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Unfair Sometimes

January 15th, 2014

It happens in da movies frequently and is a dramatic plot dat pulls your emotional heartstrings or you may - or may not - know a person who's lost a loved one before their time especially if it's a keiki of yours.

Wassup Wit Dat!

Recently, one of Honolulu's finest from the Honolulu Fire Department lost his life doing one of the things he loved to do, hiking. Twenty-seven year old Mitchell Kai slipped on a rope climbing between the second and third peaks of Olomana and tragically fell to his death.

He was a player in my inaugural year of coaching 20 years ago when I had da little rugrats who couldn't even tie their own shoelaces and wearing hats too big for their heads. I remember him vividly cause he had these silver capped front teeth, a very happy go lucky attitude and wen running for fun, he would always yell "aaaaaaaaggggghhhhhhh" in a high pitched toddler voice as he zoomed off.

Oh yeah, he had some mean hannah-battahs all da time! 😆 Not only da runny kine but da kine green crusty ring around da nostrils kine. 😆 I'll nevah fo'get dat! So classic.

Unfortunately, he only played for a couple of years I believe and I haven't seen or heard about him since till a few days ago. From wat I read, he carried dat happy go lucky attitude and lived a fulfilling life finding his passion as a fire fighter. While I am saddened by his passing, I can't help but get ovah da fact dat it wasn't his time to go.

I cannot even fathom how his parents are feeling but as a former player of mine, it certainly pains me to read or hear about such tragedies happen to "kids" I've been fortunate enough to coach. It's something as an adult you always "wish" dat your time comes before da young ones in da natural progression of life.

Mitchell Kai, your presence has touched those around you. Rest in peace as your life was filled with many moments and love. May God have an open field for you to run through as you yell your calling card so keep smiling on my Braddah..... hannah-battahs and all.

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10 Responses to “Unfair Sometimes”

  1. Glenn D:

    Me da first twice in a row?

  2. Glenn D:

    I am sorry to hear about your friend's passing. It is especially sad when the person goes way before his time. When I lost my mother in 2012, my friend told me that I was a good son just by outliving my parents. Keep his memory and cherish the time you spent.

  3. M:

    My condolences goes out to his family and friends.

  4. lowtone123:

    Condolences to the Kai family in this difficult time. I have had the pleasure of coaching at various times usually coach my kids teams. Soccer, baseball, flag football and basketball. I have met some wonderful kids along the way. Reading your post have made me reflect on them and what became of them.

  5. kamaaina808:

    How special you knew him during his hanabata days! He had to be one special person to stand out way back then. But I'll be the first to disagree with 'wasn't his time to go' - because it indeed was his time, else he wouldn't have gone. We may not think it was his time, but we're not the ones in charge of everything & everyone, if you know what I'm saying. My condolences and blessings to his family.

  6. cojef:

    What a wonderful story! You have been blessed for feeling the way you do for this young men who passed your way. Your memories of his hanbata, while cute actually is profound and I want to commend you for your feelings for him. You are what you are, a person who love whomever you have had intimate contact with. Condolences to the Kai family, and Braddah Lance much Aloha to you for being kind and loving.

  7. wafan:

    You have special memories of a young man who's life you touched. Once you've experienced something like that it's so hard to give up. That's why I believe there is a awesome place in heaven for good teachers and coaches of all sorts.

    Prayers and positive thoughts for the Kai family and friends.

    Aloha, Mitchell!

  8. 9th Island Girl:

    I agree with kamaaina 808 but how sad for his loved ones and friends, including you . God comfort all of them.

  9. snow:

    condolences to his family and friends and, to you, BL. seemed like he was a guy who loved life and died doing something he loved. i have not seen a picture of him yet where he did not have a huge smile on his face. you are lucky to have such fun memories of him!

    gone too soon but i'm sure there are bigger plans for him....

  10. KAN:

    BL, I'm sorry for your loss and for his family's loss. It's hard to understand when and why someone passes so young.

    On Saturday, Sweetie and I went to the funeral of a friend with whom Sweetie had lost touch in the last couple of years. He was a year younger than Sweetie, with two adopted daughters. He had a wicked (and often filthy) sense of humor, but he loved those two girls with all his heart. His health had been declining, but his death was sudden. Aigoo - my heart and sympathy go to all those who have lost someone this month.

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