Wassup Wit Dat!

It's Officially Begun

December 1st, 2013

Can you say da "Christmas Rush" is in full swing?

I'm not counting da lolo's who opened da store doors at 5pm Thanksgiving Day but as of November 29th at 12:00am, da madness has begun. I think going be a little more pupule cause in case you nevah know, Thanksgiving is a little "late" dis year and there are only three weekends left till Christmas - which in holiday time means it's literally right around da corner! 😯

Did any of you brave Black Friday? Wat kine deals have you scored already? You getting a jump on Cyber Monday? Did you know dat they were dubbing da term Brown Thursday as da "new" shopping day?

Wassup Wit Dat!

Of course in true WWD! fashion, it wouldn't be a surprise if I missed da biggest shopping days of da year.

Pre-Thanksgiving is already hectic in our household preparing for a Thanksgiving lunch AND dinner and to jump into da holiday spirit, we were thinking of joining da hoards of nutso people at da malls aftah our Thanksgiving obligations were fulfilled but Da Wife wasn't feeling good shortly aftah dinner so our plans were nixed.

While I was tempted to join in da fracas of Black Friday since I was off, having Da Keiki and Da Baby in tow quickly changed my mind - although they would have served as excellent fullbacks plowing a lane for me in their stroller. Da plan was once Da Wife came home we would hit a few stores dat had their sales throughout da day but low and behold, Da Wife came home early with a knockout fever. Da Baby soon followed with a fever of his own in combination with congestion and some mean runny hannah-battah drippings.

Needless to say, dis whole "long" weekend was spent cooking for an army, washing endless hannah-battah soaked burp cloths, taking Da Baby to da pediatrician which couldn't prescribe anything cause he's only five months old, shamefully having no cash to pay for parking but luckily had $2 worth of coins (pennies too) in da tray, checking temperatures every 15 minutes, getting tub baths ready to cool Da Baby down, cold compresses, dealing with whining, crying, whining and crying nearly 24/7 from both Da Baby and Da Keiki all weekend long, not having seen da outside of our walls - or da sun - going past 72 hours, having over 1200 emails to sift through as we speak and da only small amount of free time I have to myself, I spend writing a blog for your amusement. 😆

A day in da life - of wat I can remembah right now - of Wassup Wit Dat!. 😆

So how was your weekend?

SHOUT OUT: A belated Hau'oli La Hanau to Da Wife! No, I not going say how old she is...... bumbye I get cracks...... but she couldn't be a day ovah 21. 😀

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12 Responses to “It's Officially Begun”

  1. kamaaina808:

    Aww... hope da wife & da baby feels good soon. 🙁

    Yep, after TG dinner & pie & snoozes, I snuck over to Macy's in Kailua right before they opened - was 2nd in line but they nevah had what I wanted (small store). Next day, my neighbor & I tooled around to a few places: Home Depot, Costco x 2 (Iwilei & Hawaii Kai), Ross, Windward Mall Macy's, Sears, Sports Authority, and maybe one more. I did get one awesome thing (on raincheck but BF price) and that was a Zero-gravity chair from SA. Wow aftah shopping waaaaay more than my feets liked, dat chair sure felt good! But dey were out so I had to plunk down $35 and go pick it up when the shipment comes in. Was at least nice of them to do that - otherwise would lose money.

    I picked up something @ Sear's - only to discover Saturday nite that it was defective... 😡 soooo I had to go back Sunday AM to Sear's & Macy's (of course)... dang if i don't shop again until next year, it'll be too soon.

  2. GA Bows:

    After Thanksgiving dinner, I ventured out to ToysRUs around 7. The only real big score that I got was Skylanders: Swap Force game for the girls.

    I have a close friend that left the house at 4 pm Thanksgiving and didn't come back until 10 am Friday... he lost his mind this year!

  3. Glenn D:

    I am so sorry to hear about da wife and da keiki getting sick. Dat really sucks, yeah? One good deal I got was from da Apple store (online) on Black Friday - a Christmas gift for my wife. You know Apple neva give any kine deals, yeah? And I didn't even have to leave da house.

  4. Glenn D:

    I forget...one thing I did was thank da folks that worked on Thanksgiving day so we can have fun. We went have breakfast Thursday morning at da usual coffee shop close by. We thanked da waitress for working that day and left her a hefty tip. Da least we can do....

  5. cojef:

    Ahh, the trials and tribulations of fatherhood. Hope the keikis recovery fast and they generally do once the immune system gets adjusted to the new bug. Take care of yourself good, cuz your wife is down also. Being a senior with a 52 years old bachelor son is easy. No gifts, just kala for X-Mas and his birthday on January 25th. Double whammy. Denied the gift of buying gifts for grandkids. Quiet year-end holidays for this family.

  6. makahawahine:

    Mahalo for sharing your mana'o with us. Hope all your keiki and wife are better.
    I just enjoyed cooking for our family and talking story and watching football. I made this platter of veggies put together to look like a turkey.-

  7. M:

    Howzit BL,
    Hoping your kids are better today.
    We went Old Navy at 11:00pm on Thanksgiving day thinking dat not going be too bad, wrong!
    It was packed! we stood in line for 30 min. to pay fo da stuff.
    We went Walmart da next morning before 8am and I got what I was looking for, score! it wasn't even crowded too.
    We went to da Crazy Shirt Outlet at Ward Center and scored again. Unreal deals.
    We went to The Face Shop at Ward Warehouse and scored again but dis time we wen wait fo 1 hour to pay.

  8. Ynaku:

    I went to Home Depot Friday morning. They opened at 5 am but it was so cold I decided to hide under the covers for a little while until the fumigation got too strong 😆

    Went at about 6 something. My goal was to purchase a Makita 12v cordless drill set for $99. I got there and the place was busy but not dakine in your face busy. Plenty parking.

    I knew the drill would be in the center aisle so head directly there. Saw 3 left on the floor. Grabbed one and put in wagon. Saw this other guy walking around with another drill set that cost $199. He put it down and grabbed the $99 one. I hope he knows the difference in the 2 set. Mine was only 12v and the other was 18v more power more torque.

    The set I got had both an impact drill and a drill/driver with a regular chuck instead of the quick-connect. (I already have 2 other drill/drivers so this was a bonus) I also have an 18v drill/impact tool. I just wanted one small enough for small jobs.

    Walked around the store and found a few other items. I was in and out in about an hour cause I was niele and wanted to see what others were buying. 😀

    That's it for shopping. Went grocery shopping after and the store was empty 🙂 SCORE!!!! In and out in 2 shakes including breakfast and pastries.

  9. sally:

    My daughter started work at 4am which meant I had to wake up too, to take her there. Traffic was great! All the crazies were already pau and gone home, we got to Ala Moana in the perfect lull of traffic.

    Our plan was that she was going to walk home at 1pm but the weird hours took a toll and she asked to be picked up. Traffic wasn't so kind at that time. But we did get out of there and Hale Sweet Hale.

    I don't know how/why people do it. I don't have it in me to brave the crazies.

  10. sally:

    This is what I shared on FB after I went to get my daughter at 1pm.

    So, in the 25min on the road I witnessed:

    1) a Mercedes almost T-Boned at Kaheka/Rycroft because she got impatient while waiting to left turn

    2) a pedestrian almost banged by a van because her friend dropped her off in the MIDDLE of the the Kona St intersection

    3) a pimp car who came down the wrong way in my lane and faced me while I couldn't move cuz I was already going around a car waiting for a parking space

    4) a Mercedes who played chicken with a bus

    5) a bicycle cart lady named Katie who was weaving down Makaloa St

    And I can add to #2 that lady did not try to go to the sidewalk where it was safe, she held up her hand to emit the Invisible Forcefield and held up cars from every direction so she could cross the intersection DIAGONALLY! Four cars all with our hands up in the air going "WTH Lady!"

    I think that Invisible Forcefield thing really works, cuz she didn't seem to see any of us! lol *rolling my eyeballs* AIGOOOO!

    'Tis The Season!!!

  11. 9th Island Girl:

    Oh man, poor wife and baby! Oh, and you too!

    I hate shopping and I hate crowds so no way was I going to hit the mall, I also feel sorry for the retail workers that had to work on thanksgiving day! Come on!

  12. rayboyjr:

    😎 Good Morning Everyone 😎

    ... hey Braddah Lance ... let the festivities begin!!! ... wait, let me get out of the way first ... I've never felt the need to partake in the utter madness ... even to save a few bucks ... my time and sanity are worth more than that ...

    ... we still do "what used to be" the normal holiday start ... cook, watch football, and eat and veg for the rest of Thanksgiving ...

    ... Have a Good One Everyone!!! ...

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