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Career Change

March 13th, 2014

As members of a civilized society, we've all been brought up to obey - respect is obviously a totally different topic - da laws put forth to not only protect but to establish an order for everyone to live peaceably together.

So it puzzles me as to why there is opposition on a proposed bill to crack down on repeat burglars receiving prison time for repeat offenses.

Wassup Wit Dat!

I thought wen you break a law - especially multiple times - you should do some time. Are there certain crimes dat are "ok" to perform? I would assume das why habitual criminals perform da same crime as they are well aware dat they'll serve no time and dat it'll just be on their "record".... watevah da heck dat means these days.

Then wat will deter them from repeating? It is blatantly obvious dat da majority of criminals will not waiver from da sole activity of breaking da law wen it's been proven to not only be profitable to da criminal - five fingah discount, nevah spend a penny - but having an arrest and/or conviction basically means nothing as there are no retributions for property crime back to da victim.

I am seriously in da wrong profession. I've been telling Da Wife we need - ok, I'm just dreaming - of a 70" 4k tv....... I might as well scope out a house in Hawaii Kai and TAKE IT! Wat's a theft conviction on my record gonna do?....... actually das if I even get caught. Who knows how long these career criminal records actually are had they been caught and prosecuted for EVERY crime they committed?

It also amazes me how Kailua has a serious of break-in's and they are all up in arms about throwing these thieves in prison. Wat about da people in Kalihi? Salt Lake? Waianae? I can only guesstimate dat their crime rates (including property crime) are WAAAAY higher than Kailua but then again I cannot source any specific facts to dat effect. Is it more tolerable (acceptable) in those areas? I guess they got elected officials' dat are NIMBY and don't want to have da community coined Crimelua.

Also, property crime can happen anywhere - trust me, it's happen to me on more than one occasion. CLICK HEA for dat mo'olelo. And da solution is nevah simple and da arguments will wage on as our prison's are overcrowded, no land for a new prison, staff shortages etc. so it's a cycle dat shows no promising end and nobody really cares or gets upset until it happens to them.

Should we lock up those who commit crimes? Wat kine of crimes would be "ok" to let go? Is even any prison time bettah than no prison time? Have you been a victim of property crime?

I guess it boils down to money talks and when it walks it literally pays to live in a "bettah" neighborhood or at least not be a victim of crime before you start opposing stiffer measures.... then let's see wea you stand.

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  1. kamaaina808:

    I think Kailua's neighborhood board, who arranged the venue for the 'revolving-door criminals' issue to be discussed, is more active & vocal about the problem than, say, Kalihi. It's a smaller area, and people tend to be actively involved in their community. If you're here for any length of time, you'll see the same perpetrators over & over again on the streets - which is a big part of the problem. They steal, get caught, get one slap on the wrist, and get out - and do it all over again.

    If communities in areas of Salt Lake, Kalihi, or wherevas made the same effort to combat the problem, perhaps you'd be seeing squeaky wheels getting oiled all ovah. Meanwhile, it appears that they just tolerate it, knowing not much will be done. Sad testament to the laws of our land and the methods of applying them... and sad testament to the ainokea people who rip others off.

  2. M:

    Howzit BL!
    I agree wit everyting you said. We have a big problem wit our so called justice system. What happened wit da tree strikes and you out? Da cops bring da criminals in and the judge let them go WWD???

  3. cojef:

    California has the 3 strikes law and it is backfiring into a problem for the prison administrators by overcrowding the prison's capacity. Judges have ruled that prison facilities must provide adequate space for each prisoner. Thus, the prison administrators are returning the prisoner from whence they originated causing mass confusion for local governments. They themselves do not have adequate space available. Answer, early release program implemented. Meaning more crooks are back in your neighborhood. Auwe.

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