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Sony Open Freebie

January 9th, 2014

Howzit Everybodies!

Who wants Sony Open tickets? Let me know via a post - or email - and I'll try and kapu some but no ask me for twenty cause it ain't happening. 😛

KOKUA SHOUT OUT: Anybody know anybody - or has any suggestions - for a venue for my son's First Luau? We're looking for end of June/beginning of July but since it's graduation season, a lot of places have been booked up or waaaay out of our reach. We did da rec center thing for Da Keiki's First Luau and Da Wife wanted to step it up a notch. 😉

If you got any pull or suggestions please let me know - it's much appreciated!


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14 Responses to “Sony Open Freebie”

  1. Locomoco:

    I went to a holiday function at the new Pomaikai Ballrooms at Dole Cannery. Stylishly renovated, with a top-notch GM and Exec Chef who used to run Hawaii Prince's great buffet. Very nice hotel banquet experience without the Waikiki prices.

  2. Manoa Mist:

    We had my nephew's graduation party at Hawaii Okinawa Center in Waipio Gentry. Nice place. Not sure how expensive.

  3. RatMin:

    Have you checked out the Honolulu Country Club. If you have any Sony Open tickets they would be great. 4 if you have them.

    Muchos Majalos!

  4. tom moreau:

    Interested in 1 Sony ticket for tomorrow. Might be too late , only saw blog now

  5. lowtone123:

    We had our first two at The Willows Restaurant and it went really well. The food is great and the servers take care of everything even serving the birthday cake. We did the rec center thing for our third thinking we save some kala but ho we had to buss okole. Setting up, serving the food, breaking down, cleaning up. If it wasn't for the help of our family and friends (lucky we get beeg family) we couldn't have pulled it off. It might have been worth it to have it at a restaurant like The Willows again and have less work to do for everyone.

  6. lowtone123:

    My sister had my niece's party at Pearl Country Club was pretty good too. Sorry only making suggestions, I no mo pull.

  7. lowtone123:

    Might have to settle for a Sunday day time party. Most grad parties at night. Okinawan Center is nice if you like Zippy's food. The food is provided by A Catering Experience which is run by Zippy's.

  8. wafan:

    Ooooooooh, baby lu'au! Have not been to one in forever. Good luck finding a reasonable and good place.

    No need any Open tickets. Cannot afford the airfare . . . unless you throwing that in too!

  9. bamboohouse808:

    Atherton Halau at Bishop Museum. Just make sure no more one big event at the museum at the same time as your party. Parking becomes an issue.

  10. UH91Alum:

    Both of our boys had their parties at Oceanarium (Pacific Beach Hotel). Food was great, price was reasonable, their buffet had something for everyone's taste, and the kids LOVED seeing all the marine life in the tank. Be sure to ask for seating near the tank, as they feed the fishes around 11:30 - noon. Willows & Pagoda are not bad either, but their parking lot are limited if you're expecting a big group.

  11. Glenn D:

    Sorry BL, I got nothin. But I like going to Willows - been there befo da change ova to buffet style, been dea afta too. My dad likes da Oceanarium. He went fo his birthday in July and den went just last month for his friend's birthday too. Place not cheap but they all like da crab legs.

  12. cojef:

    no kan help, live in the mainland. only kan offer much aloha for keikis party.

  13. lno:

    My granddaughter's first birthday party (Oct 2013) was at the Hawaii Okinawan Center at Waipio, which my daughter booked 10 months in advanced! They do all the set up and cleanup for you. And you cater their food, which was really good! As for renting a hall, you would have to do everything yourself! I would try call the Hawaii Okinawan Center to see if they have any openings.

  14. Otto:

    If get plenty kids, try cosmic bowling at Aiea Bowl. Daytime cheaper. Not sure what they charge for food from the Alley (restaurant inside bowling alley). But I think they have pizza. More expensive and fancy is Nico's Pier 38. Get banquet room on second floor. I remember the service was good.

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