Wassup Wit Dat!

Suck It Up..... At Least For Dis Year

January 21st, 2014

Da Bud Light commercials got it right with their "it's only weird if it doesn't work" commercials. Any person who's played any organized sport for a considerable amount of time will tell you that there are certain things you do and don't, things you found to "work" and things dat are down right daring a jinx to happen.

It runs da gamut as simple as wearing da same sock for every game - without washing for some, - putting on your shoes left foot first and even as bold as abstaining from sex.

I made a major faux paux dis past Saturday and knew it was going to hurt one way or anoddah. Once da playoffs started, I hadn't shaved. Well, I'm Korean and my hair doesn't grow ovah night so I wasn't worried about a fear-da-beard kinda growth but for me, a week will garner slivers of hairs dat looks like someone decided to use a sharpie and draw whiskers on my uppah lip. I normally shave weekly as I don't enjoy da fu-man-chu look but for some reason kept it since da 49ers won. Da following week, they won again! I definitely didn't plan on shaving but groggily waking up dis past Saturday, I brushed my teeth, looked at my face and next thing I knew I was shaving!

Wassup Wit Dat!

I should have taken a sign dat wen I started, da blade actually tugged at my thread like whiskers a few times and it hurt like a son of a motherless goat! Then I woke up! Oh crap, wat am I going to do now? I couldn't go out and run errands with half my face shaved could I? It was ironic as well dat Da Keiki was about to get her haircut for da first time since birth (three years old now) and I was like...... $h!t, was dis a sign? Did I just screw "us" in Niner Nation?

So on gameday, I did da unthinkable and pleaded with da football gods dat I fully support my Niners with dis........

Crap, nevah work. I take da blame for dis one and da ragging I'm getting from a few of my friends who are Shehawks - sorry, still salty - Seahawks fans. Although I feel dat if da CORRECT penalty was assessed, it wasn't a judgment call, but a clear cut rule book penalty had been made regarding roughing da kicker instead of running into da kicker, da result could/should have been different. Da resulting momentum shift was game changing but still Harbaugh should have called a timeout once we got da first down just outside da 20 with under 30 seconds left. We had two time outs left and yet still, Kapernick should have checked it down as he had a wide open receiver in the left flats easily for 10 yards and with timeouts to burn, would have been easier to convert da next play(s) instead of going for it all one crack.

Oh well, time to suck it up and while I hate to cheer for a team dat made us clear out da lockers, conference loyalty still counts...... for those who can respect da game. GO BRONCOS! Mahalo Sherman for dat easy decision to make.

Guess I'm back to watching da commercials and having a few as punishment. :mrgreen:

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16 Responses to “Suck It Up..... At Least For Dis Year”

  1. GA Bows:

    Ohhhh... so you're the reason!!! Just kidding.
    It was a good game, wish the outcome was different but there's always next year.

    I'll be cheering for the Bronco to take it home.

  2. Glenn D:

    Oh I got one of dem jinxes too. Funny how things work,yeah? I'm with GA...go Broncos!

  3. makaha wahine:

    I enjoyed the game but agree they should have slowed down and used the time outs. We will be cheering for the Broncos. I bet the whole east coast will be for the Broncos too because Peyton and Eli are brothers. Omaha, Omaha, Omaha! Just like MacArthur, the Forty-niners will return! I wish the refs could have been penalized too!

  4. lowtone123:

    Eh BL at least you can watch the game, suck 'em up (jus as long as you no drive), have fun wit friends and no need stress out on da game.

  5. lowtone123:

    BTW da pic is cute. Too bad cute no get you extra points, eh? Aah, das okay, you wen try.

  6. M:

    Howzit BL!
    I don't have a favorite NFL team and I hardly even watch any games but my neighbor was cheering loudly Sunday afternoon so I figured it must have been a good game who ever they were cheering for.

  7. Fat Bastard:

    BL, was one real good game!! Cannot let one rotten bugga (Sherman) take away from the rest of the very humble Seahawks (i.e. Wilson, Chancellor, Thomas, Unger (local boy at that..) etc...).

    Every team has em, even your Niners...

    GO HAWKS!!!

    P.S. Don't know if you noticed, but the two teams in the Super Bowl come from states that legalized pakalolo... Something to think about...

  8. GA Bows:

    Kaepernick was making that kind of throws all game long. I am surprise that the Niners didn't have him run the ball more in the second half.

  9. rayboyjr:

    😎 Good Morning Everyone!!! 😎

    ... hey Braddah Lance ... sorry about your team ... was actually slightly leaning for the 49ers since I have way more friends who are fans ... come to think of it, I don't have any friends who are Seahawks fans ...

    ... although the loss probably falls mostly on Kaepernick ... I respect that he accepted the responsibility ...

    ... I don't really fault him for that last interception ... as Kaepernick said, he had a one-on-one matchup with one of his best receivers, albeit against Sherman ... I thought the deep corner endzone pass was really a better play than most thought ... the pass should have been a bit higher ... but still, Sherman could not have intercepted the ball ... Sherman had to lunge and extend just to get his body turned to bat the ball away ... a great play on Sherman ...

    ... but what the heck was the linebacker doing that far back into the endzone??? ... if the LB wasn't there, it would have just been a great pass defense ... kudos to the Seahawk defense for their hustle and having guys run to the ball ...

    ... anyway, it was an exciting game ...

  10. Robin:

    I became a Seahawk fan at the start of the 1983 season (15 years old). It was because I found myself rooting for the 49ers in the Catch game vs. the Cowboys, that I realized I wasn't much of a Cowboy fan, plus Roger Staubach retired. When choosing a fav team, I look into the city/area as much as the team. In 1982, my sister performed with a dance group in Texas Stadium...she said a decent # of the Texas girls were condescending. My experiences as a adult traveling there for work leads me to believe its a lot like the Southeast, most people are OK, but especially in the South, a lot still think they are 'above you'. My Pac NW cousin says he 'Never roots for the South' from his experiences, and he also doesn't like Idaho teams as well. So even though Dallas has had a lot more success over a long period than Seattle, I don't regret at all switching teams.

  11. cojef:

    For me at my age ainokea for football like 5 years ago and earlier years. Very cute keiki pic, you very lucky braddah Lance. Like Fat Bastard, pakalolo okay in Colorado and Washington States so TV account after game show very agitated players, may be high on it.

  12. Robin:

    I think if there were no Montana, Young, Rice, Lott, etc. success of the 80's and 90's there would be a lot less local 49er fans as there are now. Now if the Rams didn't move and the Chargers and Seahawks were more successful as well, that would impact the popularity also. Generally, the teams that were good during your formative years (late elementary-intermediate-early high school) are the fav teams of today (myself being an exception- Seattle was average when I switched, and I was a little older).
    Think about it... I'm 46, I know several Steeler, Cowboy, Raider, Viking, Ram, and Dolphin fans in my age group and a little older. They were strong in the 70's and early 80's. I know/see very few LOCAL fans AT MY AGE GROUP AND A BIT OLDER that were/are Packer, Bronco, Patriot and Giants fans. Yet I know/see a lot of support among 30-somethings and early 40's for these 4 teams. These teams dominated the 90's. NFL teams with no team in their area like winners, especially when they are growing up. There are regional preferences (like West Coast for here), but winning is the overriding factor for most people.

  13. Robin:

    correction: NFL FANS with no team in their area

  14. wafan:

    Hawks! heheheh

  15. 9th Island Girl:

    You crack me up about the shaving! Glad I Neva run into you when you was all caveman. That was a heartbreaking game. Of course I was thinking about you because I could hear the crying all the way ova hea. Go Broncos!

  16. cojef:

    Hey Robin my classmate from Kauai High knew Joe Montana personally in San Fran and used to go out after games to dinner. She is my age 88. Remember Bronco of the Packers and Sayers from the Bears days.

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