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Bubble Invasion

March 11th, 2014

If there's one thing most people don't enjoy is being too close for comfort especially around strangers but most especially wen there's no need for it.

It's understandable if you're standing in line for a Disneyland ride but even then you wouldn't be breathing down da neck of da person in front of you so wen did it become ok to be chummy wit people you don't know?

Dis past Sunday at Ward Starbucks, Da Ohana and I were waiting for our order (BOGO - das da only time I'd buy anything in there) and for those Starbucks aficionados' know dat you place your order and pull ovah to a spot and wait for your name to be called. Usually you'd stand behind da person dat was in front of you cause theoretically they'd get their order ahead of you anyways so why dis couple decided to park their okole's right in front of me LITERALLY I have no idea!

C'mon man! Really? Wassup Wit Dat!

Not sure about you but I for one don't enjoy da feeling of strangers being right up next to you so close dat if there was any static electricity in da air, our arm hairs would lock like velcro. I nevah realize they was right there until I turned a little to see who was talking into my ear. Obviously they had no bubble of their own otherwise they would have noticed da "waiting area" was wide frickin' open to stand freely in!

It wasn't crowded as it normally gets and there were choke tables open to sit on. Da people dat was waiting for their order had spaced themselves far enough to avoid sharing B.O. so I'm still puzzled as to why da heck these space invaders couldn't catch on? Has your bubble evah been invaded? Are you a bubble buster? Do you end up moving or asking da person(s) to make space? Should I have "tripped" and spilled Da Baby's formula all ovah their legs?

Maybe next time I should change a stinky diaper.... now dat would create space in a hurry yeah? 😆

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14 Responses to “Bubble Invasion”

  1. Glenn D:

    Clueless lolos is wat. Same ting just happened in da elevator today at lunchtime. I was standing against da back wall of da elevator, dis guy comes in and proceeds to stand I front of me only inches from my face wit his back turned towards me. If any mo closer, he would have been stepping on my toes. So I talked real loud to another guy in dea wit me. Only den, he moved forward since there was enuf space in front to park a jet. Maybe his ear hurt since I was practically yelling in his ear.

  2. snow:

    i hate it when people invade my personal space when there's more than enough room for them to stand elsewhere! i can understand if it's a crowded situation, like in an elevator (but people do that in elevators where there is a lot of room, too... some uji, i tell you...). i mean, sometimes they stand so close that they brush up against you! 🙁 i kind of don't think that guys have it as bad as girls, though... i would think that the uji guys wouldn't been lurking nearby other guys too often! lol.

  3. cojef:

    Only in elevators have I experienced closeness where you could almost kiss the person. Not often, and if sexy wouldn't mind, but ugh! Like everyone, give space so I can breathe. Some people like to snuggle up, maybe she felt lonely and needed a little hug. Kidding.

  4. Masako:

    Sometimes at Costco while waiting for the samples I can feel people breathing down my back, like it will make a difference if they get their sample 1/100 of a second faster. Other situations to, like while waiting in line for a event to open or while watching a performance. I've even experienced people pushing from behind, that really gets me upset. It makes me wish I could fart on command. Maybe happened a couple of times in the elevator, sometimes its full and people get off but the people don't spread out, whats up wit dat?

  5. Masako:

    In Japan during rush hour on the trains i've literally been boobs to back with people. They cram you in like sardines. I guess thats the way of life there so i've never felt offended. Even the crowds there are orderly.

  6. M:

    Howzit BL!
    Only in Japan riding on the packed train or subway I would accept being so close. Other than that, if someone is that close to me I would step away if I can.

  7. M:

    In the crowded trains and subways in Japan, women would get groped and not knowing from who. If it's packed, I have both my arms up holding the straps or bars even though I don't need to so I don't get accused of anything. During rush hours they are designated cars on the trains or subways for women only.

  8. M:

    Just crack one stik fut and people will move. 😆

  9. zzzzzz:

    One advantage of having BO.....

  10. pink lady:

    I've read that "personal space" is a cultural thing where some prefer it more than others.

  11. wafan:

    Just gotta suck 'em in really noisy, clear your throat and cough like crazy. Even better if your can fake a realistic sneeze.

    Would not like to fart in an elevator . . . I am still in there! Besides the innocent suffer, too. Talk about collateral damage!!!

  12. Glenn D:

    Eh, one time I wuz at the Hilton Hawaiian Village..in da elevator (again, sigh) and dis haole guy with a back full of hair (I mean they were like 2 inches long!!) wit a tank top on got in and stood right in front of me wit his hairy back in my face. So close, I swear, I wuz coughing up hairballs out later. I hope he wuz not on his way ova to da spa for a massage...
    Here in da good ole US of A, we tend to keep a biggah personal space mo than addah Asian countries like Japan since we get mo space - especially on da mainland. I've lived in Japan and I know exactly what it's like to ride da subway at commuting time. Gotta wondah wat da penalty is fo riding da "women only" car during rush hour. Not dat I goin try...

  13. rayboyjr:

    😎 Good Afternoon Everyone!!! 😎

    ... hey Braddah Lance ... haha, maybe it was a not so subtle invite for a *ahem* threesome ... kidding ...

    ... anyway, my personal space in front and back is roughly an arms length ... a little closer if you smell ok or are a woman ... what can I say??? ...

    ... but side to side ... no really matter ... you can be literally shoulder to shoulder and that wouldn't really bother me as much ...

    ... Have a Good One Everyone!!! ...

  14. 9th Island Girl:

    Lol! Yes, I hate space hogs! I usually step away if I feel claustrophobic. Sometimes I give um stink eye.

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