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On Fire

November 26th, 2013

Da past couple of weeks we've had some pretty heavy wet weather blast through da islands and every time it does we wondah wat insect(s) will make its way into da hale.

Normally, I spray an insect "barrier" around da perimeter of da hale but cause of da recent rains, I wasn't able to do da periodic treatment. Now I get one colony of red ants dat has made house in my house. 😡

If you've evah battled ants before it's not like you just go and wipe away da couple dozen dat are there and pau, it's an ongoing war until you can Trojan horse them.

I bought ant bait (da kine in da plastic black container like da cockaroach kine) and laid it out in da line of their trail hoping dat they stop playing blind and go inside but it's not working as claimed dat da it'll kill da queen in a few days. I then bought a refill of a liquid bait (Terro) dat has always worked but only been successful on black ants. While more ants took da liquid bait than da dry bait, it still didn't complete da job. If anything, it just slowed it down and relocated da "trail" rather than eradicate da problem.

Aftah I come home from work, I jump in da shower thinking about doing anoddah Home Depot run and aftah I pau bocha, I grab da towel and start to dry off. I felt a few hairs on my back and tried to brush it off. I then felt a few more loose hairs on my arm, then my neck and it started to get a little itchy. All of a sudden I was on fire!

I had choke red ants in my hair, neck, arms, body and they stay pissed! Without tinking, I grab da towel trying to dampen da fire but realized dat they was in da towel as if it was their mound!

Wassup Wit Dat!

I dump da towel, jump back into da shower scrubbing furiously trying to put da fire out. Aftah all dat, I had welts like you wouldn't believe and felt like I was being punked or on a new reality show 'Pissed Insects'.

Just wait you suckahs.... I bite back!

Have you evah been attacked by insects? Has insects or bugs attacked your house? Do you have/make homemade remedies or you just go Home Depot/Lowes and buy da most intimidating box on da shelf?

SHOUT OUT: If anybody - or knows anybody - dat is hiring for possibly a front desk/receptionist type of position, please shoot me an email with details. There's a long time Kwonic dat found out dat she is being laid off before da holidays and having been laid off before, I know EXACTLY wat she's going through. Keep in mind dat I will screen your email to ensure dat I don't forward a bogus or phishing expedition but if you genuinely want to help or have any leads, it is very much appreciated. I know da WWD! Hui won't let us down! 😉

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12 Responses to “On Fire”

  1. lowtone123:

    I live in Mililani and we have a big problem with ants and roaches. We call a pest control company to come monthly to spray the exterior and they will come and treat the inside as needed. That has taken care of that problem. We had an infestation of flies once. Must have had a fly lay eggs or something because we were killing flies for 3-4 days. My wife and I ended up killing approximately 35-40 flies until they were gone.

  2. M:

    Howzit BL!

    I mix boric acid and peanut butter, put it into water bottle caps and place it around da place. It works for kaka roaches, I don't know bout ants doe. I no see ants in da house so maybe it works.

  3. cojef:

    In all my wondering around the USA, from Indiana, Illinois, California and Texas was never bothered by colonies of ants. Yet, Texas has the dreaded fire ants that can play havoc with you and requires in some intances medical intervention. Visited a number farmland/pastures and saw mounds of ant colonies, but none in town. I no like da after da bite like mosquito bites where you scratch and scratch till it get raw and sometime draw blood. Boy, can it itch to high heaven. Hope you get over your bite.

  4. sue mason:

    Try the chalk pens they sell at Longs/CVS stores. Those work a 100% but dont let pets lick them could be disastrous. Good luck.

  5. wafan:

    Chalk stuff works but Mom's place has lines all over the walls and ceiling. Looks like a bunch of little kids had a field day writing on the walls. HA!

  6. 9th Island Girl:

    Ho brah, that story gave me the willies! I heard of the borax thing, too,

  7. NaPueo:

    Chalk stuff (Dead Fast) was good but isn't available anymore.

  8. Jun Tao:

    the chalk stuff is part borax and does its job. I used the borax powder around the edges under my counter to combat the cockroach problems. It works well. I haven't seen any in a couple of months. Here's how it works. You lay the powder down along the walls of the inside of your lower cabinets or problem areas. For roaches, they don't initially ingest the powder. What happens is they walk over the powder and return to their "resting" place then clean themselves by licking their limbs. Once they do that, the powder kicks in and it kills them. Then the chain effect happens. Other roaches will each the other dead ones and ingest the powder as well. You get the picture from here.....

    But I've always found that the Terro liquid ant bait system works effectively for the black and red ants as well as the "ghost" ants that are around my house. Just set it and forget it. It does take about a three day timeframe but it does work. Just be patient.

    And the most important thing is to STAY CLEAN! KEEP CLEAN!

  9. Da808:

    I like "Terro" liquid also. It's safer and it works.

  10. sally:

    Egads I never heard of Red Ants nesting INSIDE da house! What a freak out!

    I use the boric acid/peanut butter/sugar thing, I use the chalk, and I use the Terro liquid traps. They all work well but gotta be super careful with the doggie in here. I also have a can of Brake Kleen for when a wayward B-52 finds its way in here.

  11. wafan:

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  12. sally:

    But you know what is the most absurd and gross thing I have right now? Millipedes! I have never had millipedes come INTO the house and apparently they mated somewhere cuz there are tons of babies I find crawling across my floor! Thankfully, I have wood floors so I can see them. I hate to think if I had carpet... I wouldn't even know!

    It's so bad that I have a designated cloth to pick them up with (cuz they emit that stinky smell) and throw them in the toilet. When I "collect" a few, I flush the toilet.

    I'll tell you how strong these buggas are... they don't drown! They'll sink to the bottom and still crawl around down there! So I pour a little Clorox in the bowl, they still wiggle around for a long time (in millipede time).

    If anyone knows of a solution, please share. But remember, I get dog so I cannot use chemicals.

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