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Flashback: Rubbah Slippahs

March 27th, 2014

If there's one thing Hawai'i get choke of - besides Spam - is rubbah slippahs, NOT flip-flops, RUH-BAH SLIP-PAHS. Or slippahs for short. And unless you go early wen Longs get da sale, chances are no more your size. One day at Old Navy, they had a really cheap sale on slippahs so I bought "back-ups" and it reminded me of dis blog I wrote about back in 2010........ yeah, 2010! 😆

Back in da day, for those who've always wondered, we used to put 'em on our hands fo' run fastah - you know, aerodynamics and all. Actually was cause we nevah like lose 'em and get lickins'. It also came in handy wen playing chase mastah cause you could just slip 'em on and run threw da pokey mine fields.

Da most "experienced" ones could walk out from class wit 'em on and wen recess came, walk down to da field (cause no like get busted for running) and immediately go into a dead on full sprint - and da slippahs? It would fly right off like Forrest Gump's braces. Da draw back? You ALWAYS ended up looking for one side or da more common scenario, somebody wen cockaroach your slippahs cause wen look like theirs. Then you go home and get lickins'. 😆

Rubbah slippahs are notorious for breaking but of course - being da resourceful kama'aina we are - we ALL knew how fo' MacGyver da buggahs back - even da wahines! I tink das one requirement fo' being one kama'aina. Wen da buggah pop out we jus' wen slide 'em back in and if da buggah came "too loose"..... duct tape! Well, any kine tape. Masking tape, scotch tape, even staples and papah clips but gotta make surah da sharp side points down!

Everyone - except da wahines I tink - used to wear 'em till was papah thin and it was kinda one treat fo' go and buy new ones. If we saw any kid wit "Scott's" on we was jealous cause those were like da Mercedes of slippahs. A hybrid of sorts, rubbah on bottom but thick fabric on top. Now repairing those were tough but it's amazing wat super glue and duct tape could do. 😀

Back then to now, still get da rubbah slippahs but now get da fancy shmancy kine. HIC (Hawaiian Island Creations) was/still is da premier "fashion trend setter" of da rubbah slippahs. You could custom make your own! How cool was dat! It was - not surah about now - da cool thing to mix and match da colors so your pair actually didn't look like it was a pair. You could pick a different color top from da bottom and literally have four colors on a pair of slippahs. Da trouble wit dat? Wen you stay someone's house wit choke people, da only way to find your's was by putting 'em on and doing da footprint identification test. If you evah questioned if it was your slippah or not, it was by how your heel and toes lined up in da permanent indents in da rubbah.

Years ago, my team must have felt real bad for me cause I used to come in these boro boro "regulah" rubbah slippahs. As a coach's gift, they bought da fancy shmancy Quicksilver kine slippahs and I was really touched cause I nevah evah had "fancy" slippahs even as an adult. I really cherished those so I nevah wore 'em out to anyplace I knew was going get dirty - not even to practice. I only wore 'em out to "special places".

A couple years latah my dog ate 'em. Really. No joke.....

But I still wore 'em.

It was hanging on by just a single seam and my foot would slip if was wet so I couldn't go fastah than a walk. As such, it was "demoted" to be worn as "practice slippahs". My playahs teased me throughout da season and whaddayaknow, at da end of da season I got a pair of MORE fancy shmancy kine Quicksilver slippahs..... it had air pockets in da heel like Nike Air's AND a bottle opener on da bottom!

Whoa! Can run & open my "beverage" without skipping a beat. MacGyver would be impressed. 😉 Those were da only slippahs evah to have a spot indoors on our "shoe" rack. 😀

About a year latah.......

My oddah dog ate 'em.

Wassup Wit Dat!

Ai-goo. No can win I tell ya, no can win. 🙄

So wat? you get fancy shmancy kine slippahs? HIC or Long's kine? How many pairs do you actually have? Do you keep da broken ones for spare parts? No scade and share your rubbah slippah mo'olelo's.

Braddah Lance Kwon

29 Responses to “Flashback: Rubbah Slippahs”

  1. M:

    Howzit BL!
    I get one cheap bustsup one for da beach, no body going kaka roach em, to bustsup and I get one Crocs fo every wea else.

  2. poi:

    I get one cheap pair from old navy dat i take to places might get wet or dirty. But, I get couple expensive kine...one new one for holoholo and one old demoted one for when I go fish and gotta walk on the a'a. da bugga get heavy duty treats that can handle da abuse.

  3. hemajang:

    Never had fancy slippahs, only rubbah Longs kine. Does kamaboko slippahs count as fancy? Had them once but didn't feel right. I get tree. One for each door. Wife like the knobby kine.

  4. 2B:

    I get fancy kine Wal Mart slippahs. My doc had bust me for wearing rubbah slippahs and told me I needed da ones that had arch support. Only problem with those is that they cost one small fortune.

    So after of years buying the big dollah kine I settled. They no last as long as the big bucks ones, but for 8 bucks a pair I guess I no can complain. Can buy like 5 pairs (which I do) for da same price. Da keiki sometimes break into my stash and play choo choo train down the hallway since still get the plastic holding the two slippahs together.

  5. Lowtone123:

    Small kid time I had the cheepies cause I always we brake um'. You know da "Kamaboko slippahs" all kalakoa kines. But know I get da good stuff Scott's and Volcom for da stylish casual look wen I go out but I wea da Surfah cheepy kine fo wen I stay home.

  6. cojef:

    My Muddah used to make the tabi like slippah back in the mid 20's and early 30's. She even made our pants and raincoats, dak kine wea u put linseed oil for waterproofing. Dan come rubbah slippah, always the hana-o breaking loose wen running. Nowa dais we bring a rubbah pair on every trip we make wea we must take showers. no like to catch ata-lit foot.

  7. Lowtone123:

    Eh hemajang, I get da same teery of putting one pair in front of each door but wen you go out one door an den come in anoddah door fo some reason it ends up I get all tree pairs in front of da same door. How da heck dat happen?

  8. Ocean Lover:

    I get da cheap "everyday kine" and ONE PAIR of "REEF's". The one with the bottle opener undaneath. Yet WHO WOULD wanna open one bottle using the bottom of dere slipper knowing what kine ka ka dey wen step on.

    Oh..........I tried "heavy pidgin" for your friend (da uddah day). 😉

    Take kea BL!

  9. kamaaina808:

    Haha way cool, BL 😎

    I used da Pay n' Save generic's fo' like fo'evah - den yeah... i got me some 'mix n' match' HIC ones, back in the day. Now because of neuropathy in one foot, I no can weah any mo' - so sad, da kine. 🙁 But I still have some cammo 'locals only' ones - no dog to eat 'em I guess. 😉

  10. wafan:

    Schmal keed time had 2 slippahs. One fo erryday. Da odda wuz for dress up, da formal kine.

    Still yet get 2 slippahs. One ova hea da odda ova dea. Bot of dem las' long time cause no wea dem erryday. Godda wea shoes erryday cause wet ova hea.

  11. wafan:

    Moderation?!?! Da pidgin too weird?

  12. wafan:

    Yup. Must be.

    Eh, BL! Fix um, yeah?

  13. rayboyjr:

    😎 Good Afternoon Everyone!!! 😎

    ... hey Braddah Lance ... I get like 5 or 6 pairs I guess ... get 2 fo outside (coz you know somebody goin' "borrow" and goin' get lost fo little while) ... and 1 Mercedes kine dat I no like weah coz feel funny ... and den get some moa dat I bot coz I tot I loss da odda ones ...

    ... haha, I like tok dis way fo irratate

  14. rayboyjr:

    eh wafan ... you wen say one magic word das why ...

    ... da opposite of slippahs ... is ...

    ... ok not really opposite but ... someting else on da feet ...

  15. wymom:

    I use da Longs kine. Only take out one pair at a time. Right now I have one mis-match pair...but not da cool HIC kine. Da kine the leff side wen broke 6 mo ago & da new pair right side wen broke next. Yea, we keep um for spare paats. Trow away da broken one & keep da good one until you get one pair.
    ha-ha. haad fo type pidgin...

  16. keoni:

    @kamaaina808 I get da same pilikia - neuropathy in both feet and no can feel to put dem on right. So, fo' me, it's regulah shoes! :'(

  17. keoni:

    Eh wafan, moderation fo me too. Mebbe because we wen used dat big word - neuropathy!? 😯 🙄

  18. keoni:

    Nah, dat not it! BL???

  19. DIO:

    wafan: You got into moderation, 'cuz you said da bad word. Try look yo sentence. "Godda wea ..... erryday cause wet ova hea." You see where I wen type .... in between wea and erryday, da word da belong ova dea is a "bad" word. You cannot say dat, cuz da site tink dass spam, and not da good kine spam, like musubi. If you like say 'em, gotta fool da system, maybe say something like $hoe$ or Shooz or something l'dat, oddawise going get marked as spam, den BL gotta go check and release yo comment l'dat.

  20. makaha wahine:

    I used to like the kamaboko ones - so colorful and thick too! Now I like the Croc ones with the shape of the foot on it makes my feet feel good and looks good no matta what. Last long time too! Small kid time I never wore slippahs. Had scolding for walking bare feet all over da place- road, gravel, pokey grass, etc. Had to wash my feet with the hose outside all the time. Started to wear them in intermediate.

  21. Glenn D:

    Unless da slippahs tear in half, all my slippahs, no matah how thin, they stay. I still get Scott from way back, Reef dat are getting really thin, and a cheap Long's kine. Lately, I get two new ones - da real fancy kine with fake leather on top from Reef that I wea on da airplane coming home and one from Quicksilver that I wea fo going out. Da leather kine slips a little wen my feet sweat. I wanted da REAL fancy kine from Olukai but Hooo da price! That wen I got dem Quicksilvers instead. Who buys da Olukais den?

  22. Ocean Lover:

    I still like know WHY da bottle opener on da BOTTOM of da slippah? Moa sanitary if stay ON TOP?

  23. Glenn D:

    Which one more pilau, da street or da bottom of BL's feet? Hehehehehe I think I still like my bottle openah on da key chain instead....

  24. wafan:

    rayboy, keoni, DIO . . . u guyzs fannee!

    Not fannee kine. Jus' fannee.

    Baht if u fannee kine das 'k, too. Godda be tru to yoself, yeah?


  25. Ynaku:

    I get about 3 or 4 plus spare jus like da car. Cause gotta get at least one each in the front and back door. Mo easy den going back and forth looking for your slippah. I say 3 or 4 cause sometime good to have 2 pairs since da wife and da boy too lazy look fo dere slippah so they take yours and then when you like go out no more da slippah cause they wen go backyard. Das why I try hide one set. I get one new one in my room for spare. And I get one in my overnight bag. Dat one still look nice in case I go hotel even da kine Hilton Resorts.

    Oh no forget using da slippah for bases. And den hanging them on your bike handle so you can paddle barefeet so no break da slippah and go home get lickins.

    Slippahs good for kill roaches and spiders.

    Da kamaboko ones good for walk wea get kiawe cause thick enough so da thorns no come through unless you wen wear dat down to paperthin.

    One new trick for fix da slippah is fo use the bread bag tab. Slip dat buggah on and the strap no come out of da hole.

  26. NKHEA:

    OL; yikes now da bugga only goin make you mo crazy trin to figa out why.......opena on da bottom of da slippa

    Oh yeah.......howzit BL

  27. keoni:

    Probably da biggest reason I no wea da slippahs is because ob da 'fragrance' from da wawae! No mattah wat I do, it stay "Ho brah, hauna yo feet!" 😯

  28. 9th Island Girl:

    I have three expensive kine slippahs, olukai. I need the arch support and I hate wearing shoes.

  29. DIO:

    wafan: dat wasn't meant for be funny. Seriously, no can say da word s-h-o-e-s. The site seriously thinks it's a spam word, 'cause many spammers try and come in and sell things like s-h-o-e-s. So, the only options are to type the word, then let BL go through the hassle to release your comment from moderation, or, do like I did, and spell the word $hoe$ or Shooz, or something else.

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