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She's A Boy?

February 11th, 2014

Our weekly trip to Sam's Club Club was naturally yet another adventure. Well, puzzling or offending, depending on how you look at it.

As we were getting our cart checked by da "gate keepers", our daughter decided to be Miss Aloha and chat away.

DK: Hi. Here you go (handing the receipt). My name's Dylan.
Gatekeeper: Huh? (Hard of hearing) What did you say dear?
BL: (Looks at me) Go on. She didn't hear you.
DK: My name is Dylan. I'm three (holding up three fingers)
Gatekeeper: Oh. She's adorable.... uh.... (looking at her funny kine then to me whispering to us).....
She's a "she" right?

Really? The long hair, the feminine features, da voice and Hello Kitty outfit didn't give it away?

Wassup Wit Dat!

BL: Yes, Auntie, she's a girl.
Gatekeeper: I have a nephew named Dylan and he's a boy.
BL: Oh. Dylan is a unisex name - it can be a boy or a girl.
Gatekeeper: (Real perplexed look - don't think she knew wat unisex meant) Oh. Okay, I'm going to draw TWO happy faces then.

I was kinda trippin' out cause I mean with all da kine funky, made up, inanimate, mish-mash of names flying around these days..... Dylan can't be a girl's name?

lol 😆

I couldn't help but share a chuckle wit Da Wife as we left.

DK: What you laughing about?
BL: Nothing Dylan-girl. Nothing. 😆

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13 Responses to “She's A Boy?”

  1. KAN:

    Aigoo. As why hahd. Can't imagine why anyone would think Dylan's a boy.

    And happy birthday, BL!

  2. M:

    Howzit BL!
    Like Pat or Dale, could be a boy or girls name.

  3. Glenn D:

    You know, a lot of the Hawaiian names are unisex except fo da real obvious ones like ikaika. Heck, my dad's middle name is Lili (and yes, he is a male, hehehehe). Just to be fair for da auntie at Sam's, you neva know these days even wit long hair, and a dress on. My cousin, she always dresses like a guy (cause her mind and body has a bit of mismatch, yeah?) Mahu culture has been around a long time...

  4. snow:

    boys can wear hello kitty, too, you know... ;o) nowadays, names can be a little confusing for those who are "old school." but, dylan is cute and obviously looks like a girl!

    happy birthday BL!

  5. Lowtone123:

    I guess you know what can happen when you assume, right? Some peepo don't wanna go there.

  6. UH91Alum:

    "Dylan" is a unisex name, while "Dillon" is more of a boy's name.

    You should see the looks on people's face when they hear my son's name...(Hint: think of an expensive vacuum cleaner)

  7. wafan:

    Nope. Cannot tell with names. How about Ward? A girl. Had two Dylan's (yup spelled the same) in the same class once. One boy and one girl.

  8. 9th Island Girl:

    When I was growing up, Dylan was a boy's name but now it's both!
    Happy birthday for real !

  9. kamaaina808:

    I don't keep up with names much - would have thought 'Dylan' waz a boy's name - but your daughter looks like a girl from the description you gave.

    Happy b-day, BL!

  10. cojef:

    Nowadays it is anything goes on the mainland. The blacks have strange sounding names, some African.

  11. Dorobo:

    Jesse Ventura, Kelly Slater, Jamie Foxx, Kim Coates, Stacy Keach, Jesse James, Carroll Dale (WR Green Bay Packers) and so on.

  12. sally:

    I have a unisex name too. Until intermediate school, I was the only one I knew with my name. I recall summer fun, 1st grade, there was a boy with my name and I came home REALLLLY upset about that. Yah, can laugh now but 6yr ego is fragile about things like that.

  13. KAN:

    cojef - those names may sound odd only to us. They do not sound odd to African Americans. Hell, Mainlanders think Kalamalamaka`ilialoha sounds weird, but not to us.

    Dorobo (like the screen name, btw) - don't forget Michael Learned and Alice Cooper.

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