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Shakanack Review: 2 For Almost $30

February 26th, 2014

It's been awhile but I finally got anoddah "vs" review. It's shmall kine hard to eat out with Da Baby and Da Keiki as both are on their own timetable and wat was originally planned for takeout to avoid da dreaded whining and/or crying and irritating oddah people, we ended up dining "in" since both times Da Baby was asleep and Da Keiki was in a "good mood". If anybody has eaten with keiki of any age, you know dat you really can't sit down, relax and enjoy your food thoroughly as they end up getting ants in their pants and doing da okole dance itching to get out and do anything but eat aftah they pau - nevah mind dat you nevah even take a single bite yet.

Wassup Wit Dat!

Da first place I've nevah been before but Da Wife has and since we were in da area picking up diapers and formula at Babies R Us, we decided to have lunch next door at La Tour Café.

I actually enjoyed da fact dat their menu was "simple". Being a first timer here, it was easy to navigate da menu and decide what I felt like eating fairly quickly although even though it was "limited", they ALL looked ono and hard to choose from.

From wat I could notice also was dat they sold oddah things in da display such as macaroons and oddah kine pastry things.

I totally forgot wat Da Wife had but it was ono!

I had da bacon jalepeno burger which was wagyu beef (cooked medium perfectly) and dat was onolicious! Da fries was spot on: not overly crispy, lightly salted and cut thicker than a McDonald's fry. It came with wat seemed like a buttermilk vinaigrette dressing/dip thing dat was supah ono! I tink they refer it as their house ranch dressing but it didn't taste completely like ranch. It didn't help my diet watsoevah but it certainly was yummy in da tummy.

And a drink to share. 😀 It sucks wen we do cause I like da diet stuff and Da Wife doesn't but chooses unsweetened stuff ovah da sugar too so guess wat dis was? Unsweetened ice tea...... which I can't stand but cause it's wat Da Wife likes had to "suck it up". 😆

Da oddah place is a familiar place to most and on a rare night we was at Ala Moana Shopping Center Food Court and ate at Yummy's.

Da Wife had da mandoo plate with extra mandoo for Da Keiki along wit her choice of sides.

I had da bbq chicken/meat juhn combo to also share with Da Keiki with an extra vegetable choice instead of rice.

Da damage.

I no get "invited" to sample these places. I no get reimbursed for meals eaten. I no get asked/told by The Honolulu Star-Advertiser to check these places out so wat you get is a legit, straight up review from a local braddah who loves ono kine kanack grindz as much as he loves his beer. :mrgreen:

So hea's da breakdown:


Three Shakas and a Bumbye

La Tour Café in Pearl City is quite small and while we went on da later side of da lunch hour, it was still packed. It felt a little cramped and there were a handful of people standing idle on da side like vultures waiting to snatch up a table to dine on. Da place was clean - fairly new still - and da food delivery was a nice touch as you didn't have to wait at da counter for your food.

Ala Moana Center Foodcourt - well, it's a food court. It's always packed, it's noisy and da tables always need some sort of cleaning as da people before you tend not to clean/wipe up their messes buuuuuuut, it's a great place to people watch and just sit and eat leisurely. One HUGE disappointment though was dat they eliminated CHOKE tables from da already crowded area. Not sure if it was meant to add more room for foot traffic or less tables to clean but it sucked circling around endlessly with two strollers in tow looking for a big enough table to eat on.

Da edge does go to Ala Moana Center's Foodcourt though as just being able to people watch was entertainment enough.


Three Shakas and a Bumbye

It's a sign of da times wea a $10 sandwich or plate lunch has become commonplace and both these places didn't pull apart from each oddah price wise although I've always thought of Ala Moana Food Court establishments as price gougers.

La Tour Café's food was ONOLICIOUS! Their food is unique and very tasty. I didn't expect much from them but our lunch was very much enjoyable. I've always be a proponent dat da bread was da key to a burger and it didn't disappoint although I do not know wat it was. Sadly upon ordering, I was asked if I wanted an egg on da sandwich which I accepted but didn't tink it was "extra" as it's listed in da menu description. I was disappointed dat they would offer it and not mention da extra charge. Did I kanack? Let's just say I was pleasantly satisfied and Da Wife ate all her's so I nevah have "extra".

Yummy's, well, is yummy. For wat you dish out money wise, their portions could be just a tad more - compared to Chun Wah Kam - but it will fill you up and put you in kanack mode unless your stomach was completely empty and even then you have to be a heavy eater like me to not kanack. Plus, I had "extra" finishing up Da Wife's plate. 😀 I was disappointed wit da service wen I picked up our order as I asked for extra hot sauce and shoyu and da manager asked da server how much was put in our package, gave me a pissy look and reluctantly - as if tinking whether to charge me or not - handed da extra sauces.

Da verdict? I tink............. it's a tie! They both have their own kanack "value" wea La Tour Café you'd really enjoy your food flavor-wise but if you want your tummy to extend a bit ovah da waist of your pants, den Yummy's is your bet. They both still expensive for my pocketbook but then again, I stay chang wen it comes to grindz.


Four Shakas and an Au'right!

So it depends wat you in da mood for but I tink both places have equal "value". They are within da "average" price range of food these days and da bill for both dinings came to just under $30. To me, for lunch for two and half, das kinda on da pricey side but not far from wat we would have normally spent anyways so in da end it was just wat you felt like eating.

In dis particular review, I gotta lean towards La Tour Café though as it did hit flavor town right on da spot. Maybe cause it was a different taste for me but to have been close to full AND enjoy every bite?



February 24th, 2014

Sorry for da short hiatus but as fatherhood - and sleep - calls, I ain't no spring chicken anymore. It's no wondah how come keiki fall asleep wen you read to them cause I fall asleep just reading to myself! LOL

Dis past Saturday on da way to a funeral, we drove past a peculiar vehicle. Well, it wasn't so much of a peculiarity but more of a displayed oxymoron if you will. Check 'em out for yourself...........

Forgive da blurriness but having Da Wife do a drive by "shooting" with a subpar camera phone, dis was da best we got.

Da stickah on da left is of da Intel logo but with da words "Baby Inside" and da stickah next to it on da right is an aloha print of da one fingah salute. Now is it just me or is dat too damn off to have a "Baby Inside" stickah and a middle fingah next to each oddah affixed on a vehicle dat's deemed to be environmentally friendly?

Wassup Wit Dat!

Is it saying F da baby? Is it saying da baby is saying F you? Is it a shout out at gas powered vehicles? Maybe it's for da tailgaters? Wat about it saying his baby is bettah than yours? And how dare who evah made da stickah do it on an aloha print?? I guess das one way to spread da aloha no? 🙄 No class I tell ya.

One thing's for certain, dis drivah likes da color blue.

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February 13th, 2014

Wat is it about standing in line dat makes people not in line oblivious dat there are IS a line?

At my building at work, there are seven elevators in a corridor dat you can enter from either side of da corridor - a typical multi-elevator layout. As you approach from either end you can see people standing in line even though it isn't a "line". You know they are all waiting for one thing and one thing only as they are all staring with blank looks upwards waiting for da light to appear and da bell to ring to indicate dat an elevator is ready.

Because of da layout, people generally stand on da outskirts of da corridor so dat wen da elevator arrives, no mattah wea you standing, you get "chance" of getting on one. It's a work building so da majority of da time it's employees so you would figgah they would know da "etiquette".

All dis week there were different inconsiderate lolo's who would weasel their way past da line, either before or right aftah an elevator arrives, and just march along like an ant. All da while da people s/he passed, we would look at each oddah wit da same puzzled look psychically and say,

Wassup Wit Dat!

It makes a tremendous difference cause right at punch in time, you can either be on time or late depending on da elevator. Wen I first started, I waited on average between 10 and 15 minutes on more than a few occasions just cause I was waiting in "line". So wen a cutter decides da line doesn't apply to him/herself, it jacks EVERYBODY up who is waiting patiently their turn. Granted I would assume dat da people who work in my building are of da professional type so clocking in and out on a timecard is not of concern so I can't imagine why da need to be so rude?

How is it dat somebody working in a specific building for years - even months - not know da "procedure" for such a simple thing as waiting your turn? I've had many instances wea da person across da corridor would wait while someone from da oddah side scrurry ovah just cause dat person was in line before them. Or even da simplest gesture - if approaching simultaneously - but knowing da person was "before" you, enter first even though you know everybody will fit.

How come no can? I no understand. I tink das one of da hardest things these days wea if there are no "rules", society can't even manage simple civility. Are there any "rude" behaviors you noticed in elevators?

I guess das why WWD! will be around for awhile huh?

At least you know I not going cut.

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She's A Boy?

February 11th, 2014

Our weekly trip to Sam's Club Club was naturally yet another adventure. Well, puzzling or offending, depending on how you look at it.

As we were getting our cart checked by da "gate keepers", our daughter decided to be Miss Aloha and chat away.

DK: Hi. Here you go (handing the receipt). My name's Dylan.
Gatekeeper: Huh? (Hard of hearing) What did you say dear?
BL: (Looks at me) Go on. She didn't hear you.
DK: My name is Dylan. I'm three (holding up three fingers)
Gatekeeper: Oh. She's adorable.... uh.... (looking at her funny kine then to me whispering to us).....
She's a "she" right?

Really? The long hair, the feminine features, da voice and Hello Kitty outfit didn't give it away?

Wassup Wit Dat!

BL: Yes, Auntie, she's a girl.
Gatekeeper: I have a nephew named Dylan and he's a boy.
BL: Oh. Dylan is a unisex name - it can be a boy or a girl.
Gatekeeper: (Real perplexed look - don't think she knew wat unisex meant) Oh. Okay, I'm going to draw TWO happy faces then.

I was kinda trippin' out cause I mean with all da kine funky, made up, inanimate, mish-mash of names flying around these days..... Dylan can't be a girl's name?

lol 😆

I couldn't help but share a chuckle wit Da Wife as we left.

DK: What you laughing about?
BL: Nothing Dylan-girl. Nothing. 😆

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One Thing

February 7th, 2014

Fill in da blank:

If there was ONE thing Hawai'i could use right now is..........

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