Wassup Wit Dat!


November 13th, 2013

Last night Da Keiki shows me a receipt her teacher sent home with her and me working in Finance I gravitate towards da numbahs and I couldn't help but do a rough calculation: numbah of students times da amount we pay every month = HOLY GUACAMOLE! Cha-ching!

But of course get all da kine logistics of salaries, rent, insurance, blah blah but da net amount, I'm guesstimating, is still high. Then I was tinking about da amount we pay for Da Baby's sitter and WHOA! Das a good "net amount" too!

Sometime I wondah wat kine of businesses make da most money? Besides da kine "professionals" dat have gone to school for uku-million years like lawyers and doctors, who makes a considerable amount of money per hour? In da Pearl City Wal-Mart area near Hawaii USA Federal Credit Union, there are impromptu "vendors" which I'm surah are there illegally but no one has "complained" so they continue to set up shop there tents, chairs, road signs and all.

Anybody who drives da "Wal-Mart" road knows these people all too well. Da two who are there religiously every weekend are da "cold li-hing mango lady" and da "huli-huli chicken guy" (outdoor barbeque pit, cooler and all!). There's a third dat is there frequently as well, "pastele and rice". Once in awhile there would be "challengers" taking up prime City & County space like a "homemade toy guy", "puppy sale" or some kine of fundraising attempt.

No rent, no overhead....... hmmm, sounds pretty lucrative - or at least profitable enough to do it - if you don't mind da time you spend doing it.

Now get these "steam car wash dudes" in Pearl City and Aiea and I can't even imagine 1) having steam to wash da car and 2) dat it would be a money maker considering there are two to three people dat has to split da fee. I would tink you'd have to average three to four vehicles an hour just to pay for da labor and four to five an hour just to buy a plate lunch aftah dat.

I once heard dat those hot dog vendors like Woody's are actually one of THE most lucrative businesses out there making easily into da six-figure mark annually. Da hotdogs aren't cheap but six-figures annually off of a processed meat? 😆 😯

Wassup Wit Dat!

Wat kine of low-key businesses have you seen dat you wondah if it's lucrative or not? Wat street vendors are "regulahs"? Have you evah pulled ovah to buy anything from them?

If you see a vertically challenged, wise-okole, round is a shape, pidgin speaking Korean selling kim chee on da side of da road in Pearl City............. saying "Wassup Wit Dat!" is da secret code for Kama'aina discount. 😆

12 Responses to “Lucrative”

  1. M:

    Howzit BL!
    Wassup Wit Dat!
    I get one Kim Chee? I see dat chicken dude and da li-hing lady all da time and da odahs too.

  2. Keoni:

    Hey braddah Lance, if you get good mandoo along wid da kim chee, I going stop by all da time! 🙂

  3. DIO:

    BL: Gotta combine. Can you do taxes too? If not, go contact Keoni, maybe you two can get biz: Kim chee and tax prep. 😀

  4. kamaaina808:

    That 'Killah Pickle Mango' hui is all ovah. Stay Waimanalo, too.

  5. roach:

    The streetwalkers in Waikiki and downtown must have a lucrative business. They're always there, if it not for steady business, they wouldn't be out there very night.

  6. cojef:

    My Father was a stockholder back when the store name ended with a LTD. Me a federal retiree. Ran service station for the ole man, but business on my own no. Was an internal auditor for the Custom Service.

  7. wafan:

    I see those folks every summer. Good or what the food?

    Kinda scary without proper sanitation.

  8. 9th Island Girl:

    I like the crepe ladies and The Girls Who Bake Next Door in the bright blue wagon. I alwAys see Mean Da Chicken but for some reason I always see them when the chicken isn't reAdy so i never know how mean da chicken really is.

  9. Ynaku:

    I stop by this Huli Huli chicken lunch wagon once in awhile. They have posted on the front window their Dept of Health inspection. They used to setup shop in front the Hilo Home Depot but was so close to the road you can feel the semi truck passing by suck you toward the road.

    Now they relocated to a closed car lot along with other vendors. Eh no can go wrong for $5 1/4 huli huli chicken with rice and corn.

  10. Glenn D:

    I used to have a neighbor that owned a hotdog cart. He sold hotdog, shave ice (called them snow cones - remembah? I'm on da mainland?) on weekends at car shows and addoh events. He was a plumber for da regulah job. He made choke kala off dat hotdog cart. Eh, by da way, you start selling kim chee, I'm goin to go get some and bring back for surah! Beta pack'em fo travel too!

  11. CoconutWilly:

    I really dislike the fishnets for cash on the side of the road. Always by Waipio Costco. How you know these things are legit? Plus not safe fo da kids. Only a matter of time befo one kid gets hit by a car.

  12. wafan:

    @CoconutWilly . . .

    If I wore fishnets people might give me cash to go away. Good way to fund raise! But, it is dangerous for the kids; especially when they dart in, around and between vehicles.

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