Wassup Wit Dat!

People Just Don't Like You

December 14th, 2013

Banks must tink I'm either going to rob them or be of da criminal element cause most times I go in there, I get da "treatment".

Well, not in a bad way but if I not going out to wea I gotta wea nice kine clothes, I'm usually wearing shorts, t-shirt, slippahs and a hat or visor. Today wasn't any different... but was.

Standing in line at the Hawaii USA FCU in Aiea, I watch people - as I normally do anywea - and wait my turn listening for, "next in line please".

TELLER: How can I help you today? (Or something to that effect)
BL: I need to make a deposit please. (give her my account number and ID)
TELLER: (Starts to enter da deposit then gives me a quick side eye glance) Could you please remove your hat?
BL: Sure (although I was wearing a plain Oakley visor)...... but you didn't ask the guy you just helped to remove his.
TELLER: I didn't help anyone with a hat.
BL: You just helped him two people ago not more than five minutes before. He was wearing a big camouflage sun hat da kine hunters or da military kine guys wear with the cinch cord hanging down. ** saying to myself - "maybe was TOO camouflage"** 🙄
TELLER: I didn't notice. I'm usually pretty good about that.
BL: Really? You didn't notice his huge hat? I'm just asking to be fair is all.
TELLER: Sorry, guess I missed it..... is there anything else I can do for you?

Really? Not even I'm sorry but just sorry dat you missed it?

Wassup Wit Dat!

I totally get banks asking to remove your hat and sunglasses and I do my best to accommodate before reaching da teller by putting my shades on my head, tilt my hat a little higher so my face is CLEARLY visible and look at several cameras directly and smile (yes, I really do dat) but really, why should I remove my hat? It's part of my dress, just like how wahines wear accessories, but until they upgrade their stupid cameras, it doesn't mattah cause you can nevah see da face clearly anyways!

How many times have they shown da person robbing a bank and you can't even tell if it was your dog sliding a note to da teller demanding money? In dis day and age of technology, you should be able to count how many white hairs are on your head from all their cameras in da bank yet alone be able to see a non-pixelated photo of a robber.

As I hop into da car and tell Da Wife wat just happened, she puts it simply..........

"Peole just don't like you".

Geez, thanks Babe. 😆

15 Responses to “People Just Don't Like You”

  1. Keoni:

    BL, who doesn't like you? I going wop dere jaw! 😯 😆

  2. cojef:

    Aw, the tella just frustrated wahine, mebi not getting enough. jus go wit the flow.

  3. 9th Island Girl:

    Haha! People just don't like you?! Are you in the dog house with da wife or what?! Don't take it personally. I would be nervous if I were a teller and someone had a hat on.

  4. kamaaina808:

    I neva know u can't wea one hat. Sunglasses, yeah - but no hat? WWWD?! Heh. Gotta try it now. 😀

  5. Keoni:

    Eh kamaaina808, let us know what jail you stay, yeah! 😯

  6. sally:

    I stay hea! Oh, shucks, one post too late. Sorry!

    So now, WHAT? Who don't like you? You are so crazy funny! Maybe she was one of the car owners that you posted the license plate of... and she saw 'um. Maybe she thought you had nice face and wanted a clear shot on the security camera to be shared at the Christmas Party.

  7. wafan:


    One of the branches at my bank keeps changing tellers so they keep giving folks the 3rd degree. Other branches are much friendlier. Don't understand the attitude of folks in customer service industries. If they don't like it they need to find some other way of making customers miserable.

  8. Makiki:

    Uh Oh. Now you're tagged as the hat guy at the bank!

  9. M:

    Howzit BL!
    Dat teller mussah had sum ting up her a$$. 😆

  10. dihudfan:

    eh brah... maybe she wanted to look at your handsome face..... happy holidays to all!!!

  11. rayboyjr:

    😎 Good Morning Everyone!!! 😎

    ... hey Braddah Lance ... they should not leave security precautions in the hands of the tellers ... because they are busy doing they're jobs as tellers ...

    ... there should be a security guard at the entrance ... reminding people to remove hats, sunglasses, and other obstructive clothing ...

    ... then everyone gets the same treatment ...

    ... Happy Holiday Everyone!!! ...

  12. Ynaku:

    I agree they need to be consistent. How is it they have this policy and yet they get robbed by someone whereing a hat and sunglasses? Catch them at the door. Make them look into the camera. That's what the tellers at the drive thru often say "Please move a little more forward so the camera can see you" I just smile into the camera 😀

  13. Ynaku:

    Oops typo 😆 Wearing a hat 😀

  14. kamaaina808:

    Haha @Keioni, - fo' sure, braddah, fo' sure. 😀

  15. Robin:

    Be thankful...
    If that teller was a TSA agent, you would have been subjected to a full body cavity search.

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