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Three Special Steps

November 8th, 2013

Wen it's Da Keiki's turn to watch tv, while she doesn't know it, she's only allowed to watch educational and social learning type of cartoons. She doesn't watch "silly ones" or oddahs dat are above her comprehension level and I can honestly say dat she is influenced - and learns from - these types of cartoons.

Da Wife and I also watch all da cartoons with her to make surah it falls along da same lines we're trying to teach her and definitely don't use it as a "babysitter". We reference them during real life situations so she can correlate and understand the "lesson" - we find each oddah, Da Keiki, Da Wife and I, saying "just like ______".

I really wish some adults would start watching cartoons again.... and not da likes of Sponge Bob Square Pants for learning sake.

Yesterday, I had to take Da Keiki to da doctor and was on H1 from Pearl City to Aiea about 9:15am and while there were still a lot of vehicles on da freeway, it was flowing steadily going about 40mph. During normal morning rush hour, get choke cars dat try to cut across da solid lines to get to da far right shoulder lane but da shoulder lane is "closed" aftah 8am.... so I thought.

I was on da far right lane as I just got on da freeway from da Pearl City on ramp and I couldn't believe how many cars and trucks were jumping onto da shoulder and zooming past everybody as if they just stole spicy ahi poke - not everybody was doing it but you could tell some people were thinking "if they can do it, why can't I" as da lane merges. You could sense da hesitation as da merge ended and they were contemplating which way to go.

As I was merging into da "legal" right lane, I saw a truck jump onto da shoulder and hit da throttle. Before, during and aftah he passed, I blared my truck horn for a good seven seconds and as he jetted passed me, I got thanked with da one fingah salute. Nice.

Then as da merge completed, I noticed anoddah truck - then anoddah - jump into da shoulder but dis time I started to ride da solid line with da right side of my truck. It's pretty tight going across da overpass so they couldn't pass, instead, he rode my bumper so close dat if I brake checked him, guarantee would have fish-tailed.

I knew once we were across da overpass they would continue to pass - cause da shoulder expands aftah dat - and as they accelerate, I get da stink eye and obviously some adjectives lip synced through their tint since my window was down. I shake my head and give da Mutombo finger wag and they were on their way probably still muttering how I was such an a$$.

They stay doing something wrong, inconsiderate, uncool and illegal yet I'm da son of a motherless goat.

Wassup Wit Dat!

Just twenty minutes prior, Da Keiki was watching a cartoon called Special Agent Oso wea their "niche" is taking situations and breaking it down into three steps. It's a catchy tune with da lyrics dat goes like:

Three special steps, that’s all you need. Three special steps, and you’ll succeed. Your special assignment is starting now, and three special steps will show you how. Step 1.. Step 2.. Step 3

Three special steps, so now you know. Three special steps and you’re ready to go! The checklist has all the steps you need. Just follow them all and you will succeed with three special steps!

Dat episode's lesson was about owning up to your mistake and saying sorry - how visionary was dat. 😆

I tink those guys missed dat show.

Have a great Feel Good Friday..... and go watch some "real" cartoons dis weekend. 😉

7 Responses to “Three Special Steps”

  1. wafan:

    1stest! Been a while.

    We had folks trying to jump around the traffic on both sides of South bound I-5. I noticed several large trucks work their way toward the right lane and medium sized trucks toward the left lane. They had to be in radio contact with each other. Funny how they slowly worked their way halfway into the shoulder lanes effectively blocking it and slowing down the now closed lanes to a crawl.

    Always wonder if the state troopers had an easier time ticketing the illegals.

  2. Glenn D:

    It is annoying when selfish lolos only think of demselfs and drive da shoulder only to pass a few cars and merge ahead. That only slows da traffic some mo 'cause now the lane has to stop and make room for dem lolos to merge. As much as folks like to think that driving is an individual event it is actually a group effort. And as much as it is annoying to see addahs 'jump traffic' or not move ovah to da right when approached by an ambulance from behind, I try not to police their actions no more. One, because I don't know if they get gun and shoot me but if da cop sees me, I might get ticket too. Choke lolos out dea, I no can win. Worst yet, I worry about dem pupules with guns. Be careful out dea, BL.

  3. GA Bows:

    Is that from Special Agent Oso?

  4. 9th Island Girl:

    Yes, better start humming those cartoon songs when you're in the car with the baby. No road raging allowed when you have precious cargo!

    I hate to admit it but with all the crap on TV nowadays, we sometimes like to watch the cartoons my daughter liked when she was little. I love Clifford the Big Red Dog and Arthur. 🙂

  5. Jin:

    Next time they ride your bumper, turn on your head lights. This will make your rear lights go on and he will think you pressed the brakes and jam on his brakes.

  6. M:

    Howzit BL!
    Guud one Jin, I have done dat one before.
    People tink dey own da road and dey have da right to do wat dey do. Dat's da ainokea tinking.

  7. M:

    I no let dat kind drivahs get me ticked off. I no can control wat dey do and mess up my day. No let odahs control how you feel.

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