Wassup Wit Dat!


February 13th, 2014

Wat is it about standing in line dat makes people not in line oblivious dat there are IS a line?

At my building at work, there are seven elevators in a corridor dat you can enter from either side of da corridor - a typical multi-elevator layout. As you approach from either end you can see people standing in line even though it isn't a "line". You know they are all waiting for one thing and one thing only as they are all staring with blank looks upwards waiting for da light to appear and da bell to ring to indicate dat an elevator is ready.

Because of da layout, people generally stand on da outskirts of da corridor so dat wen da elevator arrives, no mattah wea you standing, you get "chance" of getting on one. It's a work building so da majority of da time it's employees so you would figgah they would know da "etiquette".

All dis week there were different inconsiderate lolo's who would weasel their way past da line, either before or right aftah an elevator arrives, and just march along like an ant. All da while da people s/he passed, we would look at each oddah wit da same puzzled look psychically and say,

Wassup Wit Dat!

It makes a tremendous difference cause right at punch in time, you can either be on time or late depending on da elevator. Wen I first started, I waited on average between 10 and 15 minutes on more than a few occasions just cause I was waiting in "line". So wen a cutter decides da line doesn't apply to him/herself, it jacks EVERYBODY up who is waiting patiently their turn. Granted I would assume dat da people who work in my building are of da professional type so clocking in and out on a timecard is not of concern so I can't imagine why da need to be so rude?

How is it dat somebody working in a specific building for years - even months - not know da "procedure" for such a simple thing as waiting your turn? I've had many instances wea da person across da corridor would wait while someone from da oddah side scrurry ovah just cause dat person was in line before them. Or even da simplest gesture - if approaching simultaneously - but knowing da person was "before" you, enter first even though you know everybody will fit.

How come no can? I no understand. I tink das one of da hardest things these days wea if there are no "rules", society can't even manage simple civility. Are there any "rude" behaviors you noticed in elevators?

I guess das why WWD! will be around for awhile huh?

At least you know I not going cut.

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16 Responses to “Lines”

  1. Lowtone123:

    How's about when you extend the courtesy of holding the door for someone and they go in/out without a simple "eh, tanks"?

  2. M:

    Howzit BL,
    How bout you stay in line and all of a sudden a group of people cut in front because one person was standing in line fo all of dem. WWD!

  3. Ynaku:

    Rude behavior in the elevator? Fart 😆 Wasn't me!

    BOT you right that people no care. Wassup Wit Dat, isn't that place a local office building? Share da Aloha people.

  4. Surfdad:

    How about the elevator buttons for the floors only on one side of the elevator, but since the elevator full you gotta go wea get space. Is it dat hard for the people standing next to the buttons to ask you what floor you going to? Do I really gotta squeeze my way thru the crowd to press the button or have to yell out the floor I going to. Would be nice to see Aloha once in a while.

  5. cojef:

    Have worked in Indiana, Illinois, California and Texas, plus TDY in Washington DC and have not encountered anything as described, cutting in to get into an elevator. Guess the phenomenon must be local. Usually they make way for the kupunas and wahines, but protocols and social mores have a way of changing, since I have been retired over 23 years.

  6. pnutgrrl808:

    I hate when people who want to get into the elevator force themselves into the elevator when there are still people trying to get out of the elevator.

  7. wafan:

    Gotta feel pity for those who are so spesho.

  8. roach:

    A little off the topic but the worst case of "cutting" in line was at Costco Iwilei. At the exit point of the building, the checkers match your receipt to the number of items in your cart. Sometimes, there is only one person working because of whatever reason and the line is long. Well, this older Chinese guy who came from the restroom grabs the front of the cart that his wife is holding in line and walks to the front of the line like he was the CEO of Costco. The employee checks their receipt and lets them depart while the rest of us still standing in line look at each other and the checker who only shrugs. If icy stares could kill, that checker would be long gone.

  9. 9th Island Girl:

    Wow that's a long time to wait for an elevator! Must be an old buggah! Ah, always get dat kine peoples. Depending on my mood, I might say something but I always give Kupuna a pass .

  10. zzzzzz:

    If I had to wait 10 to 15 minutes for the elevator every day, I would start using the stairs.

  11. dihudfan:

    no maddah wea you live... people the same... but seems like we get moa den else where...

  12. hossana:

    Hey, simple solution: Try arriving 15 min. earlier instead of just before your c/in time. That way you no worry about punching in late because of inconsiderate idiots devoid of any etiquette.

  13. M:

    Happy Valentines Day!
    Happy FGF!

  14. Masako:

    I've only seen this a couple of times. Parents who let their kids play with the buttons so the elevator stops at every floor for nothing. Was the kine moke and tita parents so I never said anything but its so irritating.

  15. Masako:

    The other week I was standing in line to get a Ramen burger at this food truck event. I was about the 20th person in line, by the time the booth opened there must have been 50 people in front of me, from people knowing people in the front of the line. What took the cake was these these two ladies, when we were almost at the front another lady with 3 kids (one in a stroller) mesh into the line and they order 12 burgers, the worker tells her its two limit per person and she says that the baby is buying 2.......than it gets even better, one of the ladies is on a cell phone trying to direct her friend to the location, she making like she cannot find her money and trying to stall while us guys behind her are rolling our eyes. She tells the worker that her friend is almost there and wants to buy two, they tell her sorry, she's not here and not in line so cannot. The lady has a kynoption fit and the workers just ignores her and takes the next order.

  16. Glenn D:

    What irritates me most is the DOOR CLOSE button. People like push that like it's a slot machine. They get in, no like wait fo anyone else, push dat CLOSE button. Like you say, why in such a hurry? Just di addah day, door opens and dis popolo woman (not a lady by a stretch) is standing in da middle of da door so no one can get out. She manages to push her way in, I say, "eh how about you let us out first?" You know what she said? "Why don't you get out wen da door opened?" Arghhhh!! SHE WAS STANDING IN DA WAY, DAS WHY!! Real lolo's everywea. No can win.

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