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January 31st, 2014

If you're still up, you either have insomnia or must be in Vegas.

I would like to guess that the Super Bowl must be one of the biggest - and busiest - betting times of da year in Vegas but for those in da know, you know dat there multitudes of bets dat really doesn't even involve da game per se.

It is true dat in Vegas you can bet on practically anything and one of da most popular "fun bets" you can make are called propositions. They run da gamut from calling da coin toss to if someone will say "I'm going to Disney Land/World". And those are REAL, ACTUAL bets!

Wassup Wit Dat!

Hea's a popular top 10 list from

1. How many times will Peyton Manning say "Omaha" during the game?
Odds: Over/under 27.5

2. How many times will "Beast Mode" be said during the game?
Odds: Over/under 2

3. Who will be seen first on TV after kickoff?
Odds: Erin Andrews (-140), Pam Oliver (EVEN)

4. How many times will Archie Manning be shown on TV during the game?
Odds: Over/under 2.5

5. Will Knowshon Moreno cry during the singing of the National Anthem?
Odds: Yes (+400), No (-700)

6. Will Renee Fleming wear gloves when she starts singing the US National Anthem?
Odds: Yes (-200), No (+150)

7. Will Michael Crabtree mention Richard Sherman in a tweet during the Super Bowl from kickoff until final whistle?
Odds: Yes (+150), No (-200)

8. What will the TV Rating be for the Super Bowl?
Odds: Over/under 47.5 Nielson Rating

9. Total Number of Penalties Made by Both Teams
Odds: Over/under 12.5

10. Total Team Points - Denver Broncos
Odds: Over/under 25

Obviously there a host of oddahs but these are just da tip of da iceberg. I remembah one year we had a proposition contest and da person wit da most right would win da pot...... there were 50 out of a gazillion listed. πŸ˜€

Wat oddah propositions have you heard? Are you even watching da Super Bowl dis year? Do you host or go to Super Bowl parties? Do play "blocks"? Try "guess" da above and see if you would have won any kala.

Hope everyone has an enjoyable - and safe - Super Bowl! Go Niners!

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If It Was You

January 30th, 2014

It finally hit home.

A couple days ago there was a shooting at Roosevelt High School and while I am totally relived it wasn't a mass type of shooting, where it seems to be an eerily growing commonplace on da mainland, it was still a shooting in a public school.... in Hawai'i.

From what I've read - and interpreted - HPD was called to Roosevelt HS to take into custody a non-student who was waiting in a counselors room. Once officers (3) arrived, the non-student became combative, brandished a large kitchen knife then lunged at an officer resulting in cutting his uniform and bullet proof vest. It also stated that the other officers received minor injuries as well but I couldn't tell if it was all of them or only one or two of them. Thereafter, an officer fired two shots one of which hit the arm of the non-student who was able to be detained right after.

Wat I no get is all da frickin' people bitchin', moaning and complaining about wat went down and how come a gun was pulled instead of a tazer and da fact dat there were three officers to da one person and couldn't "handle" blah blah bu!!$h!t.

Wassup Wit Dat!

I've had my "complaints" about HPD and some of their mannerisms but in a situation like dis, c'mon man! Hea's my "reasoning" why da shooting was "justified":

1) Da teenager was instantly combative da moment officers arrived
*** Da officers - from wat I know - NO officer in general enters a "safe" environment wit their hand on their holster looking to shoot.

2) Da teenager not only showed aggression but acted upon it and had it not been for da officers vest, who knows wat kine of damage da knife would have done to da officer's body dat was struck.
*** Last time I checked, a knife can kill - especially a LARGE one - and wen it IS a deadly instrument, using their issued weapon is approved. In addition, wen someone comes attacking wielding a knife, there's no way one would reach further down on their leg to unholster their tazer in time considering they were in a room and furthermore you need SPACE to fire da tazer in order for it to work effectively. Wat if he did go for his tazer and fired and it didn't work, HPD could be preparing a funeral instead of doing an investigation for justification. For those who've nevah been in a fight, things happen in milliseconds and reaction times need to be lighting fast. Wen one has to put their own life on da line, they should be afforded every opportunity to protect their own as well.

3) Once da teenager called for blood, it's a mattah of not only protecting one's life but da people da officers are sworn to protect.
*** I cannot tell who shot da teenager whether it be da officer dat was struck or da backup but in any case, not to have killed da suspect and only fired two shots with one hitting the arm, kudos to you. I cannot even imagine da thoughts flying through one's mind knowing you could die in dat instant but to (hopefully) be cognizant not to aim center mass earns my respect, if in fact he did so which I do not know.

Wat if your son or daughter or loved one was one of da oddah students in school in dat kine of situation? You're telling me you would tell da officer to be "nice"? Wat if da officers were nice and da suspect got away and then ran into da school wreaking havoc or heaven forbid, hold a hostage? There would be people calling for those officers head's no doubt! And why didn't dat happen? Cause da officers did their job and diffused da situation to da best of their ability and contained da threat.

Do I condone da use of a gun? No mattah wat, it depends cause it most definitely is NOT black and white but in this particular case wea da suspect literally tried to kill one of da officers in close quarters, uh, yeah. Now whether you're going for a center mass shot will ALWAYS be da debate of ages.

Does HPD need my reasoning to help or justify their actions in dis situation? Heck no! There are many more issues I have with all these back seat hind sight left wing/right winged people voicing their resentment to da actions but unless there are oddah facts brought forward, based on wat I read, I for one can stand next to those officers without hesitation and say they did their job.

To all those naysayers, I pray you'll nevah be in dat/any situation evah.... heaven forbid wat will be coming out of your mouth then.

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Ford People?

January 28th, 2014

I no can believe how many people no realize dat as a drivah, you not only gotta obey da rules of da road but you stay behind one 3+ ton hunk of metal ready to do damage in an instant....... and you can nevah turn back once you commit.

One of da most frequent type of accidents are left turning vehicles. It's a simple concept really. Slow down, stop if directed by signage or traffic, ensure you have room to clear the crossing lane and go once it's safe to do so.

People tend to do only one of da four things above..... no ask me which one.

** FYI - A car making a left turn is almost always liable for a collision with a car coming straight in the other direction. Exceptions to this near-automatic rule are rare and difficult to prove, but they can occur if:
β€’The car going straight was going well over the speed limit.
β€’The car going straight went through a red light.

Making a left turn, or even a merging right turn at a stop light or stop sign into traffic, is all about judgment but sadly, it's shifted more towards arrogance. In da most basic of terms, if you making a "merging" turn, you DO NOT HAVE DA RIGHT OF WAY!!! It no mattah if you late or da person behind stay honking - unless it was at a distracted drivah on da phone - you have gotta obey da rules of da road regarding turns - parking lots are no exceptions either.

Dis morning as I was dropping off Da Baby at da sitters, I approach a T-intersection (I'm going straight and have da right of way) and I see a lolo in a beat up white Ford? blatantly blow past da stop sign das been there since da beginning of time. Nevah mind da bold wide white painted stop line which he obviously thought was just graffiti on da road. πŸ™„ Da nose of his truck was more than enough into oncoming traffic but it also prevented me from making my left turn of which I had da right of way.

It wasn't like he was going to stop anyways so I slowed down and flash my highlights to let him know to go - not even a mahalo as he zoomed through. Wat can I say? I felt sorry for da guy...... he had a HUGEMANGEOUS St.Louis Ram flag flying from a pole dat was strapped to his truck and das punishment enough.

Aftah dropping off Da Keiki next, I go back home to pick up da bike but had to fill up gas before heading into work. I'm riding along and almost got T-boned in da parking lot cause da idiot making a right turn nevah like stop. In fact, I got da stink eye cause it was "my fault" and she still went through nevah mind I had to brake hard to avoid a collision with her AND an oncoming car.

Wassup Wit Dat!

Sistah, YOU making a turn from an "intersection", you do not have da right of way...... well she was driving a huge Ford Excursion so she may have thought it came with da SUV.

Aftah filling up, I head towards da on-ramp and sitting at a red light at da intersection of Hoomalu and Moanalua and truth be told, das one treacherous intersection especially if you do not know da rules of da road. There's anoddah mo'olelo with dat but for a future blog. Anyways, there was a Ford Taurus in front of me which had a van in front of dat and da Ford drivah, a USMC soldier based on his uniform and sticker on da window, throwing his arms up in da air urging da van to go.

We had da red light which meant da right turn was ok to make IF it was safe to do so and at dat intersection, you either need a vehicle dat will fly in a nanosecond or zero cars in da vicinity cause dat merge is mighty quick and has a semi-blind view as da vehicles make their way up a minor hill crest before being visible.

Since wen has it become "acceptable" to make turns regardless of safety especially wen there are rules set forth to keep da civility of da road? I tink it's so ridiculous dat at major intersections dis type of contempt has become commonplace. All it takes is one "I think I can make it" type of call to put not only your life at risk but those dat are sharing da road with you.

Da next time you at a stop, not just Ford owners, nevah mind if it taking a little longah to make dat turn, you'll nevah go wrong following da rules of da road and making surah you're able to complete your maneuver safely for your sake...... and mine.

Now I gotta go make a "Calvin / Ford" stickah. πŸ˜† πŸ˜‰

To Pro Bowl Or Not

January 25th, 2014

Living in Hawaii we have a few draw backs, one of which we do not house any major professional sporting team - obviously because of logistics. Da closest thing we have is at da collegiate level and even dat is fair weather at best so every year in late January, those who follow da NFL, really appreciate da Pro Bowl. Although even then, loyalties are split if your team isn't represented.

My friends and I have continued a long tradition of attending da Pro Bowl for many years albeit da last few years we prayed and cheered if none of da players on our respective teams evah came.

Well you see, if we don't see them here, dat means they're preparing for da Super Bowl.... or still recovering from a heart breaking lost in da conference championship game. πŸ˜₯ Injury is a big factor as well but there are enough "stars" selected to attract even da most fairest of fans.

It is amazing though dat it seems like da mainlanders who make da trip down here appear to out number kama'aina in our own house.

Wassup Wit Dat!

Even with da game having been televised, it used to sell out all da time but now da top yellow section is spotty at best and there are visibly open seats no matter da section.

It's plenty sad as da Pro Bowl really has something for every NFL fan but I guess it's come down to da efforts aren't worth da price. There used to be a multitude of events but now it's really "too hard" for many to fight da crowds and of course parking sucks okole wea evah da event is held.

I've been to a handful of NFL and NBA games both here and on da mainland and honestly, da difference is hugemangeous! Da vibe, da atmosphere da people are.... fans.

Have you evah been to a professional sporting event? Which one? Was your experience "different"? Would you be able to be dat weekly fan? How many times - if evah - have you been to da Pro Bowl? Do you think the Pro Bowl should stay in Hawaii?

** A big Mahalos to a Seattle reader - a lurkah now - who hooked Da Wife and I up many many moon's ago with FRICKIN' AWESOME game tickets to watch my beloved 49ers play da Seahawks. While the Niners lost at dat time too, it's an experience I'll nevah forget and something I can scratch of my bucket list. πŸ˜€

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Shhhh.... Secret

January 22nd, 2014

Yesterday's traffic was waaaay heavier than normal and wat is it about traffic dat makes da dumb come out?

It literally was crawling no mattah which way you went home towards da West side and normally I'm on Nimitz to H1 but H1 was backed up to Nimitz so I just stayed. Plus was kinda hot and at least it was much cooler driving beneath H1 instead of on top of it.

I'm amazed at how many vehicles tink they found a "secret lane".

They weave - or at least tried to in stand still traffic - and they always try to get into da lane dat's moving. I always trip out wen I see these kine people cause either they psychic or they think everybody going move outta their way.

Had dis one wahine I was behind from da beginning of da H1/Nimitz split and as we entered Nimitz, she began her game. She immediately switched to da lane next to us as it was "moving". About twenty agonizing feet latah, she switched back. She must have done dat nearly two dozen times and every time I would see wea she was at. Da farthest she was evah at was only four car lengths ahead of me.

Not surprisingly, by da time we reached da end of da viaduct a few miles down, guess wea I was? Right behind her. All dat jockeying to get "ahead" for wat? Nada. πŸ˜† I couldn't help but laugh.

Then get da numbnuts dat really really really need to change lanes as if their life depended on it or they were desperately trying to change lanes to get off da freeway or a side street......... 'den they just go STRAIGHT aftah forcing their way in!

Wassup Wit Dat!

There were at least three cars dat did dat going nearly perpendicular and for da traffic to be literally crawling inch by inch, it was painful to see them block TWO lanes at a time trying to cross four lanes for minutes at a time only to see them just go straight.

Oh yeah, let's not forget about da texter who decided to buss out his phone to kill time but nevah mind da cars moving on da green light while we all sat there wondering why we weren't da only ones crawling along with da rest of da snails. Then to have him to dat again and again! Ugh.

Sometimes I wish I would just be da prick who weaves through traffic.... you know, to have something to blog about from a different perspective. πŸ˜†

Wat you tink?

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