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To Pro Bowl Or Not

January 25th, 2014

Living in Hawaii we have a few draw backs, one of which we do not house any major professional sporting team - obviously because of logistics. Da closest thing we have is at da collegiate level and even dat is fair weather at best so every year in late January, those who follow da NFL, really appreciate da Pro Bowl. Although even then, loyalties are split if your team isn't represented.

My friends and I have continued a long tradition of attending da Pro Bowl for many years albeit da last few years we prayed and cheered if none of da players on our respective teams evah came.

Well you see, if we don't see them here, dat means they're preparing for da Super Bowl.... or still recovering from a heart breaking lost in da conference championship game. 😥 Injury is a big factor as well but there are enough "stars" selected to attract even da most fairest of fans.

It is amazing though dat it seems like da mainlanders who make da trip down here appear to out number kama'aina in our own house.

Wassup Wit Dat!

Even with da game having been televised, it used to sell out all da time but now da top yellow section is spotty at best and there are visibly open seats no matter da section.

It's plenty sad as da Pro Bowl really has something for every NFL fan but I guess it's come down to da efforts aren't worth da price. There used to be a multitude of events but now it's really "too hard" for many to fight da crowds and of course parking sucks okole wea evah da event is held.

I've been to a handful of NFL and NBA games both here and on da mainland and honestly, da difference is hugemangeous! Da vibe, da atmosphere da people are.... fans.

Have you evah been to a professional sporting event? Which one? Was your experience "different"? Would you be able to be dat weekly fan? How many times - if evah - have you been to da Pro Bowl? Do you think the Pro Bowl should stay in Hawaii?

** A big Mahalos to a Seattle reader - a lurkah now - who hooked Da Wife and I up many many moon's ago with FRICKIN' AWESOME game tickets to watch my beloved 49ers play da Seahawks. While the Niners lost at dat time too, it's an experience I'll nevah forget and something I can scratch of my bucket list. 😀

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13 Responses to “To Pro Bowl Or Not”

  1. keoni:

    Gee, da Pro Bowl wen being played in Hawai'i? No bulai? 😯 🙄 😆

  2. keoni:

    Uh, can you tell I no follow pro football?

  3. keoni:

    I did attend a majah league baseball game once, though - at Veterans stadium in Philly in 1980 when da Phillies won da World Series. It was a fun experience but not enough to get me hooked. I think I enjoyed the antics of the Philly Phanatic more den da game itself, if truth be told.

  4. cojef:

    Not much of a football fan but been to a of number baseball stadiums in Chicago, Cleveland and Detroit when living in Fort Wayne, Indiana in the late 60's when son was still growing up. Then moved to Chicago and to Seal Beach, California. Finally got too expensive, plus driving and parking. Easier to watch TV.

  5. 9th Island Girl:

    Never been to a professional sporting event and don't think I could because I hate crowds. I feel overwhelmed and claustrophobic. TV is good enough for me!

  6. wafan:

    Yep, been to pro events here, CA, and MO.

    CA - Angels, Raiders, Rams and the Mighty Ducks

    MO - Cards, and Royals

    WA - M's (King Dome and SafeCo Field), Sonics, Thunderbirds, Seahawks (King Dome and at the C-Link), and the Tacoma AAA team

    They tend to treat folks with dignity rather than how we were treated at UH football games. I think it is just a ploy to force folks to over pay for the "food" at the rust bucket.

    If the players do not show up to play else where . . . they like playing in Hawai'i. Why not keep it there and move it after the Super Bowl where it was before?

  7. M:

    Howzit BL!
    I been to one pro game, MLB in 2012 at Oakland Coliseum to see the A's beat the Rangers for the West Championship. That was awesome! The fans was unreal, most of the fans standup the whole game.

  8. DIO:

    Pro Bowl? Is that the supa extra hugemangous sized Saimin bowl? 😆

  9. keoni:

    Eh DIO, it either that or da Poi Bowl or Salad Bowl, but not stay confused wit da Cotton Boll! 🙄 😆

  10. Glenn D:

    Eh, wea can I get Pro Bowl size poke bowl wit plenty masago in dem?

  11. makaha wahine:

    My husband and I were lucky to go to a 49rs preseason game thank to my nephew
    who let us have his tickets. We felt a rush at seeing how the fans supported the team with all their gear in the parking lot. Being a souvenir collector I wanted to pick up all the good plastic logo cups left behind after the game but I just kept our two cups to take home. I hope to one day go to a regular season game. Maybe my grandson will make it to the pros after college and then we'll all go. Fan-atics are what make the game fun!

  12. Ynaku:

    I sometime wish the Seahawks and 49ers can challenge each other in the Super Bowl. Wishful thinking yeah? 😆

  13. RatMin:

    I was able to get some tickets to the Pro Bowl through my work place so me, my wife and son could go. Yes the traffic and parking situation was a big challenge (being nice about it). My wife and son got their first because I had to work until 1:00pm and they had to park at Ford Island. I had to have one of my employees drop me off at Stadium mall. Then of course their was the rain to deal with. But we lucked out as our Blue section seats were covered by the level above. Of course we ate there and I think I spent about $60.00 on food and drinks. But all of the stresses of getting there and money spent was all worth it just to see the enjoyment in his 7 year old face experiencing his first "real" Pro football game in a stadium.
    My son is also a huge 49er fan he even cried when Kaepernick threw the interception in the end zone that ended their chances for the Super Bowl. Now that is hardcore.

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