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Fare Thee Well

December 31st, 2013

2013 will soon be behind us
All kine traditions passed on with no fuss
Fireworks are banned, we lost dat ages ago
A major Hawaii tradition thrown out da window

Nevahdaless we continue on
To welcome da New Year in drink and song
It truly is a time to be merry
No manger recreations of da Virgin Mary

It only comes once a year
A fresh new start with promises so clear
We all know dat most won't last
But it's a tradition carried on as done in years past

Drink we will, as most of us do
Some only one, but like many, it's way more than two
Enjoy yourselves and have an awesome time
But if you've been drinking, no test Faddah Time

Continue, be strong as 2014 rolls on
Have a Happy New Year
From Braddah Lance Kwon.

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It'll Be Coming Around Da Mountain

December 28th, 2013

Anoddah Christmas has come and gone and presents, if you got any, have been ripped open and put either in da keep pile or da return pile but have you evah been da receiver of a re-gifter?

I'll shyly admit I've re-gifted (yeah, yeah, Wassup Wit Dat!) but nevah a "real" gift. It's always been re-gifted as a grab bag gift and only food - not homemade but store bought - and das as far as I've gone. I've always included something else in da grab bag - cause my conscience stay kicking my okole - but food - as long as it's not expired - can/should be passed around until someone will take it..... right?

Eh, no make li'dat cause you do same thing. No believe me? Wat about all da "leftovah snacks" you bring to da office? You just re-gifted..... but at least mine's was wrapped pretty. 😆 😆 LOL

C'mon, admit it, we've all received gifts and frowned on a few immediately tinking who da next "recipient" will be so no make eh. Come to think of it, one of da tale tale signs of re-gifting is obviously no receipt for return BUT da "safest" way to do dat is only with food cause really, who going return food even if you had a receipt?

Have you evah re-gifted? Well, not like you going admit it but was it to get rid of it or did you tink da person would actually enjoy it? Or maaaaaaybe..... subconsciously you nevah like da person so it no mattah if it's re-gifted? 👿 Just trying to be devil's advocate. 😎

Da Keiki opened a present a few days ago and while it was a great present, we already had gotten her da exact same thing some time ago hence it being a great present. 😉 If you wrapped a present knowingly without a receipt, you no tink dat da person receiving da gift going tink it was re-gifted? Hmmmm.......

At least you know I can't re-gift da kim chee.

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Mele Kalikimaka!

December 25th, 2013

Christmas is upon us, as it comes each year
Keiki and adults wake up giggly and cheer
Have you been naughty or have you been nice
Wat list are you on, do we gotta check twice

Presents are torn open as we gleefully watch
Da smiles on faces cannot be squashed
Will it mattah if you unwrapped wat you wanted?
Heck no, cause da spirit of da season should not be forgotten

Have a great time and enjoy da lights
Red, blue, green alit and of course da white
Christmas is celebrated in different ways
Keep your hearts open and you'll be amazed

Bless you and your ohana and stay safe out there
Chillax, enjoy, no need pull hair
Mele Kalikimaka and keep up da cheer
It's just one more week till da New Year!

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You Pau?

December 23rd, 2013

Just curious........ you stay pau holiday shopping?

Kim chee offer still going strong but only a few more days till I shut 'em down and pau.

I responded to a bunch of people via email so let me know as we just gotta coordinate a pickup time/place. M & snow: I'll check in with you guys in a bit too cause you guys automatic.

Less than 48 hours away and Hau'oli La Hanau Jesus! 😀

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One Idiot At A Time

December 19th, 2013

Dis past Sunday was unreals yeah? How's da thundah, lightening and huge drops of rain in just da few hours it was ovah us??

I dunno wat it is about pouring rain but it's just like da so called effects of a full moon - all da lolo's come out.

Da Wife wanted to head out to Costco dis time cause they had a couple of things she needed dat Sam's Club nevah have and of all da weeks to go there, she picked da one wen it's storming! (WWD!) If you nevah been, Costco Waipio parking is uncovered and Sam's Club Pearl City is FULLY covered. Anyways, besides all da inconsiderate a-holes standing and blocking da walkways outside giving YOU stink eye cause you like keep da line moving, parking dolts who don't realize dat you still drive on da right side of da road no mattah if da road stay wet, da one "miracle spot" you standing isn't impervious to rain, you don't have to be a screaming okole cause, yes there is such a thing as RAIN COMING IN SIDEWARDS! and people who no can realize dat unless you stay indoors YOU STILL GOING GET WET NO MATTAH WAT YOU PUT ON YOUR HEAD

Oh yeah, you certainly ain't getting LESS WET cause you tip-toeing through da flooded parking lot while it's storming. 😆

Yeah, there were a bunch of crazies at Costco...... and to top things off, I compared da prices of da things we get normally at Sam's against Costco and nearly every single item was more expensive some as much as $2! 😯

Going home was da winnah winnah chicken katsu dinnah though cause I dunno wat it is about dat stretch from da Waipahu on ramp to HECO on da H1, but people tink all rules of da road are disregarded there. We were trudging along in traffic cause of a stalled car in da far left lane adding to da pouring rain so you can imagine wat type of gridlock it created. We eventually made it to da far right lane in anticipation of our cutoff a few miles down.

It was still moving along but of course get these damn frickin' lolo's who decide dat since it was raining, they'd buss out their "I'm above da law so kiss my okole lolo card" and start to drive on da shoulder. As usual, the membership grows once people feel "left out" and you see some cars think about doing it and oddahs already having decided from miles back.

I could see da few cars ahead and behind of me looking in their rear view just waiting for the next wave of idiots to blow by and I had enough of dat. I throw our SUV enough into da shoulder wea da next car couldn't get by. Next thing I get da head shaking fingah waving tirade mime and a 10 second horn beep. Then a burst of short beeps. Then nada.

Wassup Wit Dat!

I throw my hands up in da air and fingah wave back saying no way jose and then all da cars dat was behind da Mercedes started to merge (force) their way back into da lawful right lane. It was kinda shweet to see dat some people got da hint but there were still da card members who were determined to show their might.

Wat these idiots do on da H1 shoulder at dat location is down right dangerous! I seen it before wea they come zooming by and there is absolutely no time - nor room - to get back to da right lane before da shoulder abruptly turns with da off ramp. A numbah of unnecessary accidents have occurred there but people still do it like da idiots dat they are.

As we approach da Pearl City cutoff, there's a slight bend to da left hindering a full line of sight but cause we stay in da SUV, I saw anoddah stalled SUV in da shoulder so I nonchalantly move back into da lawful lane and da Mercedes thought she won as she zoomed by with her stink eye. I smiled and waved a shaka cause by da time she realized it, she was now stuck without anybody leaving her room to get back in.

Five feet aftah da stalled SUV, we zoomed off in da open freeway. 😛

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