Wassup Wit Dat!

Bear Witness

March 24th, 2014

I trip out about public bathrooms cause it must be, all those who "miss", must nevah have cleaned a toilet before. I cannot believe how many guys no can aim.

Wassup Wit Dat!

C'mon man, seriously. Hold, point, shoot. No mattah how big or small your weapon may be, you no can miss one target dat close and dat wide open... unless you get da kine split stream action happening but even then you turn into one firefighter, control da hose and get 'em undah control.

No mattah wea a guy goes it's highly unlikely dat you'd be sharing a stall or urinal but even moreso have a spectator watching you. Wat if dat spectator was your keiki? Would you subject him/her to "watch" you go numbah one or numbah two? Or even bear witness to da noises guys make in da lua while unloading their waste?

It's actually a great concept wea you don't have to worry about leaving your keiki outside with strangers if you're alone or wondah if they'll still be wea you left them as you urgently find a stall to relieve yourself... but still, I tink dis form of abuse is something I would be glad to share with my keiki should they evah decide to misbehave. 😆 Have you evah used one of these? You tink it's "humane"? Dunno about you but I can't even imagine how unsanitary that seat is as I'm surah you're not washing your hands before unlocking your keiki. 😯

Hey, it's a Monday, I had a crappy week/weekend and das all I got.

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16 Responses to “Bear Witness”

  1. roach:

    Wat about da buggas dat "forget" to flush da lua even afta #2? Ho, da gross!!!!!!!!

  2. rayboyjr:

    😎 Good Afternoon Everyone!!! 😎

    ... hey Braddah Lance ... I sure we touch worsah stuff and not even in one batruum ...

    ... at least in da stall ... can put da barrier on da toilet seat ... and use one piece of toilet papah fo flush ... den nevah touch nahting dirty ...

    ... most times da guys using the urinal going touch da hose ...

    ... Have a Good One Eveyone!!! ...

  3. Cojef:

    Well one morning my son about age 5 half asleep came into the bathroom with one eye closed looking up at me shaving. All of sudden my left foot got a dousing. How's that for openers in the morning, needless to say having to cleanup while he toddles off back to bed just as though nothing happened.

  4. Makiki:

    I think that seat may fall under "what else could you do"? I couldn't imagine leaving either of my keiki outside the stall when they were small enough to fit in that seat.

  5. M:

    Howzit BL!
    Bettah dan leaving da keiki outside and getting da keiki off dat nasty floor in da batruum.

  6. Annoddah Dave:

    BL: Because I am old, I marvel at kids at some of the sports events who are have my size or less who can stand away from the urinal about 2 feet or so and have a stream so strong to make it. For me it is get as close as possible so I don't dribble on the pants!

  7. joe:

    How about speaking English?

  8. Braddah Lance:

    How about speaking English?

    How about trying to figgah out wat kine blog dis is about before you go opening your ignorant mouth? Since you're of da higher intellect, not even surah why you bothered reading a pidgin "spoken" blog.......

    I would welcome you to da blog as I do all new readers and posters but I've already wasted enough keystrokes on your narrow-minded okole.

    Have an awesome day! 😀

  9. Lowtone123:

    That's tellin um off BL!

  10. wafan:

    Go geddum BL!

    Us guys stay talking engrish. Som pepo need fo come edumakaded wen dey come ova hea.

  11. Glenn D:

    Howzit BL. We have dis guy at da office that dispenses most of his shishi everywea around da urinal. Wats worse is that others think that the flush handle is pilau so they use their feet to push em down afta they been standing in dat puddle of shishi from the previous sprayer. Yup, now we get da shishi from da floor to da flush handle and onto my hands! Ai-goo! Now real pilau, yeah? I'm just waiting for da flush handle kickahs to slip on the puddle and fall down on their okoles. Just hoping and waiting...

  12. keoni:

    Heehee, I tink dat lolo Joe wen "pissed" off Braddah Lance! 😆

  13. 9th Island Girl:

    Good one, Keoni! Public restrooms gross me out. We were at a park one day and my husband and I went to our respective restrooms. When I got out, he asked, "Was that you gagging?" Yes, it was me!

  14. Ynaku:

    Eh you neva flush da toilet 😆

  15. Ynaku:

    I kinda like dat idea of having a keiki chair in the stall. If anyone tried holding your baby in one arm, pull open your zipper with da other hand, pull it out, try aim and shoot and succeed, you good.

    Then again if you gotta do #2, putting the keiki in the chair could be considered torture. Can someone be arrested for child endangerment 😀

  16. DIO:

    From parking patrol to poop patrol, BL covers it all. 😆

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