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Let's Be Real

January 2nd, 2014

Anoddah day just turned into anoddah year and with dat comes fresh starts, new beginnings and good intentions.

We all know das full of bleep. 😆

As become a WWD! tradition, we no make empty promises come da new year, we make unresolutions in hopes dat we actually try to prove ourselves wrong.

Instead of making a list of resolutions and feeling like crap wen you no follow through or know it isn't going to happen, we hea just straight up say it isn't going to happen.

Wassup Wit Dat! you ask?

Sadly, most times, resolutions only set you up for failure but if you not "promising" yourself nothing, you won't feel a weighted burden pulling on your shoulders as da days pass - or really in some cases, just a day.

Resolutions only work wen you have a plan cause oddah than dat, it's just words on paper. Personally, I love da fact of trying to "prove" myself wrong instead of trying to promise things. Evah heard da term "Haters = Motivators"? I take dat to heart wen I know it's a challenge and people - or obstacles - try to bring you down. It is way more satisfying to have accomplished something people say you can't do or wen there's negative vibes around you and you bust through all of dat.

It's motivation to prove yourself but there will be times dat you most definitely will fail. In fact, a good percentage of time you probably will but das da "twist" in trying to "prove yourself" rather than "promising yourself". Your attitude in glory and in defeat comes wit da fact of a sense of trying instead of just failing or giving up.

Bottom line, you can always pick yourself up and try again wen you're trying to prove yourself but making promises is nothing more than just dat, a promise. No get me wrong, promises are vital in motivation but you have to be willing to constantly prove yourself to make those promises a reality.

So for me, I "challenge" myself in saying I can't do things and use dat as motivation to prove to myself dat I can. Wen I fail, I don't say dat I didn't fulfill a resolution/promise and quit or just leave it as is - I pick myself up, dust myself off and kick my okole a few times to try again.

Wat are you real about for 2014?

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8 Responses to “Let's Be Real”

  1. GA Bows:

    For me, it's being a better all around; husband, father, friend, co-worker.

  2. kamaaina808:

    Rein in frivolous spending, toss out excess junks that have been pushed into corners, drawers, closets for years, less time on computer & more time outdoors, and switching back to 'healthy' eating (yes, it's possible to be vegetarian & eat junk 😐 ) = all doable = all good. 🙂

  3. Kage:

    I will try not to use my credit cards unnecessarily this year. If I can not pay for it in cash, I do not need it.... I hope.

  4. cojef:

    If one lives a disciplined life no need to make any resolutions. A structured plan if followed through as much as possible results in great things accomplished. Spent 2 hitches in the army to finally find who I was. Marriage is the greatest institution, it brings structure to your life. Been married for 63 years on the 28th of last month, although have been living with her for 65 years. The last time we bought an auto on contract was in 1959. From than on paid cash for all purchases, only first 2 homes bought on contract mortgage. After that all cash.

  5. wafan:

    Enjoy life more!

  6. 9th Island Girl:

    Cojef, that's awesome!

    Sorry to say it's the same every year for me: lose weight!

  7. snow:

    i need to clear out the junk!! sooner, rather than later... gonna have to at some point this year (meaning, i won't have a choice!). and, speaking of getting rid of junk... i need to start exercising again! 😉

  8. M:

    Howzit BL!

    Eat more healthier
    Paddle more

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