da light?

    OK I one of the 17 that reads this blog. (sorry if I no post like befo. I retired and mo beezy at home)

  7. M:

    Howzit BL!
    I nevah see dat until u wen say someting.

  8. CoconutWilly:

    Ah, sooo!

  9. CoHawaiian:

    Hey BL LOL... typical, I wen go get technical....
    @Da808 sure wish they did this back in the day when I was driving back home.. between the birds nests in the lights and the Sun... AIYAH!!!

  10. cojef:

    Nevah notice difference where I drive in S. California. Too focused on green or red nothing else. When in Honolulu nevah drive. Use TheBus and we stay for whole month so buy ID for $10 good for 4 years and monthly pass for $5 senior rate. No like drive in Honolulu, but mainland streets are easy to drive, more disciplined drivers, I guess.

  11. snow:

    if it makes the lights easier to see, i'm all for it! some of the lights can barely be seen in the sunlight. and, as far as what uncle rodney said the other day... "heh?" lol.

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