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If It Was You

January 30th, 2014

It finally hit home.

A couple days ago there was a shooting at Roosevelt High School and while I am totally relived it wasn't a mass type of shooting, where it seems to be an eerily growing commonplace on da mainland, it was still a shooting in a public school.... in Hawai'i.

From what I've read - and interpreted - HPD was called to Roosevelt HS to take into custody a non-student who was waiting in a counselors room. Once officers (3) arrived, the non-student became combative, brandished a large kitchen knife then lunged at an officer resulting in cutting his uniform and bullet proof vest. It also stated that the other officers received minor injuries as well but I couldn't tell if it was all of them or only one or two of them. Thereafter, an officer fired two shots one of which hit the arm of the non-student who was able to be detained right after.

Wat I no get is all da frickin' people bitchin', moaning and complaining about wat went down and how come a gun was pulled instead of a tazer and da fact dat there were three officers to da one person and couldn't "handle" blah blah bu!!$h!t.

Wassup Wit Dat!

I've had my "complaints" about HPD and some of their mannerisms but in a situation like dis, c'mon man! Hea's my "reasoning" why da shooting was "justified":

1) Da teenager was instantly combative da moment officers arrived
*** Da officers - from wat I know - NO officer in general enters a "safe" environment wit their hand on their holster looking to shoot.

2) Da teenager not only showed aggression but acted upon it and had it not been for da officers vest, who knows wat kine of damage da knife would have done to da officer's body dat was struck.
*** Last time I checked, a knife can kill - especially a LARGE one - and wen it IS a deadly instrument, using their issued weapon is approved. In addition, wen someone comes attacking wielding a knife, there's no way one would reach further down on their leg to unholster their tazer in time considering they were in a room and furthermore you need SPACE to fire da tazer in order for it to work effectively. Wat if he did go for his tazer and fired and it didn't work, HPD could be preparing a funeral instead of doing an investigation for justification. For those who've nevah been in a fight, things happen in milliseconds and reaction times need to be lighting fast. Wen one has to put their own life on da line, they should be afforded every opportunity to protect their own as well.

3) Once da teenager called for blood, it's a mattah of not only protecting one's life but da people da officers are sworn to protect.
*** I cannot tell who shot da teenager whether it be da officer dat was struck or da backup but in any case, not to have killed da suspect and only fired two shots with one hitting the arm, kudos to you. I cannot even imagine da thoughts flying through one's mind knowing you could die in dat instant but to (hopefully) be cognizant not to aim center mass earns my respect, if in fact he did so which I do not know.

Wat if your son or daughter or loved one was one of da oddah students in school in dat kine of situation? You're telling me you would tell da officer to be "nice"? Wat if da officers were nice and da suspect got away and then ran into da school wreaking havoc or heaven forbid, hold a hostage? There would be people calling for those officers head's no doubt! And why didn't dat happen? Cause da officers did their job and diffused da situation to da best of their ability and contained da threat.

Do I condone da use of a gun? No mattah wat, it depends cause it most definitely is NOT black and white but in this particular case wea da suspect literally tried to kill one of da officers in close quarters, uh, yeah. Now whether you're going for a center mass shot will ALWAYS be da debate of ages.

Does HPD need my reasoning to help or justify their actions in dis situation? Heck no! There are many more issues I have with all these back seat hind sight left wing/right winged people voicing their resentment to da actions but unless there are oddah facts brought forward, based on wat I read, I for one can stand next to those officers without hesitation and say they did their job.

To all those naysayers, I pray you'll nevah be in dat/any situation evah.... heaven forbid wat will be coming out of your mouth then.

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14 Responses to “If It Was You”

  1. Lowtone123:

    I agree with you sentiments exactly, especially the last part.

  2. Lowtone123:

    I also realized in life some peepo are just here to complain. I've actually met a few that's all they do when they socialize. Auwe!

  3. Annoddah Dave:

    BL: While I agree with your rationale, there are equally as many who will counter otherwise. That's because we have too many lawyer TV shows! LOL

  4. M:

    Howzit BL!
    Why did he even bring a big knife with him in the first place? Was there an intent to use it at some point with or wthout the cops there?
    I agree wit wat you said BL, the cops were justified in firing their weapons.

  5. Masako:

    This incident hit a little close as I work in the area. I feel that the right thing was done. I feel for the mother but in her interview she said that it shouldn't have escalated to the point that it did because her son was just there to register for school. Why wasn't she with him? And, why was he carrying a kitchen knife if he was just planning to register for school? I just pray that the mom is able to get him the help he needs and that he will be able to be helped.

    Another thing I didn't understand is why were parents rushing down to the school? We heard that they were lots of parents trying to come on campus and demanding to see their kids. In a more volatile situation it could do more harm than good. People trying to enter the campus could be shot or taken as hostages. When a school is in lockdown, everyone is locked in a classroom or other secured area and no one is allowed to leave until the all clear is given. As a parent I would be worried but there is nothing I can do to better the situation by running over to the school.

    Its sad that these things happen.

  6. M:

    If it was me, I would have shot him in da chest multiple times.

  7. Kage:

    I agree with you BL.

    The kid had a weapon.

  8. keoni:

    One thing I wonder: As with most of these type of incidents on the mainland, was this kid on medication? These psychotropic drugs can really mess up a person's mind!

  9. keoni:

    @M Wow! I nevah going mess wit you! 😯 😆

  10. Glenn D:

    Lucky da cop only got his shirt and his vest sliced. You know it only takes 1/2 second to stab someone. That means he doesn't even have time for his gun to clear da holster. Wheneva a kid does something really bad like dis, it's da parents dat always say, "he's a good boy" REALLY? HE HAD A BIG KNIFE! Clueless, yeah? Mo important is how he got da knife on campus. Good he didn't hurt no one else. If he did, people be saying, "wea da cops?"

  11. 9th Island Girl:

    I totally agree with the officer's actions.

  12. sally:

    The only people who cry *waah waah waah* about HPDs actions have never had the displeasure of dealing with juvvies or other unlawful citizens. My own story is too long to relay here, but trust me when I say this is not an easy process to form an opinion on. It is not a single situation. The media is not the best source for forming an opinion.

    Too many hands are tied and bottom line is that kids know (yes, they do!) how to get around the law.

    I have nothing but compassion for this mother, I wish for no one to go through this with their loved one.

  13. dihudfan:

    right on... I agree with you, whole heartedly!!! they doin their job...

  14. wafan:

    Folks can hate the police all they want. The police will still respond when they are needed.

    Selfless not selfish.

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