HUUUUIII....... Anybody Stay?

December 12th, 2013

In all honesty, I can't believe how long I've been writing dis blog considering I don't even like writing.

Wassup Wit Dat!

But I do it cause there's an air of "fun" in da banter dat goes on and it's even more exciting to find out dat once in awhile we get new readers - and lose a few too - as da blog isn't promoted as WWD! used to be.

Plus, I haven't fully vested my time into WWD! with starting a new job, a five month old infant in addition to my three year old and still trying to "take kea" of things all ovah, da blog has lost some of it's "edge" and sometimes I put up some boring posts. I am more disappointed in myself not being able to "converse" with everybody and losing our connection but I sincerely do try and will keep on trying.

I have a handful of mo'olelo's dat are still floating in my coconut shell but by da time I try to put da pen to paper, fo'get already. :sad:

So out of curiosity sake, I'm wondering really - who's out there? Whether you one Lurkah, Lanceformer or Kwonic - you still stay or wat? I've always - still do - trip out wen get one new person who posts or wen get one long time reader who hasn't posted in months/years post out of da blue again. It's so unreals to read people's similar - and differing - views and of course, get da kine haters who gotta hate and then get da kine ohana type wea I get scoldings too. :grin:

And if you been reading WWD! long enough, you know I take it all in stride - criticism, praise, watevahs and all. It's me shooting straight from da heart and I say wat I mean and mean wat I say so I'm comfortable wit dat.

But I know why da WWD! Faithful continue to read, cause you need somebody to laugh at, tease or wag your fingah at and trust me, das cool to do cause das wat WWD! is hea for. :wink:

So regardless if you've been reading forevah or a new reader..... try post cause I really am curious to see who's [still] out there..... or at least taking a break from shopping. lol


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49 Responses to “HUUUUIII....... Anybody Stay?”

  1. M:

    Howzit BL!
    I always stay hea!

  2. bosnoda:

    i stay hea. shhh. lurking. i enjoy your posts.

  3. Fat Bastard:

    Always checking out wat stay going on on WWD....

  4. makaha wahine:

    Of course I stay! Been reading dis blog foa a few months now. I enjoy what you write and how you share your manao about things. Have a wonderful Christmas and New year wit you ohana and God bless you folks too! Mahalo for sharing.

  5. snow:

    hey BL! i stay. no mo' time fo' post, li' dat. ;o)

  6. cojef:

    Can't remember wen I joined this blog, but at my age, 88, it's been sort of my connection back to Hawaii. Drafted in '44, returned to islands and left for good in '52. Visit ohana now and then, but they are getting few in number, and pretty soon gone. Braddah Lance is the salt of the land and has a very big heart, especially to continuing his pet project with kids baseball coaching. With a full plate he still has time for others shows how he cares for his fellow people. Thank goodness for likes of the Braddah. Mahalo, and a Merry Christmas to your Family. Will deal New Year later.

  7. De:

    I'm here...lurker that post once in a great while. I miss your food reviews.

  8. Glenn D:

    Mele Kalikimaka from da mainland!! Of course I stay. I check it everyday. I've been reading dis wen it was on da star bulletin. I enjoy reading wats up in my home town and to see what pilikia you get into. I even read it while visiting home too. Mahalos for taking da time to do it. Dis blog has become an important part of my busy day to take a break and get a laugh or two.

  9. Jeannette:

    I check for a new blog post every day. I am happy when there is a new one. Sometimes I re-read the old ones.
    Happy Holidays to you and your family. Bet your daughter will really enjoy it this year.

  10. onecupcoffee:

    Still here! Sorry for not posting ;) I enjoy reading your posts! Merry Christmas BL!

  11. DaleF:

    I've been lurking for many years, before Star Advertiser. Your commenters have so many good things to say about life in da 808. You've done a good job coming up with real topics. I used to like the pidgin word of the day.

  12. 808 Dad:

    Hey Lance, been hea since the start and will continue to lurk. Really enjoy hearing about your growing family. You still coach? I still do.

  13. duffer:

    Present and back to lurking!

  14. King Katonk:

    #1 Lolo Katonk still present and accounted for.

  15. islandgirlinnc:

    Hi BL! I'm still here and read every blog. Just don't have too much time to respond. Still living in the south. I did make my own kimchee though (ok it was the Noh seasoning brand but better than nothing right?). Miss Hawaii more and more and hope to come home someday. Glad to hear your family is growing! Take care!

  16. Kage:

    I still stay. Just not posting as much as before.

  17. amanda:

    I stay.

  18. rayboyjr:

    ah cahm on ... gotta get mo pepoh den dat ... no sked ... just say hi ...

  19. Ro H.:

    hey welcome back! I still read your blog - I'm on the mainland but I subscribe to the Star Advertiser to keep up on what's happening back home in Hawaii. (home of the heart...forever) Yeah life gets busy for us all... don't get down on yourself. We love it whenever you got something to say! hang in there & Mele Kalikimaka to you & your family!

  20. LaLu:

    I stay reading. Jus too tired to comment much...

  21. NaPueo:

    Mostly lurking unless I have something to say.

  22. wafan:

    20! Whoo-hoo!!!

    Still here in the PNW. Getting closer to retirement . . . thank goodness.

    Been busy so I missed your previous post. Shucks.

  23. the BC:

    aloja! Lurking on the sidelines daily. Like your stories and current events!

  24. tman:

    Still loyally lurking.

  25. dihudfan:

    me hea...
    always enjoy reading your blog... sometimes my fingahs no work to good, but not broken... keep up the good work!!!

  26. kamaaina808:

    I stay - jus' busy, das all. I try play 'catch up' on da posting, but since no one eva going reply, kinda kolohe. :-P

  27. 9thIslandCuz:

    Present!!! (from day one) now back to my lurking!

  28. Makiki:

    Aloha BL! - You didn't think we were gone did you? Like most here, checking in is part of my day.

  29. midori:

    I stay...lurking.

  30. Keoni:

    Eh BL, no worry beef curry, I still stay! Mostly I post if a topic "floats my wa'a", but I still read 'um, even if I have to go back to it once a new thread has started.
    A big Mele Kalikimaka to you, your 'ohana, and da other readers/posters of WWD!
    Fo' shuah, your new keiki going find out how awesome Christmas is. Be sure to post pictures! :)

  31. 4G:

    Present. :P

  32. ylea:

    Still here checking on what kine lolos you run into every so often. I think you magnet for them.

  33. Ukuhead:

    Present. Sometimes

  34. dj:

    Still hea lurking, and still enjoying your posts :)

  35. (Jesse)James:

    Still lurking...sometimes posting.... :-)

  36. bamboohouse808:

    Small kine lurkah action. I stay though.....

  37. BananaFysh:

    Hui! I go check in too, even if I don't have time to read/post like before. I read when I can though!

  38. Linda Oshiro:

    Hey Braddah Lance, still a lurker from day 1, enjoy reading your blogs on break. Keep on writing. Have a Happy Holidays to you and your ohana!

  39. GA Bows:

    I'm still here.

  40. KAN:

    I ste. I don't check as often, but I always try to catch up. Hard to do in December - extra nuts right now.

    Wow, BananaFysh sighting! & bamboohouse808! & ukuhead! Radical!

  41. 9th Island Girl:

    I'm still here! Don't always post but still read.

  42. L.:


  43. wafan:

    Looks like a couple of comments were under review. Hala . . .

  44. Keoni:

    Eh BL, looks like you get choke people reading da blog, mo' den you thought. yeah? :)

  45. hemajang:

    I stay too. I check your posts all da time but only lurkah nowadays. Goin retire end of the month, will have mo time fo post ladat.

  46. Ynaku:

    Heh what? Wat going on hea? :lol:

    I still stay. But you know I stay kinda retired and mo busy now. When I was stay working I could cheat and read da blog every 2 1/2 seconds cause I stay at my desk goofing off. Now no can goof off cause da wife stay watching me.

    I keep checking to see what my uddah friends stay doing. In fact, wea dat NKHEA and opso????

    No worries cuz, we still hea. Gotta keep up with da news of your famjly and advenchas

  47. zzzzzz:

    Little be behind, but I still check for new posts......

  48. zoom220:

    Still hea lurking

  49. zx6r:

    i'm still lurking after all these years