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One Thing

December 17th, 2013

I may have asked before but wat's da one thing dat signal's to you it's Christmas?

For me, it's always been da Downtown Honolulu lights. It's not just at Honolulu Hale but all ovah Downtown. It's something "magical" about them dat wen I see them, I end up staring for a few moments and feel a calm. It's as simple as da string of LED's wrapped around a coconut tree forty feet high or da tops of buildings lit with red and green bulbs instead of da dingy pale off white glow they're usually covered in.

It's da ever changing flashing of colors in a pattern decorating a normally bare unornamented light pole or water sculptures aglow with colors you wouldn't be caught dead wearing yet alone displaying oddah then during dis time.

I especially love da few moments right before dusk as da sun settles into a fiery orange hue mixed with da darkening navy/baby blue sky as stars began to shine their twinkling splendor.

It's a shame dis only happens for about 27 days a year....... unless you live in a P.I. hale in which case your house lights nevah come down off da banisters (you know which ones I stay talking about) or trim and on all da time. 😛 😆

Wassup Wit Dat!

C'mon, now dat was funny. 😉

Wat also signals Christmas time in da WWD! world is da annual WWD! kim chee giveaway! Das right, da one and only time I evah make kim chee - unless it's for special occasions - I offer it right to da WWD! Hui for F to da R to da double E, das right baby..... FREEEEEEE! No worries, M, I know you already all ovah dis.

For all your unrelenting devotion and dedication in reading da mindless dribble of a no holds barred, straight from da heart to da mouth, pupule Korean and all his mishaps, dis kim chee's for you!

All you gotta do is post dat you like. Simple as dat, easy as dat. No hoops to jump, no standing in line a week before, just post dat you like and consider it ready for you opu.

I make 'em in batches so da first batch probably going be ready Sunday, then Tuesday (yes, da eve) and 'den probably da Saturday or Sunday again.

Dis da one and only time I make 'em and it's only shmall kine mahalos to you all.

And no, I still nevah fo'get those who I still owe t-shirts and I'm a man of my word....... although time is my kryptonite. 😛

No worries, you Lurkahs in Lurkahville are welcome to come out of hiding for seven seconds.

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18 Responses to “One Thing”

  1. M:

    Howzit BL!
    You know me BL, I like one of your famous Kim Chee!

  2. M:

    Christmas fo me starts the day afta Thankgiving but dis year fo some wen start on turkey day.

  3. 4G:

    @BL - Wow, you was waxing kinda poetic for the first four paragraphs, yeah? LOL.

    How can it be that people just don't like you? 😉

    Just kidding! Merry Christmas! 🙂

  4. lowtone123:

    Funny kine my neighbah wan year he wen leave da lights up all year long and jus wen we figgah he goin leave um up till Christmas...he take um down, den he wen put um back up fo Christmas. Mean! Anyhows, to his credit he neva turn on da lights, jus wen leave um up hanging on his house. He not PI, he Japanee.

  5. wafan:

    Yahoo! I'll be home for Christmas . . .

    For real! I'd like a bottle of your world famous kim chee, please. Neva have da gooood kine long time!

    I can roll down the hill Sunday morning. Let me know!

    Tank, ah.

  6. kamaaina808:

    The minute da Christmas trees are sold signals "Christmas" for me. Lights go up, (well, more lights go up 😀 lol), I get branches from da hOme Depot fo' free since I can't afford one tree, and my Nativity stay undaneath so I can take one pitcha fo' send around to friends & relatives.

    I still want a tshirt 😛

    Ummm... before I say 'I want' da free kim-chee... need to know if u use da kine fishy stuff or bonito in it. I stay allergic for some strange reason, so my kim-chee gotta be real vegetarian kine. If it stay fishy/bonito-y - no worries, still nice of you to offer... so MAHALOZ, BL. 🙂

  7. Jeannette:

    If I was in Hawaii I would certainly take advantage of your kimchee. If it is not too hot. I'm not a fan of hot, spicy kimchee. I can buy Joe Kim's Kim Chee at the local Mitsuwa and Marukai. That is my favorite brand.
    For me, it is Christmas when A Charlie Brown Christmas is on the TV. I look for the Grinch too but Charlie Brown does it for me. That's what puts me in the Christmas mood.

  8. 9th island girl:

    I don't feel like it's Christmas until it gets cold! Once I need to wear a double blanket, I feel in the spirit!

  9. Keoni:

    I have to say that it's the Christmas decorations everywhere. Yep, love those high palm trees with the lights! By da way, there's a really nice tree at Kapolei Hale that kinda reminds me of the one at Honolulu Hale. So, if you stay live on da westside, you can get the same feel ovah here! 🙂

  10. M:

    Guud morning BL!
    Let me know when to pickup Kim Chee. I can drop by aftah work.

  11. Glenn D:

    Kimchee~~!! I want, I want. But since I stay on da mainland, I won't be home until February. Too late, yeah? Arghhhh. And you know da airlines no like for you to ship hazmat stuff like kimchee in their airplanes....
    I really feel its Christmas time wen da parking lot at the local Walmart get REALLY crowded at 9:00am already, start to see mo pupules driving crazier dan usual and finally wen I see Christmas Story on TV.

  12. 2B:

    When I was small, I used to think that Christmas music was the start to da season, you know listening to Larry Price and Michael W Perry on da way into school.

    This year I heard some in Hallmark when I was buying a card at the beginning of October. Wow, they didn't even wait til Columbus day this year.

    Pretty soon the music is going to start during Easter.

    I trade you for some Kim Chee if you like some salt.

  13. cojef:

    Braddah Lance, shop at Marukai, in Costa Mesa, Ca if I want kim chee. With us makule, we usually get the urge and den stop by an get um. You know Christmas wen there is a chill in the year and the stores get their decorations up. Getting earlier and earlier nowadays. Thanks for da offer and for ur blog. My connection to my birthplace, Kapaa, Kauai, mid-1925.

  14. Kage:

    Good afternoon all.

    I know its Christmas when it starts to get dark as I walk out of the office. Or it is still dark when my alarm goes off in the morning.

  15. sassy7:

    Braddah Lance.....don't forget me.....I am just ono for good kim chee...and you make um so good.......sad that not going reach me by Christmas.....But Hope your Holiday is great....miss you tons!....oh..eh...Kanaknui is about 6'2 right now.....my Nui is surely living up to his name....seems only like yesterday....you came to his first b-day in Waialua.....oh that was years ago....lol...Mele Kalikimaka everyone!...

  16. SNOW:

    sheesh, i'm not sure what the heck makes it feel like christmas for me. sometimes it's the cooler weather but, otherwise, it just sort of sneaks up on me! LOL. thank for offering your famous kim chee - it's ono! i probably won't have the time to meet you during this crazy busy holiday time but i appreciate the offer as i know you are crazy busy too! happy holidays to you and the family and the rest of the WWD ohana!

  17. Ynaku:

    Da smell of the trees

  18. rayboyjr:

    😎 Good Morning Everyone!!! 😎

    ... hey Braddah Lance ... it's a strange thing ... but for me, I know it's Christmas or Christmas season ... when in the morning cold there's a mist on my car's rear windows ... kinda dangerous cause cannot see out the back unless I wipe 'em ... but good thing no really need look out the back window to drive to work ...

    ... Have a Good One Everyone!!! ...

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