Wassup Wit Dat!

Shhhh.... Secret

January 22nd, 2014

Yesterday's traffic was waaaay heavier than normal and wat is it about traffic dat makes da dumb come out?

It literally was crawling no mattah which way you went home towards da West side and normally I'm on Nimitz to H1 but H1 was backed up to Nimitz so I just stayed. Plus was kinda hot and at least it was much cooler driving beneath H1 instead of on top of it.

I'm amazed at how many vehicles tink they found a "secret lane".

They weave - or at least tried to in stand still traffic - and they always try to get into da lane dat's moving. I always trip out wen I see these kine people cause either they psychic or they think everybody going move outta their way.

Had dis one wahine I was behind from da beginning of da H1/Nimitz split and as we entered Nimitz, she began her game. She immediately switched to da lane next to us as it was "moving". About twenty agonizing feet latah, she switched back. She must have done dat nearly two dozen times and every time I would see wea she was at. Da farthest she was evah at was only four car lengths ahead of me.

Not surprisingly, by da time we reached da end of da viaduct a few miles down, guess wea I was? Right behind her. All dat jockeying to get "ahead" for wat? Nada. 😆 I couldn't help but laugh.

Then get da numbnuts dat really really really need to change lanes as if their life depended on it or they were desperately trying to change lanes to get off da freeway or a side street......... 'den they just go STRAIGHT aftah forcing their way in!

Wassup Wit Dat!

There were at least three cars dat did dat going nearly perpendicular and for da traffic to be literally crawling inch by inch, it was painful to see them block TWO lanes at a time trying to cross four lanes for minutes at a time only to see them just go straight.

Oh yeah, let's not forget about da texter who decided to buss out his phone to kill time but nevah mind da cars moving on da green light while we all sat there wondering why we weren't da only ones crawling along with da rest of da snails. Then to have him to dat again and again! Ugh.

Sometimes I wish I would just be da prick who weaves through traffic.... you know, to have something to blog about from a different perspective. 😆

Wat you tink?

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14 Responses to “Shhhh.... Secret”

  1. lowtone123:

    Nah BL, cuz you not ladat das why. But me I give up trying to figgah out why peepo drive ladat. Like you, I see it in da mornin onda way to work and in da aftanoon onda way home.

  2. makaha wahine:

    I just make shuah I get ac,sounds, drink and snack in da kaa. Den no worry strawberry, cruise at 5-10 mph till it opens up. Let people that use their blinkers cut, read da minds of those that no use um, no get mad cause as my fada said, "Only dogs get mad".Just bless everyone to arrive safe wherever they are going.

  3. wafan:

    Do not be that guy (or wahine).

    Why lower yourself to their disgusting level?

  4. dihudfan:

    mahalo for venting... it's nice to know get somebody feelin' same ways....

  5. CW:

    Man, I hate those guys!

  6. Glenn D:

    LA used to be da traffic jam capitol, now da honor just went to da folks at da 808. I used to be that lolo that would change lanes but no more. I realized that one, (you're right) I don't get dea any sooner than da guy behind me, and two, wen drive like dat, my blood pressure was getting too high. Now, I take it at a stride and stay in da lane I'm at. But I do get irritated wit the texting. That is one lolo and selfish act while driving. I get so tempted to bus out my ipad and start watching a movie but I no like get busted for dat wen moto cop peeks in my window while splitting traffic, yeah?

  7. roach:


    I'm just so happy that I'm retired and no longer have to deal with the "rush hour" traffic and the lolos on the road.

  8. sally:

    You know what's gonna happen if you do. Murphy's Law will make you end up with some short end of some stick.

  9. cojef:

    Am retired for ovah 24 years but for ovah 10 years drove the Seal Beach/down-town LA route. Lucky we had flex-hours then so left the house before 5 AM and left the office at 3:30 PM. If you leave a difference of 3 minutes, aiya, ya, you get in the commuter rush. Bettah be the leader of the pack and stay out of trouble. My last 3 and half years of work was in Houston, Texas, and rented apartment and Abby rent/furniture almost across the street from office. Walked to office and came home for lunch every day. From my 3rd story office window know when the wife drove off to go shopping.

  10. buddahbelly:

    I drive the same route home and you are right, the traffic was especially bad yesterday. Through the whole route home, I was waiting to see the stall or accident, but there was nothing! The radio traffic reports are useless, they just say heavy traffic West bound. WWD!

  11. rayboyjr:

    😎 Good Afternoon Everyone!!! 😎

    ... hey Braddah Lance ... patience is a lost art ...

    ... technology killed common sense ...

    ... the more we know, the less we know about the really important things ...

  12. SurfDad:

    Frequent lane changes is what causes the accidents on H-1 East bound in the morning. I leave Mililani at different times, sometimes 5-5:30a, sometimes 6:30a. At 5-5:30am traffic is not that heavy and is flowing at freeway speeds. Problem is people speeding around trying to weave through traffic and they get into an accident. Most of the accidents in the morning occur before 6am. After 6am traffic builds and slows down so people have a harder time weaving through traffic at dangerous speeds. I have always said if HPD wants to help the traffic situation they should have officers on the freeway from around 4-6am every morning to slow people down. I would guarantee we see less accidents causing major back-ups.

  13. 9th Island Girl:

    I hate those irritating drivers, too! Nah, you shouldn't be one of them cuz den you gotta take a picture of yourself and post um on your blog. 🙂

  14. M:

    Today driving into Manoa Valley a Toyota Camry in front of me signals left then turns right. WWD!

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