Wassup Wit Dat!

Ford People?

January 28th, 2014

I no can believe how many people no realize dat as a drivah, you not only gotta obey da rules of da road but you stay behind one 3+ ton hunk of metal ready to do damage in an instant....... and you can nevah turn back once you commit.

One of da most frequent type of accidents are left turning vehicles. It's a simple concept really. Slow down, stop if directed by signage or traffic, ensure you have room to clear the crossing lane and go once it's safe to do so.

People tend to do only one of da four things above..... no ask me which one.

** FYI - A car making a left turn is almost always liable for a collision with a car coming straight in the other direction. Exceptions to this near-automatic rule are rare and difficult to prove, but they can occur if:
β€’The car going straight was going well over the speed limit.
β€’The car going straight went through a red light.

Making a left turn, or even a merging right turn at a stop light or stop sign into traffic, is all about judgment but sadly, it's shifted more towards arrogance. In da most basic of terms, if you making a "merging" turn, you DO NOT HAVE DA RIGHT OF WAY!!! It no mattah if you late or da person behind stay honking - unless it was at a distracted drivah on da phone - you have gotta obey da rules of da road regarding turns - parking lots are no exceptions either.

Dis morning as I was dropping off Da Baby at da sitters, I approach a T-intersection (I'm going straight and have da right of way) and I see a lolo in a beat up white Ford? blatantly blow past da stop sign das been there since da beginning of time. Nevah mind da bold wide white painted stop line which he obviously thought was just graffiti on da road. πŸ™„ Da nose of his truck was more than enough into oncoming traffic but it also prevented me from making my left turn of which I had da right of way.

It wasn't like he was going to stop anyways so I slowed down and flash my highlights to let him know to go - not even a mahalo as he zoomed through. Wat can I say? I felt sorry for da guy...... he had a HUGEMANGEOUS St.Louis Ram flag flying from a pole dat was strapped to his truck and das punishment enough.

Aftah dropping off Da Keiki next, I go back home to pick up da bike but had to fill up gas before heading into work. I'm riding along and almost got T-boned in da parking lot cause da idiot making a right turn nevah like stop. In fact, I got da stink eye cause it was "my fault" and she still went through nevah mind I had to brake hard to avoid a collision with her AND an oncoming car.

Wassup Wit Dat!

Sistah, YOU making a turn from an "intersection", you do not have da right of way...... well she was driving a huge Ford Excursion so she may have thought it came with da SUV.

Aftah filling up, I head towards da on-ramp and sitting at a red light at da intersection of Hoomalu and Moanalua and truth be told, das one treacherous intersection especially if you do not know da rules of da road. There's anoddah mo'olelo with dat but for a future blog. Anyways, there was a Ford Taurus in front of me which had a van in front of dat and da Ford drivah, a USMC soldier based on his uniform and sticker on da window, throwing his arms up in da air urging da van to go.

We had da red light which meant da right turn was ok to make IF it was safe to do so and at dat intersection, you either need a vehicle dat will fly in a nanosecond or zero cars in da vicinity cause dat merge is mighty quick and has a semi-blind view as da vehicles make their way up a minor hill crest before being visible.

Since wen has it become "acceptable" to make turns regardless of safety especially wen there are rules set forth to keep da civility of da road? I tink it's so ridiculous dat at major intersections dis type of contempt has become commonplace. All it takes is one "I think I can make it" type of call to put not only your life at risk but those dat are sharing da road with you.

Da next time you at a stop, not just Ford owners, nevah mind if it taking a little longah to make dat turn, you'll nevah go wrong following da rules of da road and making surah you're able to complete your maneuver safely for your sake...... and mine.

Now I gotta go make a "Calvin / Ford" stickah. πŸ˜† πŸ˜‰

10 Responses to “Ford People?”

  1. lowtone123:

    As a Ford owner I can tell you we all not like dat (I drive an Escape, not wan big buggah, so maybe das why). Anyway some peepo wit da big buggahs get da "mine is biggah den yours so what I do goes" mentality. Dis goes for da 1) I goin merge ova hea in front of you wit no turn signal and even tho no moa room you goin make room fo me 2) I goin turn in front of you so slow down and my favorite 3) I going park in two stalls cuz it no fit in one and I no like you dent my ride and ainokea dat it is da holidays and no moa parking.

  2. Kage:

    Lately I have noticed many drivers here no pay attention. It could be that one speeding down the residential area, or the one that is driving speed limit in the left lane of the freeway.

    I came up with an explanation for myself.

    People need to stop driving like they are the only ones on the road. There are other drivers sharing the road with you.

    What gets me are the ones that will turn on their blinkers and expect you to let them in even if there is no room. Now you have to stop and hold up traffic in your lane to let the idiot in because they started to merge before you could slow down.

  3. M:

    Howzit BL,
    I no moa one Ford so dats not me ok. People doe know how to drive or dey no kea. They tink just because dey turn on da signal light, dey can go wheneva dey like or force you to brake when dey change lane. Da adah dey I see one taxi go right true da red light and da light navah just change, it was already red.

  4. Annoddah Dave:

    BL: I share your frustration. The ones that think they own the road are: Mercedes, BMW, Jaguar, and other high end cars. Also just as bad are those who drive large SUVs - Navigator, Expedition, Hummers, etc. Trucks with pit bull decals have the mentality of bad dogs. Many of these drivers do not drive with "Aloha". If they think they own the road then let them pay for fixing the pot holes!

  5. DIO:

    And this is why I will continue to say the same thing over and over and over and over. Most of the folks on the roads should get their license revoked. Not only that, but it should be a lot harder for people to get and keep their license.

  6. cojef:

    Well what can I add. Started driving wen was 13 and got license at 15 on Kauai and have had my share of accidents, fortunately fender benders. my drivah test, no mistake, 100% this past June before my 88th birthday. Bettah be safe dan sorry and drive within da law. Try ur best to follow rules of the road. my license good until 2018, may be ma ke by dan.

  7. cojef:

    Addendum: my post is from the mainland.

  8. Ynaku:

    I own a Ford F-150 BUT I follow the rules of the road. I learned plenty by attending Defensive Driving class every 2 years as required by my old employer. Yes I see plenty people that THINK they are in the right. One day they going be DEAD RIGHT. Sorry but not all Ford drivers are E-D-its πŸ˜€

  9. wafan:

    Psssst! Gotta take exception to those clowns who drive in the middle of a two way lane in a parking lot. Or, sit in the middle of the driveway as they are trying to exit and you are trying to make the right turn into the parking lot. Then they have the gall to give the stink eye when you have to wait for them to move out of the way.

  10. 9th Island Girl:

    Ford and SUV owners are not the only sucky drivers. I park in a lot that has only one lane for coming in and going out. If someone is coming in, generally the car going out will yield and go back into the lot since it's harder to back out into traffic. Today i was going up the ramp to leave but someone was coming down so I reversed back and to the side and Ms Genius decided to stop on the ramp to talk to the attendant who then got on the phone to check something for her. Ai yai yai, peoples! I waited about three minutes and finally i beeped my horn and told them to move out of the way!

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